Monday, July 18, 2011

19 IHeart: The Power of Art!

Art is always the sweetest icing on any cake...errr... in any room I should say!  And although I love love love to play around with our house and organize and decorate, I am always a deer in headlights when I start to contemplate artwork.  There are SO many options and choices out there.  So, I find myself just using my camera to snap pictures of family and nature and beautiful objects to create my own artwork.  And that has worked for the most part, but I would love to begin adding and expanding our collection to include some pieces from the endless sea of talent.

And this is where the fun power of the blog world comes in to play.  Someone was reading my mind.

After I posted our boy's bedroom makeover....

The talented Dina from Honey & Fitz {I featured her insanely amazing pantry here}, contacted me and let me know that she sells airplane prints in her Etsy shop that would probably look pretty fab in the boy's new space.  And the second I saw them, I AGREED!

How great are those planes?  Talk about having me at hello!  And I loved the thought of pairing them with the existing plane poster prints going on!

Once the prints arrived, I couldn't wait to toss them inside some existing picture frames and get them up on the wall!

Yep, just perfect for their happy little space!!

I love how they are still have a whole different look than the set that we already owned, yet, still work together perfectly!

And of course my experience working with Dina through her Etsy shop was incredible.  She was so friendly and the shipping was extremely speedy!  I can't wait to scour her shop for more!

Anyone else bringing new art into their spaces?  What is your favorite place to hunt down amazing art finds?  Has your blog made you new friends and partnerships as well?  Isn't that the best part of it all?


  1. I love how well your boy's room turned out! Last year was our art year. It started with a simple 3 piece plaque set that said "All because two people fell in love" for our wedding, and then I found a few more inspirational quotes to match. This year I've been on a patient treasure hunt for just the right frames for the photo wall I want to put together. We have the same problem when it comes to choosing art, there's just too much to choose from. Glad you were able to find some for your boys!

  2. Those sure do look great in that room. Nice touch!

  3. Ah, my roommate and I just finished moving into our new small two bedroom apartment and are looking for artwork to decorate our place to make it more homey. I completely forgot about Etsy! Thanks for reminding meeeee!


  4. I've been pinning etsy art like its my JOB! I can't wait to move to the new house in a month or so and deck the walls with "icing" =)

    The bombers are adorable!!!! so perfect for the boys room!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. I am a big fan of photos- that is all that is up in our house ( at the moment) except for a few canvases in teh girls room, but I do love those planes! So very cute

  6. They look perfect Jen! So fun. Hope you had a great weekend celebrating your wedding anniversary!!!

  7. I love this bedroom makeover and cant believe I missed those shelves...where did u get them? They'd be perfect for our nursery !

  8. I like to find a piece with the feature colour of my room in it, and is is quite often the last and hardest thing to find to finish off the room. I looked in art galleries for ideas, and then usually end up in Target or somewhere like that trying to find a less expensive version :) Your boys room is looking fabulous they must love their Mum to bits

  9. the room is totally looking amazing Jen! It's just proof that even kids rooms can have high style!!! My family has a love of vintage airplane decor too, so I am particularly in LOVE with the picture you got!!!

    NICE JOB! (oh ya... and I LOVE the pillows!)

  10. I LOOOOVE seeing my art in such a fabulous space. The prints look adorable in there. Thank you so much for the post, it totally just made my day!

  11. Navy and white has been my favorite this year! My 2nd is on the way and that was my plan! But we've veered into charcoal and white.....So hard to decide:) We have those navy and white pillow covers in our Shop if anyone is looking for that print!! here: Love the room!

  12. I heart Dina, her blog, and her etsy shop! When I stumbled upon her blog a few months back, I immediately emailed her to feature her in House of Fifty magazine!!!

    I've been eyeing those prints myself. I'm going to use them in my boys bathroom! That look great in your boys room. Well their room looks AMAZING!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. I featured you as one of my top two organizing blogs in my blogiversary post yesterday!
    Jennifer B.

  14. That really does look great! What an awesome room. :)

  15. So cute! Those plane prints are really cool and they'll grow with the boys. I love that room, and the planes fit it perfectly.

  16. I would also love to know where you got the shelves that the books are sitting on.

  17. Hi Everyone!

    The kiddos bookshelves are actually just cheapo Ikea spice racks painted red. You can read all about the process in this post here:

    Thanks so much!



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