Tuesday, September 20, 2011

37 Basement Progress - Studio Curtain Call

I know you are all waiting patiently for a barn door tutorial.  Let me tell you, so am I.  I have heard they are expensive.  And I haven't started looking for hardware much as it is a little confusing to me... but I also couldn't stand to look to my right while working, and see unfinished under-stair storage any longer...

I needed a cheap solution and I needed it N O W!

Remember, I am impatient.  And I am more productive when I love my surroundings.  I am not loving anything about that unfinished doorway...

So I snagged a white 84" curtain panel from Target for $9.99.  It's so cheap they don't even have it on their website...  I also used a curtain rod and curtain rings I stole from another unfinished room in our lower level. 

I could have left the panel plain white.  Could have.  But why do that?  I had some extra yellow fabric from my pin board project!

I have always wanted to add a band of fabric to the bottom of my curtains panels in my upper level, but I can't sew and have been too chicken to do it no sew.  But I figured this would be the perfect time to get my feet wet because it's only a $10 curtain in a lower level studio...  Plus, I feel like I can do anything now that I have learned how from my blogger BFF!

So, I just gave it a whirl!

I started by ironing the white panel...

Then I figured out the approximate size of the band along the bottom and cut down my fabric to accordingly:

Then I ironed the yellow fabric:

Next, I ironed over one edge of the fabric to create a straight edge, which I then used to measure up 16 inches {the width of my fabric piece, I just eyeballed a good size}.

I measured on the back side of the yellow fabric and marked it with a pencil across the entire width:

Back to the iron to create a second straight edge, this time, I used the hem tape to finish it off:

So as of now, my yellow fabric has one finished hem and one ironed edge.  I laid the yellow fabric back onto the white panel and took that non hemmed ironed edge and wrapped it over the bottom of the white panel.

I used the hem tape to hem the bottom of the yellow fabric to the bottom of the white curtain panel.  Next, I flipped it over and did the top of the yellow fabric to the front of the white curtain panel.  Last, I wrapped the edges back around and hemmed the sides of the yellow fabric to the back side of the white panel.  Sorry, it's a tad confusing to explain, but it was what made the most sense as I was moving along.

I decided to hang the curtain with simple ring clips:

When all was said and done, I had this:

Notice that we installed the rod with only one finial, the other end looks like it is coming directly out of the wall.  We did this since the wall is flush through the doorway and the finial wouldn't have allowed the curtain to close all the way to conceal the storage area.

The extra color at the bottom was just what I was looking for!!

Oh boy, do you see that amazing stool I snagged up at the Junk Bonanza.  I am beyond in love.  I could just take it to bed and snuggle with it.  I want to take it with me when I leave the space.   It keeps me smiling!

The combo of the stool and pretty curtain is helping take my studio from this:

To this:

It's slowly taking form now!  The printer got placed onto the top of the craft cart, and tucked behind the curtain on the back wall under the stairs.  I will show more of those details as we finish up that space and add some additional storage.

Of course, there is still SO much on the "To Do" list.  In fact, it seems to be growing... 

  • Update the ceiling light fixture
  • Create a crafting work space {sell brown table and build a long and more narrow work table}
  • Create a panel on the back of the desk to hide all of the cords
  • Finish trimming the room
  • Add a barn door or pocket door to storage area
  • Finish walls in storage area and install shelving
  • Paint the dresser {I am a deer in headlights...  just. can't. decide}
  • Add an area rug
  • Create a built-in surrounding the desk
  • Create and hang artwork
  • Create craft storage

Wowzers.  But that's what happens when you start from scratch!  And have a tight budget.  But I am so up for the challenge!

Anyone else add some no sew banding to the bottom of a curtain panel?  How about tips to create a barn door?


  1. I love the curtain solution...and that stool is so cute in the space:) Loving how everything is coming together!

  2. Ooh, it looks fabulous! I agree with Latoya, the stool is totally cute in the space.

    Do i spy another new yellow accent by the desk, too? ;)

    For the barn door: You know how they have simple sliding closet doors, that get installed on tracks at the top of the door frame for closets? That's what was in our home. I wonder if you could install that, just install it right oustide, on the ceiling, rather than on the top of the opening to the closet?

  3. Love that pop of yellow! And your stool looks beautiful next to it.

    I keep seeing your lovely vases and think, of course her kids are big. Mine are 2-year-old twins so we "decorate up" these days :)

  4. we are working on a barn door for our pantry...the cheapest hardware we have found is $425! as for your dresser....I would do it a red or a white with funky knobs. yellow, teal, red are a fun new color combo!

  5. I love the progress in the space. As for the dresser: now that we are seeing more things "in context" I think you need a pop of color on that side of the room, especially since you went lighter with the fabric for the pin board.

  6. The curtain looks great! I love that you added the pop of color- on a budget. It looks great next to your new teal stool. I WANT that stool!!
    Your office is coming along. Love these post.

  7. I LOVE the stool in that room and can absolutely understand that you love it so much. I wish I could find one like that in red.
    As I love to sew, I never use that no-sew banding for the curtains (Ikea always includes that with their curtains, but I have a sewing machine and can't seem to trust those no-sew solutions.)
    I am looking forward to seeing all your plans being put into practice, it is so much fun to follow you and see the progress you make in your house while I am furnishing ours.

  8. I had to google to find out what you meant with a "barn door", but then I found this and love it ... You'll LOVE it too, I guess:


    and this: http://www.glass-door.org/2011/09/18/barn-doors-sliding/

    And they are yellow! ;)

  9. Jen, the yellow on the bottom of the curtain looks fantastic! And, that's exactly how I would have added the fabric. See, you just have to believe that you can do it, because you can! Now, I just have to get my butt in gear to add more fabric to the bottom of my curtain panels. Love the studio. It's coming together so nicely!

  10. Jen I just love the yellow panel at the bottom. It makes a huge difference. And that stool really is dreamy. Such a great spot for it next to the new curtain panel. What a fun space to work in.

  11. I love the fabric you chose to add at the bottom of the fabric. What a gorgeous pop of color, especially with your new stool!

  12. that dresser needs to be yellow. NEEDS TO BE. looking at the overall room and the pop of yellow you've added to the curtain, and the teal stool and the pinboard...it's so clear. PLEASE paint that dresser yellow?? :)

  13. It is looking so good! I kind of agree with commenter #12. The yellow would look so good on that dresser with what else is taking place in your studio.

  14. You curtain looks amazing. I am looking for a desk to paint like you did. I have one question, is your desk a particle board, if so what it difficult to paint? Or was it wood?

  15. "And I am more productive when I love my surroundings." I can so relate to this line. In fact, I wonder if I have some kind of syndrome that hasn't been medically identified because I can not seem to think straight when my surrounding are chaotic & messy. Maybe it's just OCDness, anyway, glad I'm not the only one! I love the curtain and now I'm inspired to fix the curtains in our family room, I can do white $10 curtains from Target and just customize to the color I need - what a GREAT idea! THANK YOU - AGAIN!

  16. Beautifull curtain. Love the studio.
    Congratulations !

  17. Hi Jen, I too want a barn door (and it would look perfect in your room) but what you have done in the mean time is awesome! It looks like a very happy place!
    I'm a new follower! Will look forward to receiving your posts in my in box.
    I would love it if you stopped by and shared a project at my 1st Linky Party that started today. www.projectqueen.org.
    Love your blog!

  18. Jen,
    Where did you find the knobs on your coat rack that is on the left of the doorway?

  19. - i love how you want to take your stool to bed and snuggle with it :) so cute i wanted to literally LOL but might wake my sleeping baby :)

  20. Love how the room (and other projects) are coming together one piece at a time. This picture gave me a thought though. In terms of space, have you considered switching the desk and the table? I think the depth would be more balanced.

  21. @Autumn,

    I decided the table is just too big for the narrow space, especially now that I added the dresser storage. We have plans to "build in" a long narrow work table along that wall to open things up a bit! :) Stay tuned!


  22. So stinkin' cute!! I love how your eye follows the yellow of the curtain to the yellow of the yellow galvanized container to the yellow wood carving on the dresser. You have done such a beautiful job!

  23. It looks fabulous!!! You are on a roll girl!!! I love the yellow fabric.I need that in my life now hehe..I found the shower curtain fabric from your pinboard project today at Homesense here in Canada..it was $16-..Yipee!! I could not believe my eyes.My husband asked me what bathroom accessories we would need to get so it would match and I said oh honey I am not planning on actually using it as a shower curtain I am going to cut it up and make a pin board and pillows silly!! he just shook his head and walked away lol!! Oh men sometimes have no imagination..Anyway,it looks beautiful and cannot wait to see how your studio progresses!! xo

  24. hi jen! =) luv ur blog! u inspire me with all of your great ideas! =D

    if you find an old (free) door from craigslist, you can do it the shabbylisaw way:

    then you can always put the crackle effect on it to make it look like an old barndoor. =) i've tried this awesome (cheap) technique on some smaller items & they turned out pretty cool (thanks to ann's great step by step instructions). haven't tried to tackle a bigger project, but maybe you can inspire me! =D


  25. It's getting to be so happy in there! For your work table, have you thought about using a door? We switched out our desk with a solid wood door we picked up from my BIL, and it makes our office area much more open. Not an average interior door, it's 8 ft tall (or long?) and 21 inches wide.

  26. @Jessica,

    We were actually contemplating using one of our old oak bifold doors to save moola since we just replaced them this last year with white paneled ones! :) Great minds think alike!


  27. OMG I HEART the curtain you made. Gorgeous! What a great solution for the time being. Love the stool in the room too. I love how this room is coming together. :)

  28. It's coming along so nicely! The curtain looks great.

  29. I started following Killer B Designs when I found this post:
    AMAZING! Very helpful if you do decide to do a barn door (which I SO hope you do)! :D

  30. Lovely!! Thanks for the no-sew tutorial. I would love to do this to the curtains in my boys' room! Really loving your blog!!

  31. i totally get you wanting to snuggle your stool :) i LOVE great finds like that. i also love how you did the curtain rings so that it is all closed off on the edges. very smart.

  32. Hi Jen-your studio looks fabulous!! LOVE it! I wish I could get you to redo my sewing room hehe! Except I live in South Australia! I just tagged you on pinterest on a tute for hanging barn dors if thats any help?

  33. The space looks great! And your stool is just perfect! Your blog continues to inspire me and makes me want a blank canvas (aka new house) to decorate. :)

  34. Love it! It looks fantastic! I also have a little stool that was my Grandfathers and I absolutely cherish it! Funny how something so old and simple can really be a point of joy in a room!
    I've featured you this week in my Three Blog Thursday post.

  35. What if you cut the table in half and put the two halves side by side?

  36. @Anonymous,

    Thought about that also! I am think I can sell the table and just use an old bifold that I already have though... That way, I only have two legs vs. 4 and can make some moola to boot!


  37. Thanks so much for the tutorial on the curtains. They turned out lovely. I have to say that for me, the star of the show is your stool. That stool just makes my heart happy!


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