Tuesday, May 28, 2013

18 May Mini-Challenge: Awesomepants Cleaning Tips!

Sticking with the cleaning spirit as we finish off the month of May, I thought I would share a bunch of super fab online reads that will offer even more cleaning tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration than you could ever imagine.

Y'all know I am a sucker for a good cleaning plan.  In fact, I swear by it as one of the ways we work together as a family to keep our home squeaky clean.  The lovely friends over at Better Homes & Gardens believe in a cleaning plan too, and offer a step by step guide for getting one started.

I have been on the hunt for a good green carpet stain remover.  Leave it up to my girl Martha to dish the recipe for stain remover, along with other natural green cleaning tips too!

If you have grout, you know it can be a pain to clean, and it can also look dirty, fast.  Check out these groovy grout tips for sparkly grout lines.

How many ways can use a dryer sheet?  Did you know they can be used to dust, to tackle soap scum and to clean pots and pans?  Get the scoop along with 17 other uses for dryer sheets here.

One of the reasons I like to clean is because the smell of a clean home is invigorating.  To take it a step further, you can naturally deodorize your home with the lovely scent of lemon, vanilla and rosemary.  Snag the scoop here and savor the smell!

Cleaning your appliances is just as important as cleaning the surfaces in your home.  Find out a super sweet dishwasher cleaning trick here, which will only cost you about ten cents!

I always chat about shopping your home for organizing supplies, but what about shopping your home for cleaning supplies?  The folks over at the nest compiled a great list of surprising household items that double as cleaners!

Under the sink is the prime spot to store cleaning goodies, but cleaning doesn't come easy when your supplies are a jumbled mess.  Learn how to take control of that spot under the sink within ten minutes or less, so it shines just as bright as the rest of your home.

I have already shared a couple of easy peasy lemon squeezy homemade cleaning recipes here, but you can find 66 more real simple all natural cleaning solutions here.

Sometimes it's all about the little things... Especially when they prevent BIG mistakes!  I love how Ashley takes note of special wash instructions in the laundry room.

All these reads inspire me to get scrubbin' and washin' and cleanin' and lovin' my home, how about you?  Where do you go to find your cleaning inspiration?  Any other sources jam packed with helpful household tips?

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  1. I would love to purchase the legal sized planner pad in image 1, if I knew where to find it.

    Thanks for the tips

    1. I too would love to purchase the legal sized planner pad.

      Thank you.

  2. Great tips, as usual! Thanks for sharing! :-) I read about the lemon/rosemary home scent over at Mini Manor Blog yesterday...I've gotta try it!
    ~Beth @Incomplete Guide to Living

  3. While Tang and Cool Aid wiiiillll help, you should really use a dishwasher or washer cleaner on a regular basis. A lot of the new HE washers even have a special cleaning cycle to keep crud at bay. Whirlpool Corp. makes a really great set of cleaners, Affresh is the brand, and they are not very expensive. I use them to fill up Amazon orders to get the free shipping. They smell nice, and the dishwasher cleaner can even be used with dishes, and is great for getting the film off of glasses that have been washed in a dirty dishwasher. Keeping washers and dishwashers clean is VERY important to keeping them running efficiently.

  4. You used the word "awesomepants." Had me at hello!! Great post!

  5. Read a great tip from Heloise .... use a dry paintbrush to dust lampshades! Good to know!
    Emma @ from my little pink couch

  6. Oh thank you for this!! I'm trying to get my cleaning act together and really needed some tips like these. I'm especially excited about the green tips (so I can phase out my stinky cleaners). Thanks again!

  7. anyone (Jen Included) have tips for eliminating dog smell in your house?

    1. Living with 4 (lovely and fairly well mannered) dogs and 2 cats I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to neutralize odor. For a natural remedy the lemon/rosemary/vanilla will help in the short term. Leaving bowls of vinegar out throughout the house will eliminate odors as well. I recently started using Odoban (you can find it at Home Depot) while it's not all natural it is relatively inexpensive and it works great. That's the best solution I've found. Hope that helped! Water Damage Hemet CA

    2. I have a large (~55lb) lab in a one bedroom apartment. My sister (who would absolutely not lie to me!) came to stay last week and couldn't get over that my apartment didn't smell of dog. Here are my tricks:

      1) vacuum at least once, if not twice, a week. Including upholstery. Clean countertops etc daily - somehow my dogs hair manages to get everywhere and if I'm not on top of it the mess is obvious very quickly.
      2) open doors/windows (I have french doors that lead onto a third floor balcony) for a few hours a day
      3) give your dog good quality food. That means nothing from the grocery store. I feed Nature's Variety, but you can check out website such as www.dogfoodanalysis.com for more info. Also, make sure food is stored in an airtight container. Go to your local (preferably non chain) pet store for advice.

      I actually don't use any air scents because I believe they mask the scent rather than eliminate it and often make the smell worse rather than better. I might consider using the lemon/rosemary one Jen linked though.

  8. Great tips! Slightly off topic but I have seen that adjustable wall shelf all over Pinterest & NEED one for my little girl's room. Where can I find it? Anyone?

  9. OMG I think I love you.


  10. Jennifer - I really needed this inspiration today. I created a custom family cleaning checklist of my own in excel today and am so excited to make the natural cleaning products and get my bottles/sprayers together. We are slowly making changes to be much more "natural" in our eating, cleaning, and living. Thanks so much for this post.

  11. I like the idea for deodorizing the house with the rosemary and lemon. Since it boosts your brain's cognitive functions, I will definitely use this in my study as it should help my focus and concentration. Great advice!

  12. The fact that the word "awesomepants" is part of this post already makes it a must-read. Then you add in so many great tips, and it just screams "PIN!!!" Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas with us! Hope you're having a great week, Jen!

    ~Abby =)

  13. Great tips! http://jessielovesjake.blogspot.co.nz/

  14. #5 is really impressive. We have given it a try and it worked out very well!


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