Thursday, September 4, 2014

17 UHeart Organizing: Living Comfortably in Small Spaces

Living in a small space always poses specific storage challenges and really requires you to think big when organizing.  Casey of Pretty Organized is a pro when it comes to getting creative with tight spaces.  She is here to share some tips that have been crucial to her in her own home.

Hey guys!  I'm stopping in today to share a few of my favorite ideas for living more comfortably in small spaces.  Here are my top three guidelines & some examples of how I use them.


When space is at a premium, every single inch counts.  We noticed that we had some extra space in the back upper corners under our kitchen sink, so we installed small shelves to add extra storage.

We also have an awkward little space between the microwave and the cabinets, and our dust buster tucks away perfectly in that spot!

Lastly, (and this one is my favorite!), we have very little closet space upstairs.  It is an older house with very small, shallow closets.  It is also a cape cod style house, and the upstairs is technically a "half" story because the roofline comes down so far into the ceiling.  We were left with a lot of awkward space in the eaves, where it is too short for storage furniture, so that space was pretty much wasted (about a third of the floor space in the room!).

Our solution?  We built a closet with enormous pull-out storage drawers, so we could take advantage of the space without bumping our heads to reach into it.  (The hanging shoe organizer is from Wal-Mart.)


Everything we own is on casters, felt pads, and furniture movers.  Want to do aerobics in the kitchen?  Boom.  The island is instantly shoved out of the way & there is more room for activities!

Our dining room table folds away and doubles as an entryway table, and our storage benches pull double duty as seating.

Even our laundry sorter is multipurpose! We found this little beauty at Wal-Mart, and the lid is actually an ironing board.


Owning a lot of multipurpose items is a huge helping factor for this.  We also tried to get in the habit of creating a capsule wardrobe, where everything we own pretty much works with everything else.  (Flattering basics in solid neutral colors make up the majority of my wardrobe, and then I use accessories to add color and style.  It makes getting dressed SO much easier, and I have saved a ton of space in my closet!)

I also try to store as many items (books, paperwork, music, etc) in digital format as possible, and when it comes to holiday decorating, I try to use a few key pieces for each season and repurpose items around the house so that I don't have as much to worry about with storage.

What are your favorite ways to save space and organize your home? Please share your ideas in the comments!

"My name is Casey, and I live in a sweet, tiny little house in Delaware with my hubby & our two adorable rescue dogs. As a longtime fan of Jen's phenomenal organizing skills, I am absolutely THRILLED to be a contributor for IHeart Organizing! I used to be a total mess, but after I let go of the idea of “perfect,” I found freedom. I stopped trying to fit the mold & learned how to make organization work with my natural habits, and I have become obsessed with creative organizing solutions ever since! When I'm not drooling over the latest amazing project features over here, you can find me happily tinkering away on my own blog, Pretty Organized, where I share my addiction to aesthetics, small space storage ideas, DIY projects, and all things aqua!"


  1. I'd never heard of a capsule wardrobe before. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Love the small space organizing tips! My favorite is the under the sink shelves. Why didn't I think of that?! Our family of five live in a very small house, and like you, everything serves a multipurpose. I think we will be using some of your great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. did the laundry sorter come with the ironing board, or did you have to purchase that separately?

    1. Hi Mindy! I have seen them in one single piece with the ironing board attached directly over the sorters. I have seen them at Target and it sounds like Casey found hers at Walmart. xoxo!

    2. Hey Mindy,

      My ironing board & laundry sorter were all one piece when I bought it, and I found it at Wal-Mart.

  4. Can Casey share a link on her upstairs closet? I'd like to see more! Great ideas - thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree that would be really interesting. Couldn't find anything about it on Casey's blog...
      Also I think taking pictures with something for scale is helpful for readers to visualize it... you know Casey, maybe with some shoeboxes on top or a pair of boots or even yourself... or with measurements added to the picture...
      Cheers, Chrissi

  5. These are great, simple ideas! I have an over the door ironing board on my closet door. I have a gate-leg table as well. Mine has foldable chairs stored in the middle. I live in a studio condo outside of Boston. I do have a storage area which helps. I always keep a bag for clothes, items I no longer use. If I'm not sure it goes in the storage area. I usually end up getting rid of things I put in my storage in the basement of my building. I hang up blankets in my closet. I

  6. This post makes me want to throw away all of my stuff! The thought of living simply with a few key, multifunctional pieces sounds so nice! I always feel like we're living in the midst of clutter! Thanks for sharing these tips, Casey!

    ~Abby =)

  7. My loft has a slanted roof. I love the pull out drawers and hanging storage! I'll be using that idea right away. Thanks!

  8. Loved this! I struggle with trying to keep my tiny apartment organized and cute!

  9. I'm so glad that even with 735 sqf I don't have to implement these tips! I think I'd have a stroke if I couldn't fit all my books in the house or had to chop my wardrobe!!

  10. I love tips for small homes! We have a small house so any ideas to make it more efficient are gladly gobbled up! :D

  11. The previous family in my house had 4children. Why then can i and my beau have so much trouble fitting into this space??? Blows my mind.

  12. Great post Casey, and some clever solutions offered. I actually have a fairly roomy house and there is only my husband and myself in it but to be honest that is why I need to be diligent on decluttering, organizing and simplifying!

    Would love to learn more about your capsule wardrobe. I am using all the closets in our spare bedrooms for my clothes and accessories and I feel disorganized and often have nothing to wear. This is an area where I could really use improvement and any tips on what clothes and accessories would provide the most mileage would be a huge help.

  13. Great post! My house is small and sometimes I struggle to organise things. I also wouldn't like my house cluttered so it is brilliant to go to the blogg and read about amazing and easy ideas how to organize spaces. Thank you!

    I would use some ideas on how to declutter the house! I don't like to throw away things and often keep something what I don't really need...

  14. Love all these ideas! My favorite is the closet you made! Such a great use of space. I live in a small apartment so I'm always coming up with ideas on how to utilize all the space we have.


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