Monday, January 27, 2014

8 Extra! Extra! Organizing Reads! An Entire Month of Storage

January is often times known as the month to get organized!  I know that I am often times inspired to start the year off on the right foot and no better time to get started than January.

This month I was honored to partner with Better Homes & Gardens during their Month of Storage feature!  They have been posting daily organizing tips here, and I have been showing up quite a bit on their blog with my all time favorite organizing solutions.   You can find my most recent articles outlined below.

Tackle this year's common resolutions in an organized way!  Check out my top tips for setting yourself up for success with this year's personal goals!

Planning to tackle things one room at a time?  I was excited to share some of my favorite room by room organizing and storage tips here!

Think organizing and storage is super expensive?  Find a few solutions for keeping your organizing projects budget friendly.

I may be an odd duck, but having a couple of minutes to tackle a drawer or closet simply makes me giddy.  I shared a few super simple solutions for organizing those hardworking spaces tucked away behind closed doors and drawers here.


  1. Yay! How exciting! I am still in love with those drawer organizers! I made some for my makeup drawers several months back; it's nice to know if they get dirty I can recover them or start over and I am not out more than a few cents for the pretty paper.

    1. That makes me so happy to hear! It is really great when you can get the function of a $10 organizer for pennies!


  2. Hey Jen,
    I found your blog last month and you have made such an impact in my home! My new year's resolution is to stop driving myself nuts and a lot of what drives me nuts is the clutter - so I have been tackling spaces one by one. I did my kitchen freezer yesterday, based on your tips and photos. Holy Moly! I want to live in there lol. Cleaned out, organized, labeled and ready to go.
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and all the practical advice.

    1. Heck yes! That is awesome! I felt the same way the first time I conquered my freezer. Congrats! That feeling is contagious btw, get ready to take on another small project in the near future! ;)

  3. How I love your blog! It's the bright moment of my day. The baby is asleep, my housework is done, and I can get on here and be inspired! *Happy sigh!* I've taken your advice these past few months and started saving shoe boxes and laundry detergent boxes for storing items in my linen closet and bedroom closet. They have lids and are so nice and sturdy (and after a trip to Michael's with some coupons, are now pretty as well!) Also, the pretty metal tins that Christmas chocolates come in? Shallow enough to use as trays to corral toiletry items in our bathroom and on our dresser! Keep on keeping on, Jen! You are such an inspiration!
    Sarah @

    1. Sounds like your closets are really rockin' in the storage department! Congrats Sarah! I know how amazing that feels! And the lid idea? Genius I tell ya!

  4. GULP! My plan was to be done organizing my office during this month of January. Only 2 days left-and still have lots to do. I am breaking it up into sections like filing problems, kids papers from school, and so on. So I do feel good about getting a few of my issues accomplished. And I'm not stopping just because it will be February. :D
    Connie @ http//:bradshawshouse(dot)blogspot(dot)com

  5. Oh my that closet makes my heart do a little jump


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