Tuesday, June 18, 2013

10 Oh Snap! A Giveaway for YOU and for your BESTIE!

A couple of us bloggy pals decided to hook up and bring you a killer giveaway this week!  That means we are bringing you something pretty gosh darn amazing!!

fb camera header3

Let's Play a Game!
Win one Canon Rebel Camera for you to keep and then win another to give to a friend...Seriously.

Welcome Summer! It's time to start taking beautiful pictures of awesome-sauce summer memories!
Walks on the beach, Pool time,Evening Hikes,Birthday Parties, Family Reunions.....your DOG!
We are so excited to be able to team up with a fabulous group of sites to give not only one camera away but TWO! WAHOO.

FYI: Share this giveaway with your friends to increase your odds of winning!

fb camera post4 

Oh!  And I will be back later this evening with my regular scheduled weekly giveaway as well!   Oh happy day!  In my best Tom Cruise voice, "You complete me".

Official rules for this giveaway can be found here.


  1. HOW AMAZING IS THIS I CANNOT WAIT TO EN... oh. No international people. Sadness all around.
    but still pretty awesome. :)

  2. Can not believe you have such an awesome give-away!!! And to the lucky readers who win, -
    come check out my 3 Easy Lessons in Photography for Kids that make a fantastic summer time project for those moments when your kid say they are bored!!


    love your blog Jen, - its the first place I check each day!!

  3. I would LOVE this! I just liked everything and entered my email address! Thanks for this fun opportunity and all of your great ideas!

  4. Too bad it has to be on facebook. Not everyone is on there...

  5. Thanks for posting about the giveaway!! I hope I win! I need a new camera for when I go to Disney World later for the first time ever this summer :P

  6. Wow! This is a very cool and generous giveaway, thank you and your "bloggy pals" I heart your blog :)

  7. This is incredible! I love your blog (fav thing? The green paint in your living room! We are in the process of building and I'm contemplating a green wall in my kitchen!!) I'm brand new to the blogging thing so thanks for the inspiration!! -j

  8. Awesome giveaway!! I've already got a Canon Rebel, but I've entered so I can share 2 with friends :-)

    Linking to your giveaway tonight on an Awesome Giveaways roundup on TEOM. Do you have a complete list of the partners in this giveaway? I'd love to give everyone credit!


  9. Ohhhh... I really need a new camera. I've been looking at them on craigslist. Not really in the budget now. Unfortunately, I'm not on facebook. Is there any other way to enter?

  10. Amazing giveaway! Thanks for sponsoring!!!

    Samantha @ lifearoundtheloop.wordpress.com


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