Thursday, March 22, 2012

11 It's Silhouette Promo Time!

You have been asking so I couldn't be more excited to let you know that Silhouette is offering up another promo to IHeart Organizing readers!

The promo will run from March 22nd through March 28th!

You can grab the Silhouette CAMEO and Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software for a total of $269.99!  {MSRP $350!}

With the Designer Edition, you get the following features:
  • Ability to open, manipulate and cut .svg files
  • Rhinestone tools to convert designs into rhinestone templates and ceate your own rhinestone designs
  • Sketch tools to convert designs into several styles of sketchable art
  • Creative knife tools to allow you to clip designs using different patterns
  • Enhanced eraser set to modify designs with more precision
  • Built-in ruler and guide lines for precise alignment and drawing

In order to take advantage of this fabulous offer, you must go HERE and enter "ORGANIZING" at checkout.

{Already have a Silhouette?  You can still get the Studio Designer Edition for 50% off with the code!}


  1. still waiting, waiting, waiting for these to come to Australia !!

  2. Yay! I just got my silhouette yesterday, so now I can get the Studio Designer Edition :) BTW, I love your new update on Emily on your sidebar. See...I noticed :)

  3. Eeee! My mom is bringing me back a Silhouette Cameo for my birthday in a couple weeks and I can't wait! (It's tough to find the Cameos up here in Canada). I plan to use the Cameo mostly for vinyl and labels, just wondering if it's worth getting studio designer edition? I imagine once I have a Cameo I'll find all sorts of uses for it that I can't even imagine now. My instinct says I should play around with the regular studio software first and then see if I find it limiting.

    1. I don't think Studio Designer Edition is worth paying extra for (it's free in this promo package - Cameo is commonly selling for $269 right now).

      I recently got the Cameo and love-love-love it! However, I wish I hadn't been so quick to pay for the Designer Edition software. It didn't add as much as I expected to the free software. (If you want to open SVG files, you can download Inkscape for free.)

      Then I discovered Make The Cut software (currently about $58). It's fabulous, does so much more than the Silhouette software, and there are tons of free tutorials and videos. (See Yahoo group and YouTube videos.)

      Pam in Washington State

  4. Have you used the design studio....can you tell me more about it....I have a cameo I haven't used yet.....curious if I want this..... :)

  5. I have had my Silhouette for about a month now and I would say if you have the 25 dollars to upgrade to the designer edition. Just for the ability to manipulate a particular shape alone. I bought some labels through the store and needed to manipulate one to make it less feminine looking. It was impossible to do. With the software upgrade it is easier to change a design to fit your specifications.

  6. Wow. This company just won't leave me alone ;). Just when I start to get over my obsession with them, they put on another sale to tempt me. AHHHH! One of these days, it will be mine.

  7. I love everything you do in your blog but sometimes I wish there were more posts (anywhere not just here) about apartment organization where you can't you know just paint the walls or drill holes in them... would help a lot of people

  8. So many thanks to you, and Silhouette. It wasn't until you directed me to the Designers Edition that I learned that's what I was looking for (in order to use vector graphics). I'm so excited!

  9. Thank you so much! I've been coveting the Designer Edition for months and now it's MINE! :D The sketch feature is so much more fun with the different outline styles and fillers. Love your site. <3


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