Thursday, September 1, 2011

45 A Day of Firsts...

Where oh where have I been today?

Well, if you saw the title, it was a day of firsts for the Jones family.  More specifically, the first day of school!

Today I get to blog real time.  Like, so real time that I JUST sent Parker off on the bus about 27 minutes ago, and my big elephant tears are finally starting to dry up enough to type...

Yesterday we started off by packing up all of the kid's backpacks with all of their school supplies.  What does this look like when there are three kids going to school?  Some may already know, but for those who don't, it looked like this:

We ran down each of their lists, used a Sharpie and labeled each item, tossed it into their backpacks, and went to their school's open house to unload it all!  Here is a special "Hello" to the mom's I ran into yesterday who read the blog! 

This is Preston's first year with a locker, since my oldest is now off to Middle School!  Oh sigh....

I can't wait to help him pimp that space out!  Seriously, I see a trip to the Container Store in the near future for all sorts of shelving, bins and caddies..... It is my job to be somewhat embarrassing right?

Next we went to the elementary school to Peyton's second grade class where we got to meet his teacher and unload his goodies into his desk:

As you can see, someone is missing a front tooth.  This is very recent news.  Just in time for the first day of school!

And last but certainly not least, off to the 4K classroom where Parker would have his very first school experience!

How cool is it that he got to craft during open house?  Loved that!

Last night we were grateful for our newly implemented bedtime routine and lunch bin, along with our old clothing plan routine as well.  All of those steps kept the morning running as smoothly as possible...

All of our routines will start shifting and changing now that school is back in session.  This morning, Parker slept in a bit while the other two went off to school first.

And I was so excited to have recently found this site that offered free portrait printables, so I made sure to snap this year's first day of school pictures with a cute sign in hand!!

This was a breeze for them.  They are pros at school mornings and running off to the bus.  The only difference is this year, they are heading off on separate buses, but that didn't seem to affect them nearly as much as "mama sap".....

Once they were off, I went in to wake my little sleeping bug, and we had breakfast together, gave him a tubbie, got dressed, read a story and watched some cartoons...  I even got to have lunch with him; I just love the conversations we have!

Then it was time.  Time for him to be ready and watch for the bus... his very first ride on the bus for his very first day of school.  Who knew it would be so hard?  And of course, I had to hold it together so he would be excited.  Who knew that would be so hard?

We snapped smiley happy pictures... all the way up until the bus pulled up!

He was so excited!

That's when the bus did pull up.  And then it was a different story.  Oh boy. 

"Mama, carry me on the bus please."  So I did.

I tried to set him down into the seat, but it seemed as though he was stuck to me...

The bus driver was looking at her watch.... schedule to keep you know...

Big sad eyes gazing up at me.  Tears forming.  A look of intense fear.  "OK mom, he will be just fine, first day is always the hardest" I hear the bus driver say.

I gave him a hug and kiss and assured him it would all be OK, he gave me a smidge of a believing smile and off he went.

Ugh.  What words do I have for that moment?  How many other mom's have been there?  Had to go through that?  I promise you, the next three hours can't go fast enough until that bus pulls back up and he comes running off of it into my arms!!  I know he will be OK.  I know the others were always OK.

And to top it, it's the first time they have all left me.  I am empty nesting already.  I can't imagine what it will be like when college days roll around!

I will be back later with an update when they arrive home.  I am sure it will be a thumbs up report! 

So who has kidlets starting school today as well?  How have your morning routines been going?  Who wants a morning routine printable to go along with the bedtime routine?  How can I say no to my favorite blog peeps?  Feel free to leave a comment with items you would like to see included on the morning routine printable, I can't accommodate them all, but will do my best to make it universal!

Only 2 hours and 47 minutes left.  Stay tuned!


  1. Yay for them being excited about going back to school, or in your youngest case, going to school for the first time. Oh my gosh, that totally broke my heart what your little one did, I can only imagine what it's going to be like when my little one's start school! Stay strong mama, they will be ok! =D

  2. Ugh! Tear city just thinking about it! Mine are still home. I can't wait to hear your good report. I hope I'm as strong as you when the time comes. :)

  3. So cute! My kids are in 4th, 6th and 7th grades and I still teared up a little bit when I dropped them off the first day!

  4. aw! your boys are sooo cute! yay for their first day of school!!

  5. We started school Monday & I fought back my tears all morning! My son just started Pre-K and my daughter is in a 2yr old program.

    We have used your School Snack bin idea in the pantry and I love it!

  6. My son (one and only child so far!) started pre-k on Monday. He was so excited as well! At his school, we have to walk him in and sign our names and do the same when he leaves. He went right in and didn't even say goodbye (he found some girls to talk to! *sigh...just like his daddy already!)! I managed to make it out of the building before I cried! It's tough, but I keep reminding myself that it's good for him. And me too. Those three hours are going by a little faster now. God bless!

  7. I remember right before my son started kindergarten last year, and I was talking to a friend of mine. I was going on about how he was growing up and I was going to cry cry cry... she gave me a sympathetic mom smile, and a hug, and then said "Mandy... think of how hard you would cry if he COULDN'T go to school".

    So I didn't cry (much), and now he's in 1st grade and I am so thankful that he can go to school. :)

  8. I just have to say, WOW! Your boys' eyes are amazing! You have probably heard it a million times but seriously, breath taking!

  9. I hope you were greeted with sunny smiles after they got off the bus. Maybe you could make school bus cookies? This is an annual tradition in my house. I'd be happy to share the details with you.

  10. Your boys are sooo HANDSOME! Tears started to form in MY eyes as I was reading your post. My kids are growing up so fast. Oldest starting High School next Tuesday. Yikes!

  11. Today was my daughter's 2nd day of Kindergarten. On Tuesday I was a tearful mess and she did great! All day I felt like crying. I was so happy to see her come off the bus and back into my arms. The house is so quiet without her constant chatter. Not quite sure what to do with myself and my 14 month old.

    We have a morning routine chart that I made for her. I took pictures of her doing each step and put it together on paper. Put the paper into sheet protectors and hung it on the back of her door. She is not allowed to come down for breakfast until she has completed everything. Making her bed is the only battle!

    Love your blog!! Still working on organizing my pantry the way I like it. Saving $ for another trip to IKEA for more food storage. :)

  12. You have gorgeous boys. And they will shower you with hugs and kisses when they see you again.

    I have already sent two off to college but every change is hard to deal with no matter what grade level or stage of life.

    This year is one of my son's first time in high school... ugh! (tear, tear)
    Next, I will be sending off one to middle school. On a good note i have one i can still hold on tight... my 4 year old. I am pretty sure the day i send my 4 year old to school, I will have a major break down. Hope to stay strong.

  13. I am still a year away from sending my first off to school-- I can't even stand it-- I was totally tearing up (at work nonetheless) just thinking about it! Good luck!!! :) I'm sure they did GREAT!

  14. When my son started 4K, I had to carry him on the bus kicking and screaming. It was awful, but I knew if I gave in, he would never ride the bus again. It was only bad the first day, and today he went off to 1st grade with a big smile. :)

  15. Your boys are so handsome! I'm newly married with no kids in the forecast for a couple years, but my best friend (and first of all my friends) had her first baby yesterday whom she and her husband also named "Parker." It was hard not to think of how fast time is going to go for her when looking at your Parker's picture and reading about his first day! Time flies, but it's so worth it!

  16. Wow, what great photos of the first day of school! Your son's middle school locker looks very roomy! My son is starting middle this this year, too, but his locker is a tiny square! You can find a photo of it here: //
    I don't think there's much at the Container Store that will help this tiny space (although I'm sure YOU could find a way!) We officially start back to school next week, and I am SO looking forward to the bedtime routine! As it is now, they all stay up waaaay too late!
    <a href="'>They All Call Me Mom</a>

  17. My 3 year old starts school on Tuesday! :( He went to a 3 week summer session in July but I am still dreading it!! I wish we could just freeze time and keep them babies forever!!

  18. My middle son started middle school today and if he could've had the same reaction as your youngest, he would have. I could see him holding onto my leg, in his eyes lol. 1.5hrs until pick up, I bet he'll have had a great day!

  19. hi Jen, your boys are sooo handsome. I'm sure they had a great first day. my kiddos are nine and 14, and i still get a little weepy on their first day of school. take care my dear.

  20. Oh, please do a morning routine. My oldest in 4K this year and the bedtime routine has been a lifesaver! She is so proud to be able to do everything on the list at night without being told. Thanks for all your help in that area!

  21. I'm going back to college on the 8th, so I'm getting myself into that "ready-for-school!" feeling. Since it's our first year in the apartments, I'm super excited to put to use some of the things I've learned on your blog!

    I'll be back to read this first-day-of-school update; *crossing fingers for happyhappy kiddies*.


  22. My "little" girl will start school next Thursday and I am very proud and excited and I don't know what. We've been practising the way home, because she has to walk home after school. After 4 years of Kindergarten (she started when she was almost two) this is going to be good for her and she is looking forward to learning to read and write and everything. She's also going to make new friends... Thanks for the idea with the photograph, I've just made up a poster for my daughter to hold on her first-day-of-school picture. You will be able to see this next week on my blog.

  23. Aw, it's so hard when they grow up! I am right there with you - my oldest started kindergarten a few weeks ago and my other son started his first year of preschool. It's difficult!

    Your boys are adorable!

  24. My oldest started Jr. High this year. That wasn't so bad. She's always been very independent. But my two youngest both start pre-school this year. Dropping them off will be hard...especially for my son. He assures me he won't cry, but I have my doubts. I know that boy. Just reading the part where your son looked at you with fear in his eyes made me teary eyed. It will be very hard to keep it together next week.

  25. Oh my, I was in your shoes 2 weeks ago! My 3 year old went off to preschool as well for the first time. Same as your son, he was excited until the bus pulled up. Then the reluctance and the fear in his eyes and the crying for mommy... :( BUT, I had to stay strong and confident and I did, until the bus left, lol. Day 2 wasn't any better but day 3 things looked up and there were no tears. 2 weeks in he's a little shy when the bus pulls up but no tears. He's getting the hang of it! I'm sure you're boy will be fine. He'll come home and have so many great fun things to tell you :)

  26. ah... that made me tear up a bit! And I don't even have kids yet! Growing up I always loved the first day of school with the smell of new school supplies organized perfecting in my backbag. lol...yeah, my obsession started at a young age. :)

  27. It's so hard! I know, I had a 2nd grader and a Pre-K dude this fall. And we used the SAME printables (I was so grateful, i'd been looking everywhere for adorable ones...can you say they're now in the same folders that the school picture printables are in? Thanks for that!). Hope you adjust soon, the odds are that they already are. Be ready for some tired boys tonight. :)

  28. I love reading your blog Jen! Your boys are so adorable. The oldest is a mini-version of you (from the profile photo you have).

    My boys are 6 and 3 and I am in the same position. First day of first grade was hard for me, but not for him. I miss them terribly and wish they stayed little a bit longer. Lots of tears! Hope college is far far away.

    Loved all your organization tips. I have a similar method going for my boys' paper organizing. However, I need to look into the folders from Target that you recommended.

    Thanks and hope your boys coming running to you, as do mine!


  29. Oh Jen! Hang in there! My second little one just started Kindergarten and I thought it would be no big deal since it was the second time around AND I still have a little one at home but NOPE. I BAWLED! Dropped her off at school, looked back at her in her classroom and big tear drops started rolling and I couldn't get them to stop! It's so hard! And so wonderful all at the same time.

    Your boys are ADORABLE! I wish we lived closer and could get together - our kids could play (I have a second grader and Kindergartner too!) while we organize and blog! :)

  30. Your boys are so handsome and they have your eyes!

  31. Ha ha, I love how Peyton is wearing a GAP t-shirt and has a gap in his teeth. lol. Yes, I'm a dork I know.

  32. What handsome little guys you have. I'm right there with you. Both my kiddos are back to school, but I seem to thrive on routine and order and have had to fight the guilty feelings for being a little happy that school is back in session. I just have to say today has been the most productive day I've had in a while and I have your inspirational blog to thank for it.

  33. You have three little cuties there! I didn't know that middle school started in 5th grade in other states! It is 7th-8th here (California). So glad they had a great first day :)

  34. Oh, I am hoping I can hold it together next Wednesday when my little guy heads off to kindergarten.... I am teary just reading about your day.

  35. I'd love a chart!! Including some fo the following: get dressed, make bed, eat breakfast, clear dishes, brush teeth, get backpack, dress for outside, get on bus

    Then an after school routine!!! Empty backpack, snack, homework, practice piano (instrument), set table(?), free time

  36. I'm so glad their day went well!! My daughter started middle school this year and I cried more this year than I did when I sent her off to kinder! And when both kids went off to school...oh goodness I was a mess! Now I find plenty of things to fill my time and it's time to pick them up before I know it!

    A morning routine schedule would be awesome. I don't have suggestions, but I can't wait to see what you have in store! I just put my binder together with the old printables. Love it!

  37. I'm SO going to use those printouts, they're *perfect*, especially since my son is starting preschool next week! We're homeschooling too, so this will be a great way to do some distinctive school photos.

  38. My son started middle school this year and my daughter is also in second grade! So, I guess we've got kids the same ages - I just have two, though! No lockers for our middle school kids...they keep a set of books at home and another at school. I'm glad it went well. We started all our back to school routine too:

    Our kids started on August 15th, though - super early! A bit crazy, but they get out in May. Glad your boys are enjoying school!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  39. Aww this post made me tear up! I can't imagine when my own kids go to school..I am going to be one hot mess!!! This post was a reminder to cherish every moment while they are still in my care 24/7.

    By the way, love your blog and I heart organizing too!

  40. I'm crying just reading about it :-( I've just sent my elder son off to college - it doesn't get easier, I hate to say. But I wouldn't change a minute of it, I love my boys! x

  41. I am glad their first days went so well. We have kids the same oldest Elliot also started middle school this year, but last week since we live in North Carolina. I couldn't believe he was going to Middle School. Seriously? I remember Middle School and I can't believe my oldest baby is that old? How did they grow up so fast?

    My youngest Isabelle started second grade also this year. The oldest walks, the other rides the bus. It makes for a long kind of drawn-out goodbye morning when they are at two different schools at vastly different start and end times, I miss when they took the bus together.

    We now start our mornings at 6am, Elliot walks to school at 6:30am and the youngest takes her bus at 8:15, but I am getting use to it. We also started going to be earlier a few weeks ahead. I much prefer getting up at 7am, but I am getting slowly use to the 6am bit, especially when it is still dark outside.

    Congrats on making it threw day one. You can do it Jen. After awhile you will even be able to enjoy your time to yourself without any guilt at all.

  42. Morning routine chart, yes please!!!

    We started using your night routine chart, and combined it with 'Zip Lip Time' to eliminate all of the stressful arguing and useless banter that was taking up precious story time. My 4 yr old now knows that if we all stay 'Zip-Lipped' for the night time routine he gets a long story :o) I highly recommend it!

    I will be sending my boy to Prep next year, so thank you for sharing your experience and tips with all of us, I'll be putting them to good use!

    xo Cassie

  43. So sweet! Did your oldest get mad or embarrassed about the sign? I sent my son to first grade with a gift for his teacher and he said, "Moooooom, I'm gonna be the only one who does this?" LOL!! Where did the signs come from? I LOVE IT!

  44. i can't belive his loker i just stated in yr 7 wich is about the same year and i have a shoe box that when i have my pe gear in it i can not fit in anny thing ells !!

  45. Ok, so I know this is extremely old but I just found your blog and LOVE IT!! I've been reading all your previous blogs and I'm ready for the weekend to get here so I can organize something!

    Anyway, I cried reading this blog because I just had my first little one and I'm already dreading the first day of school which is almost four years away but I know I'll turn around and it will be here. Ugh... They grow up too fast!


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