Tuesday, October 25, 2011

26 The super new Silhouette Cameo and an October Promo!

Over the last couple of months I have been a vinyl cutting crazy lady {well, my Silhouette has been the one doing the actual cutting}, because it's by far one of my new favorite ways to label things around the abode!

Whether I use it for cutting vinyl or fabric heat transfer material, it's been making a statement around here!

I even shared how I used it in yesterdays post, to assign numbers to our little one's Lego build buckets:

However, for my most recent project, I got to play with the new Silhouette Cameo!!

That's right, Silhouette gave me the incredible opportunity to try out their all new Cameo craft machine, and boy oh boy am I in LOOOOVE!

I found that the new Cameo has SO many enhancements over their previous Silhouette version, including one blade {vs. multiples}, a pause button, adjustable rollers and the capability to cut up to 12" inches wide!

Of course, I have been using mine to be label crazy, however, there are SO many things that one can do with this amazing machine and I can't wait to start doing more crafting and creating!

Silhouette is currently running their bundling promo from now through October 31st, in which you can snag the all new Cameo along with your choice of starter kit, all for $299!  {just enter code ORGANIZING at checkout}

The Silhouette Cameo is expected to sell out of their first shipment.  So, hop on over and get your hands on this amazing deal before it’s gone. The promotion ends October 31st!

Now, I must get back to organizing all those Legos.  Oh, and you can bet I will be using my Silhouette to put the finishing touches onto the project!  Stay tuned!


  1. I am seriously dying to get my hands on one of these. I noticed the things you've been doing with yours lately and I'm extra jealous. Your caddies are absolutely amazing- lets put this on our christmas wishlist haha!
    Kerri at HollyMuffin

  2. A vinyl cutter is on my wishlist and I've been eying up the Silhouette mainly because it hooks up to the computer and doesn't need the cartridges that the Cricut needs (I'm not a traveling scrapbooker so portability is not an issue for me). My only issue is that the closest store that sells silhouette products is over an hour away, and across the border (I live in Canada). Do you have to buy the silhouette brand vinyl? I have a Michaels near me and they sell all the Cricut stuff so it makes me want to lean towards it. But if I can use any ol' vinyl then.....

  3. @Firesparx, I don't think you need to use Silhouette brand vinyl in your machine. The only way I can find it is online and I have a project I am itching to get wrapped up so I am going to head to my nearest craft store and see what I can find to use instead. I will be the guinea pig for you and share the results in an upcoming post. :) xoxo!

  4. I would to to have one of these !!

  5. Did you know you were on Nate Berkus again today?!

  6. Yay!! this is so exciting. I've been eyeing this cutter since seeing your projects a few months ago. I am also in canada and am very sad that Silhouette does not ship to us. luckily, i'm heading to AZ in december, so will be able to get it then(although, i don't think my credit card will be all too impressed) :-) how often do you need to replace your blades and cutting mat? also looking forward to your guinea pig post :-)

  7. I cannot decide if I should sell my cricut for one of these? I have sure cuts a lot software which allows me to hook my cricut up to my computer and turn any image, anything, my kids drawing, a photo etc into an svg and cut it out for free..... Craft edge though just updated their software and I am able to get a free upgrade but the new version does not support cricut b/c I believe cricut was suing them.... Since you don't need any specific cartridge to use it. I only own two cartridges and cut tons of stuff rarely using images on the cartridges (you just need a cartridge in the machine to use, doesn't matter which one.)
    Does anyone know if there is a really big difference between the silhouette and cricut besides the lack of cartridges since I don't use them with my cricut anyway?

  8. Ohh I am in love! :)

  9. Jodie - Mummy of 2 AUSTRALIAOctober 25, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    The machine is so versatile. I've been watching all of your projects using it, and yes, I am jealous. There is 1 stockist here in Australia, but they charge DOUBLE ($599 Australian Dollars), and the US sit won't ship international. Can't believe the ridiculous price difference, especially considering that AUS$1 is MORE than US$1!!!Guess I'll just have to keep watching with jealousy.

    1. Jodie
      I bought mine online from http://www.ucutathome.com/ - they shipped to Australia at a reasonable price. Fantastic customer service as well. I just use a travelling power converter to plug it in - no problems!


  10. How easy are these to learn to use? My interest is piqued -- but I have that "do I have the energy to learn how to use a new gadget?" weariness. ;)

  11. Ditto to Heather's comment. Is it user friendly, easy to learn? I am very tempted.

  12. I second the question about cricut vs. silhouette. my gut says silhouette because of the cartridge issue...you walk into Michael's and all you see is $$$$ all over that cricut aisle! BUT...none of the craft stores in my area carry silhouette, i'd have to order it online, and apparently lots of people like cricut, so i guess i'm just wondering what the difference is? Cortney above says you don't NEED the cartridges...which confuses me. haha. guess i have stuff to learn.

  13. I already ordered mine and it should be here in the next few days - can't wait to start playing with it. Haven't ever had a cutting machine before and I am excited about all the possibilities.

  14. I heart art. Would love to have one of these. Thank you for the chance.

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  16. Just checked back to see if anyone had any input on the cricut vs silhouette...

    Just wanted to clarify for Alyssa above, I purchased a software program made by Craft Edge for the same price as a cartridge called Sure cuts a lot. I have SCAL2 (the second version) This goes on your computer and you can scan or change any image/font into a svg file, which is a file that allows your machine to cut... To use with a cricut you just need a cartridge, any cartridge to put in the cartridge slot. I just use one that came with my machine, I have never bought another cartridge....
    If you don't have either machine keep in mind if your looking to purchase that software which is pretty awesome, lots of free cutting capablilties... the new version SCAL3 is not compatible with cricut :( as I mentioned above but is with the silhouette. However if all you can purchase is the cricut and you can get your hands on that software version 2 and before I have found it to be worth the money many times over since I have never bought a cartridge, just have the 2 my machine came with... I am assuming the new version would be something to look into though if you have or are getting a silhoutte it can save you a lot of money and allows a lot of creativity... (I just found it out of chance one day on youtube I don't work for them or anything....)
    I still don't know if there is something else I'm missing though in the difference, I do like the fact you can print things and then cut the outline with the silhouette, that would make label making a lot easier, that being said I believe you can cut things that are thicker like chipboard on the cricut and not yet on the silhouette.... (I read a little more about it after commenting before)... Any more info though I would love to hear. I do think the new cameo looks a lot sleeker than my cricut!
    SOOOO sorry for such a long comment!!!! Just wanted to clarify my confusing comment.

  17. I Heart Art! The family rules totally rock, as does the subway art style! I would hang this in my kitchen, the hub of our home!
    Crossing my fingers!!!

  18. To Jodie in Australia. If you do an Internet search for "shipping address in US" you will find companies where you can have your product delivered. They will forward it to your address in Australia. Have used this service successfully in the past. Saves a heap!

  19. Thanks for sharing this, it looks like it's really easy to use!

  20. Oh I have wanted one and this makes it sooooo much more! Love the sock pic on the basketv:)

  21. Does anyone know if the rhinestone-ing is industrial strength? Basically, will it endure normal wash and dry?

  22. hi! I've been DYING to get hold of the Silhouette Cameo but I live outside the U.S. Could I find out how heavy the Cameo is so that I can calculate the shipping cost? I couldn't find its specifications anywhere.. Really appreciate if you could help =)


  23. I just got my silhouette and love it! The software does take a little time to learn, but it's well worth it since it's so versatile. You can convert almost any jpeg into a cutable object. Too cool!

  24. I am curious to hear if anyone has used the Silhouette Portrait? is it worth it? or save up for the more expensive big brother??


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