Monday, October 1, 2012

8 Extra! Extra! Organizing Reads!

Aside from hanging out here at my IHeart home, I have been also seen having a good time in some other towns around blogland.  So, I thought if you were looking for a few extra organizing related reads written by yours truly, I would kindly share the link love.

I let you know awhile back that I am now a contributing writer over at the Better Homes & Gardens Style Spotters Blog.

I have since been posting every couple of weeks, sharing ideas and tips for organizing everything from shoes to tools to paper piles, along with some of my favorite organizing products! {click the thumbnails below to check out the posts}

The Style Spotters blog has really talented contributors and there is always something fun and fresh happening over there!  Definitely my idea of a good time!

Next up, my gal pal Ashley, author of The Handmade Home, invited me over virtually to share a few organizing tips to help her and her man begin a big organizing sweep they are planning!

She is seriously sweet as pie and I wish we were neighbors so we could build, project and paint together.  I am constantly blog stalking inviting myself over to pin her pictures and grab oodles of around the home inspiration.

They recently started a new series, which I am over the moon for, called The Lazy Gal's Survival Guide to Better Housekeeping.  She has been open and honest about her quest to gain some control around their beautiful home, to ensure their busy life with kids can run as smoothly as possible.  To help kick things off, I wrote up a little post to offer some ideas on how to start, how to stay excited and other simple tips to remember as she goes.

This post was a really great way for me to reflect back on what I have been spending the last three years writing about and try to sum it up in one happy place.  I am here to cheer on the Mills family as they take on one organizing project at a time!

And hot off the blog press, today I am over at Remington's Ready blog, compiling all sorts of ideas for wrangling hair tools and accessories.

I found some of my favorite ideas from around the www and pulled them together in one post, to help manage those curling irons and bobby pins and ensure they don't take over your bathroom counter.

Happy Monday and...


  1. Congrats on all your successes, Jen! You totally deserve it!

  2. Awesome- Love all of these sites!!

  3. You are too sweet. Thank you a million times again for helping this overwhelmed gal out. Let's be virtualbestieneighbors. ;} I'll send you imaginary cookies and stuff. And a BIG FAT congratulations to you, as well! I couldn't be more excited for you and all the awesome stuff you've got going!!! And...I'm off to read your Remington post. Guess what? I need help with that too! HA!

  4. You busy bee!! Off to check out more of your tips!

  5. Great blog! I really enjoy reading it and def come away with some great ideas! Please follow me at The New Adventures of Old Me

  6. I really enjoyed many of your ideas for the remington post. But while your fabulous paper tube cord wrangler/controller/saved-my-sanity-er was shown in the photo, you didn't mention it the article. And it's a beauty- I love how we can now actually retrieve hair dryer/electric razor/curling iron without having to untangle all the cords.

    And just fyi, that bobby pin holder is actually a paper clip holder- just so readers know that they are likely to find it at an office supply store.

    Again, great tips, thanks for these.

  7. Hi Jen,

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    Warm Regards,

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