Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 Joyfully Appreciative in January

I am the type of gal who tries to take a moment to reflect on my blessings daily as I never take for granted the beautiful people in my life or the opportunities that have come my way.  This morning I am tipping my hat to the kind folks that sponsor my site and allow me to do what I love.

I am forever grateful that they support my ability to write posts, work on projects and cover my blog expenses and time.  Today I am giving them gratitude for keeping this little ol' dream of mine alive.

  • Kiwi Crate offers fun and engaging arts, crafts, and science projects for kids
  • This Valentines, delight your friends and family with their special pop-up Valentine's Day cards!
  • Handmade Valentines has everything you'll need to create unique handmade valentines: 24 pop-up cards, 24 Valentine-themed punchouts, 10 washable markers, glue stick, wiggly eyes, sticky-back jewels, plus 2 blank cards to create a DIY pop-up card design.

  • Feeling overwhelmed with clutter and can't get started?  Alejandra's video series shows you 3 e-a-s-yyyy things to do tonight to feel more organized tomorrow morning.  How is that for starting the day off right?!  You can sign up to watch the free videos here.
Check out more organizing video goodness here:

  • The new See Jane Work line at your local Office Depot will surely help make that office you loathe going into because it is so cluttered, the lively place you end up loving.
  • Learn a few tips from creator of See Jane Work, Holly Bohn on how to revolutionize the working woman’s world.
  • See Jane Work makes organizing simple with a one stop shop of some the newest items on the market.

    • Wishy Washi Tape is your one stop shop for all things washi tape.
    • They carry all of the top Japanese lines but also carry some super budget friendly options as well.
    • They don't just stop with washi tape though.  They also carry multiple sizes of baker's twine, rubber stamps, floral paper straws and cute little stationery items.

    • Outfit Planning - Save all your favorite outfits using photos of your actual wardrobe, which you can reference as you get dressed.
    • Office Style - Plan your work outfits for the week on Sunday from bed.
    • Vacation packing - Create packing checklists and an outfit log for vacation with photos of your real clothes.

    • Enjoy free premEAR concierge service!
    • Mousetales Travel does all the work, you have all the fun!
    • If Disney announces a promotion for your dates after you've booked your vacation with Mouse Tales Travel, they will apply the promotion to your reservation without you doing anything!

    • If you regularly read organizing books, newsletters and blogs but still struggle to create or maintain the organization you are after, simplify 101 has the perfect solution for you - online classes created by professional organizers.
    • Choose the organizing solutions that are just right for you from their selection of expert guided online classes, on-demand classes {NEW!}, and e-books.
    • Whether you want to organize the paper clutter on your kitchen counter, create an organizing game-plan for your whole home, or discover how to set and achieve goals, simplify 101's classes give you bite-sized actions so it is simple to take action without getting overwhelmed.

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    It's About Time is currently on Early Bird Special!  Enroll now to save 20% off the regular price.  Or use coupon code HT15FEB during checkout to take 15% off the regular price of simplify 101's online classes and instant downloads.  This coupon may not be combined with any other offers.

    • SugarSNAP designs smart, stylish solutions to help parents get and stay organized.  They were formed by mom's of twins, so they know from personal experience the endless stuff that goes along with being a parent can be overwhelming, so they set out to create a truly innovative way to organize your diaper bag and your car!
    • Hey sugar, sugarSNAP is thrilled to announce their diaper bag organizers now come in two new colors!  Their super popular black and white pattern is back {The Wyatt} due to popular demand, and not only is it perfect for boy or a girl, it also matches any diaper bag!  They also launched a beautiful pink set, called The Lily.

    • Fridge Coaster offers absorbent liners designed to fit in all your refrigerators door bins, crisper bins or directly on the shelf surface.  See more here on a recent episode of DIY Network's, "I Want That"
    • Even better?  The bright, colorful designs add a kick to kitchen decor and give you a reason to open the fridge that doesn't involve counting calories, bonus!
    • Natural, breathable material provides the added benefit of keeping produce from resting on non-breathable plastic surfaces.  Thus, extending the life of produce prone to bruising... awesome!

    Save 10% on all orders ALL the time with code IHEART10!


      • Buttoned Up has launched a gorgeous new online store, which will not only feature boot camps, but an entirely new line of organizational products {notebooks, agendas, journals} that can be personalized with photos, designs, monograms, etc...
      • There are a number of Back To School items to help you get your students buttoned up for the new school year.  These products are here just in time to get schedules back to normal!

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      • Ever feel like you don't have enough time to get dinner on the table during the week?  5 Dinners in 1 Hour can help you prepare a week's worth of meals in only one hour!
      • Now with the new custom menu tool, you can create your own menu plan or use one of the suggestion menu plans already provided.
      • All of the menu plans offered have family friendly meals that feed 4-6 people, which can also be adjusted with the custom menu tool for when you need more or less!

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      Right now Michelle is offering IHeart Organizing readers $15.00 off an annual subscription!  To receive this great deal check out her site and enter 1YEAR at checkout!

      My appreciation spreads wide from my sponsors to you sweet readers!  Thank you for bringing me joy each and every day!  Thank you for commenting, cheering me on, laughing with me, sharing your stories and listening to me ramble.  Most of all, thank you for being the very best readers a gal could ask for! 


      1. I can't wait to check everything out!

        Thanks for sharing :)

        AJ | TheAJMinute

      2. I love this post. First because it give me an opportunity to check out all of these sites, and secondly, because I truly believe that gratitude is a key element to happiness.

        I share my thoughts here on balancing life and how perspective and gratitude are a huge part of making it happen.

        Thanks for always inspiring!

        Tanya xx

        November Grey

        Visit my on camera style series -----> S├ęchoir

      3. What a great list! I just bought Sugar Snap bags for myself and two coworkers, and plan to take an inventory of my fridge to order the Fridge Coasters ASAP.

        Thank you so much for all of your inspiration! Your blog is one of my very favorites!

      4. Jen, I'm so glad both Alejandra & Aby from Simplify 101 are sponsors for you. I follow both their blogs. Connie @ http//:bradshawshouse(dot)blogspot(dot)com

      5. Sure helps when you have such awesome sponsors!! I am a new washi addict so will definitely check out Wishy Washy!


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