Tuesday, September 16, 2014

8 IHeart a Great Giveaway: Cleaning with Casabella!

I like to whistle while I work {really I do}, and I also like to smile while I clean.  Whether it means blasting my favorite tunes, opening all of the windows, or scrubbing down the appliances with a pretty sponge, I am always finding ways to add a little joy into everyday chores.

Having the right tools can make or break your attitude while doing household cleaning tasks.  Function first of course, it is important to find supplies that will stand the test of time and make your job a bit easier.  Supplies that function and look good?  Well that is just a bonus.

Say hello to this week's giveaway sponsor, Casabella.

I have been a long time user and lover of the Casabella cleaning line {and their other household items to boot}, and I am really honored to welcome them today to gift you a prize pack that will leave you doing far more than whistling while you work... I am guessing these supplies will get you so caught up in the moment that the broom will be your temporary microphone while you dance around the living room floor.

A giveaway valued at over $100, the following items will leave your home gleaming clean and you with a gleaming grin.  One lucky winner will receive: Dust Pan & Brush Set, Indoor Sweeper, Sparkle Scrub Sponges, Roller Mop, Bath Scrubber, Dusting Cloths and a 7 Tool Hanging Organizer to hold it all.

Casabella's newest line of products is made in Switzerland and reflects the company’s mission to produce premium cleaning products while showing care and respect for the environment.  The entire line is produced with FSC certified responsibly forested wood.  The bristles are made from recycled water bottles to lower the carbon footprint, and the hanging loop is made from natural coconut fiber cord.  Not only do they clean, they find ways to be green.

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Good luck everyone!  IHeart Organizing official giveaway entry rules can always be found here.


  1. This looks great! What an awesome giveaway, anything to make cleaning easier is great. Unfortunately I'm in Australia so can't participate but I'm having a little giveaway over on my blog that is open to everyone if you would like to have a look! Enjoying following along with your page!

  2. I could sure use some new cleaning tools for the new year! Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I was so happy to read about their environmental measures. I will definitely look to buy their products now!

  4. I'm new to this whole 'trying to get organized thing'. This would be a good start - especially with the tool organizer, I'm digging that! momofmillerboys at yahoo dot com

  5. What a wonderful give away ! I would love to win these ! Thanks !

  6. I am an organizer to the bone. I love your blog. I love to clean. Grat giveaway! TY!

  7. Wow, wow, WOW! I hope I win.

  8. I love their products! Such a great giveaway!!! yay!


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