Monday, October 31, 2011

8 Items IHeart: Spooktacular Storage


It's HOLIDAY time again, which means that I get to do a fantastically fun themed "Items IHeart" post.  This is becoming a little tradition that I am totally diggin', holiday themed storage that will look stylish year round {started this little tradition here on the fourth and continued with it here on labor day}.

These items are going to make you wish you could pop store door to store door with a giant shopping bag and say, "Trick or Treat" and hope you get some sort of stylish bin or basket...

  1. Large Tote in Sunshine Yellow 
  2. Personalized Chevron iPad Case 
  3. Stripe Magazine File
  4. Dwell Studio Dot Storage Bin 
  5. Office Storage Box 
  6. Multi-Media Box 
  7. Adirondack Basket 
  8. Harvey Ottoman 
  9. Stripe File Folders 
  10. Strapping Storage Basket

I am wishing you all a super fun and safe Halloween, whether you are spending the night with your own little goblins, the teeny tiny neighborhood gremlins or maybe at a ghostly grownup shindig... Whatever your pleasure, I hope you have a blast!

Pssst.... I wasn't paid or perked by any of the companies mentioned above, I just thought it would be fun to honor the holiday and find great festive storage that I would personally pick to stay organized!


  1. I LOVE that purse!! and those office storage boxes are so useful. Thank you so much for putting this post together. Love your blog!

  2. Love the stripe mag file! That would be great in my office!

    Very nice collection :)

  3. Love them all! You should post pictures of your family all dressed up in costumes! What were the 3Ps dressed as this year??

  4. How fun! I love a *lot* of those items. And i totally read that as "horror the holidays" bwaha!

  5. I dream for orange boxes like #5. So-much-fun!

  6. Loving them all!! Halloween or no Halloween!


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