Wednesday, August 27, 2014

15 Monthly Organizing Challenge: Let's Get The Party Started!

It has been awhile since we have taken time to link up and celebrate your organizing projects!  Are you ready for some fun!?

I don't know about you, but I LOVE this time of the month when you get to stop by and celebrate your organizing projects with me!  It has been almost two months since our last link party {seriously, how does that happen!?}, so there should be plenty for you to share!  And remember, I love seeing anything and everything from organizing a purse or drawer to making over a closet or piece of furniture.

Here is a quick re-cap of some of our favorite projects since our last round-up.

  • Although we were focusing heavily on getting through a lot of unfinished projects, like the front porch, main bath and garage, with the kids home for summer break my studio moved to the top of the list.  I needed a bigger work station and STAT, so we did just that!  Bryan and I built a new farmhouse style desk and I am gaga over the larger size and ability to really spread out each day!  Now, to finish staining it so I can call the project d.o.n.e.
  • Once we had the new, larger workspace in place, that meant we no longer needed the oh-so-confining small desk any longer.  To add a little extra softness and seating, we also built and upholstered a new bench!  I knew we would love it, but it has gotten more use by my little guys than I ever could have imagined.  

  • While I pondered the finish I wanted to use on the new desk, I turned my energy to finally getting the garage FINISHED.  Almost two years in the works and it was moving at a turtle pace.  To re-excite myself, I focused my attention on a happy nook for the boys.  Something about all of the colors, toys and labels made me fall in love with the garage project again, and this new outdoor toy zone has made for smoother summer days.
  • Another garage helper was installing a wall system to hold all of our bikes.  In the past, adult bikes were on the ceiling and kids were pretty much wherever they landed.  Now, they are all off of the floor, yet simple to access for everyone.  A huge garage win! 

  • All of our hard work has FINALLY paid off!  The garage can now fit both of our vehicles, all of our toys and sports equipment and offers oodles of upper storage for all of those bulky, less frequently used items.  We have since hosted an epic birthday party bash and I find myself just standing in the center gazing all around me in pure joy.  The garage is such an extension of the home and I now feel like we are really able to make the most of it.  You can see all of our progress in this post here.
  • Another weight lifted was giving our garden shed some love and attention.  In the past it was used for storage of random items and building supplies.  Totally not functioning and I honestly didn't even know what was in there more of the time.  Now, it has a specific purpose and I can use it for both yard and garden storage and planting.  Plus, getting this done opened up even more space in our garage.  

  • We are big believers in balancing those huge home projects with happy little side projects.  Those larger projects can take so much time and can drag out for days, months and even years.  I like small spurts of success and accomplishment sprinkled in, so I tackled a few creative storage solutions as well.  My DIY bracelet holder brings a little smile to my morning routine, and keeps all of my bangles on display.
  • This color loving gal had a white tray that was begging for some pizzazz.  I tried out a marbling technique with nail polish and it was so totally awesome {said in my high-school voice}.  Now my desk has a little added flair which I just adore.

  • I am a huge fan of using what you have to organize, or getting creative with recycled materials.  Our junk drawer was in need of a few extra dividers so I whipped some up out of spare scrapbook paper.  A simple, easy and free storage solution that can be used in many drawer types or even left out on desk tops! {tutorial found here}
  • For those of you with rolls of that pretty tape sitting on your desk, I pulled together my favorite ways to organize with Washi tape.

Now, it is your turn to link up and share your favorite projects with me!

As always, an over-sized thank you to all who participate in these challenges.  Checking out your posts is my guilty pleasure every month, so bring it on!  This month I will also be sharing some of your projects via social media and as always, will be doing a recap at the end of the party.

IHeart Organizing is not responsible for the content uploaded and shared within the Monthly Link Parties on within the #wiorn hashtag feed.  However, it is a great way to join together in making organizing fun, so let's use our best internet etiquette and have a great time with this social party.


  1. Thanks for hosting this party, Jennifer! Your garage has inspired me, and I hope to get ours started this fall!!

  2. Thanks for hosting, Jen! I love these link ups!

  3. Thanks for hosting this link party! I am so glad to be a part of it!

  4. Thank you for yet another awesome link party!!! I always look forward to it!

  5. WOO HOO! So FINALLY I joined the party for the first time! Super excited! YAY! :D
    I have wanted to join for SO long but never got around to it! So happy the party is open for all projects as well :)
    Thank you for hosting Jennifer, really appreciate it - xoxo Gabi

  6. Thanks Jen, I am so happy for the opportunity. Your blog as such is a happy place and a one stop measure for all things organizing. Rock On...

    Best Regards,

  7. Thank you for hosting! I love looking around! :-)

  8. Jen, thank you so much for the party! I need some inspiration. :D

  9. SO many amazing things to see! Thank you for a great party as always Jen! :D

  10. Thanks for the opportunity. I'm new to blogging and link parties. Glad to join the community!

  11. I'm currently working on something. Hopefully I can share with you next month :)

  12. Excited to link-up! Thanks for hosting! Love your blog!

  13. I love how you recognize others by doing the Uheart and hosting things like this. I've seen a lot of different blogs where the author is so concerned with having all the attention on themselves!

  14. Is it sad that I get extremely excited about organizational photos and ideas?! OMG!

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