Monday, September 5, 2011

10 Items IHeart: Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you are all able to take a moment from your busy lives and enjoy a little R&R!

In honor of the given holiday, I thought it would be fun to compile some items iheart to keep us organized and happy in the workplace!

Drum roll please...

 1.  Everyone should have some cush for your tush.  A good comfy office chair is a must when sitting at a desk for many hours!

2.  There are endless options out there when looking for desktop organization.  But how can I not totally swoon over this Boon Stash Organizer?  It's meant for baby items, but I envision it being placed desktop for wrangling usb cords, pens and paperclips!

3.  I love the idea of adding a giant memo board in any workspace.  It's great for leaving yourself notes, reminders, pinning up current projects etc... Although I gush over this Ballard Designs version, I say save some moola and use it for DIY inspiration!

4.  Every work space comes with papers, and nothing corrals them better than these super handy filing boxes!  They easily tuck away anywhere or look great out on a shelf!

5.  If you are anything like me, it's important to set new goals each day to stay on task.  This printable daily goals task list PDF is the perfect way to keep a list of items you wish to tackle for the day, meetings you need to attend and voice-mails you would like to return.  {anyone see the shameless plug here?}

6.  These insulated lunch sacks are your best lunch buddy, saving you money from eating out each day and keeping your food chilled to boot! 

7.  We've got your bottom covered, but what about those priceless, beautiful eyes of yours?  Task lighting is essential in any work space to ensure that you aren't straining your lookers and is also proven to increase overall productivity!  

8.  Whether you are a stay at home mom or a 9-5 office gal, a daily planner is key in keeping important dates, appointments, activities and deadlines in check!

9.  Many of us are commuters, and keeping the automobile organized each day is just as important as keeping the workspace organized.  I totally dig this over the seat option that can keep everything in one place vs. rolling all over the car and to the pit of never to be seen again....

10.  This zig zag techy case also comes in a laptop sleeve as well!  Love the colorful pattern, and the fact that it is perfect for protecting those valuable electronics we use for work each and every day!

Since we are on the topic, what is your favorite item for staying organized in the workplace?

Pssst.... I wasn't paid or perked by any of the companies mentioned above, I just thought it would be fun to honor the holiday and find great workplace organizers that I would personally pick to stay organized!


  1. Awesome suggestions!

    My hubby man and I have a small apartment which forces us to have our office space in our bedroom. I recently rearranged the room so that the desk takes up a whole wall, leaving room for shelves above the desk. I can't wait to get going on the project, and will be looking at some of your suggestions as inspiration!

    Thank you!

  2. As the school year is starting, my thoughts turn to my own organizing of activities. I've been using my iphone apps for most of my organizing since I always have it with me, but I'm feeling like it's not the right tool. Love the planner and daily to do list you feature above, but wondering how to merge all the organizing tools into a useful system. Any thoughts?

  3. Love your picks! We have the large Ballard Designs memo board in our home office - however, we got ours several years ago and it was not as expensive as it is now! And my daughter has the Pottery Barn desk lamp in robin's egg blue.

  4. I recently discovered a bath item at the Container Store that I've put on my desk for pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, etc. I tend to use these supplies better when they are in sight rather than in a drawer. Love finding something and using it for a different purpose.

  5. PS. The office chair is also at World Market for $129.99! Yay!

    Thanks for the awesome Blog! I L-O-V-E it!

  6. Wow! Those cork boards aren't cheap!! They're so cute, though! I'll have to save those for inspiration as well! Hopefully no one really buys them at that price and they're just pretending...

  7. I vote white! My reasons are too similar to what other comments have detailed so instead I will just say that I LOVE the white dresser (like yours) that is the second one down on the left in the collage you posted here. I love the handles and the spaces to label drawers. I'm so sold on this I may have to do this myself!

  8. I always feel like spending money after I read your posts :) So much inspiration to be found, can't wait to decorate my own home someday!


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