Tuesday, March 27, 2012

21 IHeart Review & Giveaway: Garage Rack Storage

There are times when an offer comes along that is too good to pass up.  And often times that means I get to review a super sweet organizing gadget or product.  But what I love about today's review and giveaway is that it is something that my super handy and helpful husband was able to play with and review.  The guy does SO much to keep this blog afloat and even works on projects into the wee hours of the night just for me {and you readers}, so it was totally his turn to do some organizing, and live to write about it.

Welcome Bryan!

"I had the opportunity to try out the Garden Tool Storage Rack and was eager to see how it was going to be an improvement over our inexpensive DIY solution which consisted of a 2x4 with U hooks screwed into the wall.

Once I got my "homeowner special" down, I located the studs in the wall and used the mounting bracket to mark the location where the screws would be and used a 3/16 drill bit to pre-drill the holes {as per the directions, which they say guys can't follow, HA!} and mounted the bracket to the wall.  After finding my level I placed the bar between the two brackets, again making my marks, pre-drilling and screwing the second bracket to the wall.

Simple as that, it was installed!

The thing I liked the most about the new system was the large variety of hooks for hanging different sizes and types of items.

The hooks clip right on to the metal rail and once snapped in, freely slide across the rail to any location you prefer and gives the flexibility to create a system that works best for the different sized tools you may have.

This was a far better result than what we had prior, where all hooks were stationary and there was no versatility.

Since we have been doing a lot of landscaping and yard work recently, we have been acquiring more tools and shovels along the way.

To show how much weight and how many tools the different sized hooks can hold - we took a photo of our new setup...

And moved things around - just to give you a visual of how many tools just one of the hooks can hold!

We even had some extra hooks to spare for future versatility!

The new Garden Tool Storage Rack gives us so much more versatility and strength over our previous handmade option.  It gets two four thumbs up {that's right, the wife likes it too!}"

And now you can love one as well!  Garage Rack Storage is offering up one Garden Tool Storage Rack {a $100 value!} to one lucky reader!

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A special THANK YOU to Bryan for writing today's post and to Garage Rack Storage for sponsoring such a terrific giveaway!  Right now, many of the items found on the Garage Rack Storage website are marked 20% off retail!

Psssst!  I wasn't paid or swayed to write this post, I was just offered a Garden Tool Storage Rack to provide an open and honest review and giveaway!


  1. Where are those recycle bins from? I'm looking for something like those....

  2. My husband would LOVE to have that for our new garage! :)

  3. We are moving Friday...this could be very cool to implement organization from the get-go :D

  4. Love it when husbands write blog posts! :) And I also love organizing tricks for the garage. Ours is a mess... ugh.

  5. My husband would Love this!! And we Need it......

  6. Our garage could use about 5 of these!

  7. We have one that was already installed by the previous owner. We love it! It just needs a little tweaking and reorganizing after winter :)

  8. Oh my gosh, we TOTALLY need that.

  9. Thanks for the opportunity! Awesome product!

  10. Looks great, DH would love for his birthday!

  11. I am planning on getting my hubby something like this for his birthday, thanks for reviewing this product!

  12. http://garagerackstorage.com/product/small-golf-bag-rack.html

    We need one of these soooo badly!

  13. This would be nice for the garage. We've been trying to free up space to actually park a car in there.

  14. Very cool! We need these in our shed, it's a tool nightmare! Even more exciting are those stacking bins you have in the corner. I'm trying desperately to find some like that. Where did you get them?

  15. I need this badly!!!!!

  16. My mess of a shed would love this! Thanks!


  17. Excellent blog post Bryan! I love the teamwork on the blog. Great review. I love organizing tools and this looks like a great one for the garage. I'm impressed it can can hold so many even on one hook. I especially like how it allows you to easily move the hooks wherever you want on the bar as you never know how much space a tool will take, and it provides so much versatility as you said.

  18. My hubby needs this, all his stuff is bundled together in a corner and makes it hard to get something out without it all falling.


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