Wednesday, November 21, 2012

28 Reader Raid: Lovin' Some Teal & Lime!

I am all about finding eye candy and inspiration anywhere I can find it.  Magazines, blogs, Pinterest, store displays, hotels and restaurants, nature.... it is all around us.  But the most common place I find inspiration, is through visiting the homes of friends and family.  I always see new ideas that make me want to rush home and tweak something {or give a piece of furniture a complete overhaul}. 

And, this little blog of mine, has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people.  Both virtually and locally!  And one of those friends is Jackie, from Teal & Lime.

Jackie & I met this summer when we decided that it would be a good idea to cross virtual lines and meet in person for a fun day of thrifty shopping.  We hit it off, chatted all day, and stayed in touch ever since! 

I have been inspired over Jackie's home since I found it quite awhile back, she has a great, fresh style that is clean, current and colorful.  So, I did what anyone would do.  I invited myself over to check things out in person!  Heck yes!  And, I asked if I could bring my camera and share the goods with you! 

Ready to swoon?

Right when I walked into her home, I was smitten!  It hugged me and greeted me and told me the story of the darling family that lives there.  Jackie is married and has two incredibly sweet and handsome little boys.

All of the colors in her home work together and feel fresh, yet warm at the same time.  As you enter the home, one of the first rooms that pulls you in along the way is this stunning dining room!

They installed the wall treatment on their own and also DIY'd their chandy for a huge fraction of the cost of the high end crystal versions.

And how wonderful is the armoire cabinet?  It fits the space oh so perfectly!

But what I really love, is the prettiness and organizational bliss behind the doors!

Jackie stashes all of her party and hosting supplies in this old TV cabinet.  Did you know that it was an old TV cabinet?  Me either.  Because she purchased the stackable Closetmaid shelving to customize the storage inside to fit her needs!  I think she succeeded!

Continuing forward is a bright and airy living space that opens to their eat in kitchen.

They utilize their built ins for storage to keep their living space clean and clutter free.

It is all styled to nicely and the art, yeah, she made that too!

Looking back toward the kitchen, first, your eye stops at the fun table, which sports the most incredible FLOR carpet tiles below and a DIY pendant above.

Her kitchen totally made my heart race.  Check out those globe pendants {from West Elm}.  They are a show stopper! 

As is the beautiful kitchen tile!!

Right off of the kitchen, is the home's entry from the garage.  This is their main entry coming home with their kiddos each day, so organization was essential here.

Simple baskets for shoes below and magazine bins above, which hold everything from hats and mittens to chalk and bubbles.

And, just when you think it can't get better, you see this!

This was one of the most impressive multi-functional rooms I have ever been in.  Jackie and her family use this room for laundry, cleaning and kid's crafts!  It only makes sense to have kids do their crafts where cleaning supplies are right?  And the desk is also perfect for folding clothes!

Above her wash sink, she decanted all of her detergents into beverage dispenser for easy to use access!  She also installed the most darling little baskets to hold all of those smaller laundry supplies.

All of her other cleaning powers are stored across the way in a cleaning station!  Be still my heart.

Everything is out of kid's reach, yet easy to tote around when cleaning day comes.  She even created designated caddies labeled with chalkboard labels.

And speaking of kids.  How great is this arts and crafts station she has set up?!  IKEA Trofast to the rescue!!

Loving all the color as much as I am?  Good, because there is more to see!

Like the charming nursery!

Again, the colors leave you grinning ear to ear.  Perfect for a little guys bedroom!

I had to know the secret to such a streamlined and organized nursery.  She shared:

"Don't get all the stuff on the baby registry list, babies don't need all those things.  Also, we keep our diapers in the top dresser drawer with the changer on top of the dresser.  This has been super convenient and worked for both our boys.  We also keep toys in our loft playroom and not in the nursery, this keeps clutter and mess at bay.  The nursery is for changing and sleeping."

The art was created with a large white canvas and flash cards and the vinyl numbers on the drawers not only make the most a fun addition to the room, they also add an organizational twist!

When someone stops by to watch the kiddos, Jackie can say, "the diapers are in drawer number 2".  Easy peasy yet so so smart!

And Jackie's smarts and creativeness and love for vinyl does stop there.  One of my favorite projects, is coincidentally her favorite too!

Chalkboard vinyl lining her cosmetic drawer, topped with acrylic dividers.  Seriously, does it get any more fun than that?!

Talk about making you smile every day!  It's all about the little things!

And last but not least... my new bedroom.  Because I am moving in.  She just doesn't know it yet.

The side table is incredible.  Jaw dropping lovely!

I adore every inch of their lovely home.  Every. single. inch.  There was so much organizational goodness around every corner, and she has done such a great job making her house a beautiful home for their clan.

I asked Jackie her number one tip, and here is what she had to say:

"My top organization tip is to be clutter-free.  We are constantly purging clothes, toys, and anything else we are done with.  The only stuff we keep is hand me downs from my oldest for his brother.  Since we are so clutter-free and don't hold on to things, we have way more storage in this house than we would ever need.  It is a nice feeling to have half empty closets."

Love what you see?  You can find tutorials for all of Jackie's DIY goodness over on her blog.  She has a great project page with endless ideas and inspiration.

I can't thank her enough for letting me pop by with my camera!  It was so much fun and I left with a few ideas up my sleeve for our own home. 

How about you?  Any new ideas?  What's your favorite space?  Hard to pick just one right?

Have you been getting your organizing on?  Are you interested in letting me raid come over and chat your ears off while I snap a few photos of your newly organized space, and then share it right here on the blog?  Do you live in the Twin Cities area?  Submit your story and some photos to!
*** Psssst.  My hubby and I will be traveling to NYC in December and it is my dream to crash a small and smartly organized city apartment.  Feel free to submit your space for consideration and additional details..  ***


  1. thank you for the wonderful tour of her home and giving me another blog to read!! I have a huge obsession with anything blue and green so I am swooning over her house!!

  2. Thanks for the organizing eye candy; I loved that laundry room!

  3. really! this house is so awesome!!super organized!

    diy chandelier is also beautiful :)


  4. She has a gorgeous home! I love the cleaning center and that party cabinet.... love!

  5. Her home is amazing! Love the colours! I could seriously die for her laundry room

  6. Thanks to both of you for sharing! I am in the process of purging- i want that uncluttered look as well!

  7. I loved the use of carpet tiles in the breakfast area! i have been in search for a great place to use the tiles and that spot makes perfect sense for the ease in cleaning food stains.
    thanks so much for posting your visit!

  8. What a gorgeous home! I love her clutter free style, everything just looks so fresh and welcoming like you said. Great reader raid:)

  9. Holy cow, this girl has some great ideas!! I love the Closetmaid solution for the armoire -- blends in perfectly without a ton of construction! And those numbered drawers are just darling and brilliant -- especially when you have to communicate with babysitters. So smart!

  10. Thanks for these inspiring photos, i love the creative idea of the makeup organizer how there is cute little drawings :)

  11. Her home is gorgeous! I love the fireplace wall!! The closetmaid pieces in the cabinet - genius!

  12. WOW! what a gorgeous home! I am swooning!

  13. okay I must know how she did the Chandelier! I must!

    1. Beka,

      I share it all here:

  14. Hi! I know you hear this over and over but I must reiterate how awesome your blog is. I love your blog it's so fun, relaxing, and inspirational. As per her tip about clutter, I'm trying to develop an organized system for my children's projects that they bring home, Some of them are really cute and you could really tell how my daughter worked on them, some of them are sentimental, like when they start coming home with her name that she spelled by herself. etc. etc. I really don't like to throw them out, but they make so much clutter! Any ideas?

    1. Tsippy,

      I keep all of my kids paperwork in two large (legal size) teal paper boxes labeled with their names. You can see them on sitting on the art station in the laundry room. When they come home from school i hang really special pieces on the fridge. The rest go straight into their box. When the box is full (at preschool age takes 6-12 mo.s), then I put them away and start a new box. Someday I will go through and whittle down what I save. I do try to throw anything with food glued on it or random unrecognizable doodles away. Hope that helps.

    2. That's a really good suggestion, Jackie, I don't like throwing their precious scribbles away, but I agree it is not possible to keep everything. A teacher friend of mine takes photos of the artwork her children produce, which I think is quite a good idea - certainly reduces the clutter. Love your home & blog, by the way!


  15. Jen, thank you for such an amazing and sweet feature on my home!

    Thank you all for the lovely comments!!

  16. Gorgeous!! That girl has some style! :)

  17. Love it all, hard to pick my favourite.. do love the multi purpose laundry/craft room though as believe it or not laundry is one of my most favourite chores so it would be nice to be in there while the boys are able to do something fun and not just tag along after me as I wash and hang outside, and fold.. also love the night stand.. oh and the chandelier.. oh and I want to move in also! A long way for me to come for a sleepover.. :)

  18. I love that everything has its container. I think it's what renters need to stay organized. They should have containers for everything and I'll have my own set for my apartments for rent in phoenix az.

  19. I've been following Jackie's blog for a while now and I'm a big fan of her style. Love her recent laundry room update.

  20. Thanks for this look at Jackie's incredibly organized, lovely home. Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Love the color! I feel like in so many homes I've seen these days neutrals seem to be all the rage so it makes me excited to see bold, vibrant walls because I adore color!

  22. Hello Jen!
    The laundry, cleanning, kid's craft room is the one I would love having in my home. Still I'm holding on the idea of a clutter free home, just as Jackie recomends. Starting now.

  23. Love the laundry room as well! I don't have NEAR that amount of space!

  24. I love her use of color and the attention to detail. Thank you for sharing, as I've gathered many ideas I'd like to implement in my home. Have a beautiful day!

  25. What is the color in dining room walls please!! Lovely home


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