Friday, December 5, 2014

17 2014 Items IHeart Epic Holiday GIVEAWAY!

Just as one would say that we get better with age, I would say that my epic holiday giveaways get better each year.  That's right, this is my third year of pooling together a slew of amazing products from off-the-hook businesses to give to my favorite people (YOU)!  I feel like Mrs. Claus and couldn't be more excited about the awesomeness that is about to ensue.

That's right!  A total of eight superfab companies are here to sponsor this great giveaway, including JoTotes, Poppin, Rockwell Tools, The Organizing Store, Sushi & Queso Designs, Papelline, Spectrum Diversified, and Pretty Smitten!  I think I just heard excited screams and squeals from homes near and far!  Which is incredible considering I am squealing right along with you!  I sort of feel like I am back at my first NKOTB concert.  But better!  Merry Christmas sweet readers.  I feel so blessed to have each of you visit each day, and am giddy inside and out to be able to give YOU some of my most favorite things.

Below, you will see links to all 8 giveaways!  They are all being hosted on my site, just on separate pages.  Feel free to check them all out by clicking the images below, and enter to win each one!

There are so many chances to win so many amazing products!

I can't thank these great sponsors enough for their generosity for this extravaganza.  These are all companies and products I truly support and heart.  And again, thank you, thank you, thank YOU for being awesome readers.

Hope y'all win something wonderful! 

IHeart Organizing official giveaway entry rules can always be found here.


  1. Oh, Jen.... these products are all so amazing!!!! You are so sweet to put together this giveaway for your readers!!!!! AND most of these are new to me so I really appreciate the nudge to check out out these shops.

  2. thanks for all the awesome chances to win something great. love your blog! happy holidays! - Adrienne

  3. Tremendous! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Wow! Awesome! Yay Jennifer, thanks so much for the opportunity!

  5. What an awesome giveaway! I love following you. You have a wonderful clean look.

  6. What an awesomely generous giveaway. Thanks to your sponsors, but also to you for always inspiring us. This is fun, just to try for the prizes. And now I have all these new places to visit! :) :)

  7. Haha I agree with Mari - "this giveaway is Poppin'!" :D

  8. Thank you, Jen, for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful prizes. Love reading your blog every day.

  9. Thank you so much for this giveaway and for including other ways to enter besides Facebook and Instagram.

  10. I echo all the thanks. These products are so perfect and you are a fantabulous blog host for sharing. May you, too, receive such abundance!

  11. Couldn't pick a favorite if I tried. Great give away choices!

  12. Are these giveaways already closed? I don't see a date on the posting and everytime I try to click on the links it just takes me to a picture.


    1. I apologize you are having trouble accessing the giveaways. They run through Friday morning, here are the direct links to make things a bit easier.




      Organizing Store:

      Sushi & Queso:



      Pretty Smitten:



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