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20 UHeart Organizing: Statement Jewelry Storage

I am excited to introduce you all to a really special gal with a really special name (I may be a bit bias).  Jennifer runs the blog The House of Wood, where she documents her furniture building journey.  This girl is amazing, and inspires me to stop shying away from giant power tools.  I asked her to join the contributing team because of those building skills, and her ability to create beautiful storage from scratch.  Today she is talking about her jewelry display, and how she was able to take things old and new and pair them with a really simple DIY to create a mixture of pretty and function.  Here she is now!

Hello and happy Thursday, IHeart readers! I'm thrilled to be here today, sharing my jewelry organization ideas with you! I'm super excited that Jen lets me come here and hang out with y'all, because Lord knows, I've got a lot in my life that needs organizing. Being an IHeart Contributor is exactly the motivation I need to move out of this seedy motel, stop dating that riff-raff Antonio (not Banderas), and get my life back on track.

Well, I had to start somewhere. So I started small. My dresser was a complete train wreck and it was high time I put my life jewelry in check. I mean, who's running this show? Me. That's who. Not my trendy statement necklaces.

When I was thinking of creative ways to calm the clutter, the thought of completely devoting myself to the minimalist lifestyle sounded like an excellent plan. I could sell all my things, eat only raw food, and wear a wardrobe consisting exclusively of black turtlenecks. Then I would be truly happy. Except I love bacon and turtlenecks are so 1989. Also, people tell me you shouldn't eat bacon raw, so... there's that.

Well, I am happy to report, after years of hard work, dedication, and a 12-step program, I've finally found a way to make it look like I have everything under control my jewelry isn't taking over my life. And bedroom. And bathroom. And sometimes kitchen.

Consider this clutter owned. If style and function had a love-child it would look like this:

Trays and dishes and bowls, oh my! I just couldn't settle on one organizing solution, so I chose them all. But they all work so well, in their own special way, in concert, like a beautiful, sparkly symphony. And these baubles and beads are so beautiful, why not put them on display? Jewelry can be art too.

I picked up this (antique? I don't know) very old printer's tray from a flea market years ago and repurposed it into an earring holder. Most tedious DIY project of my life. I screwed in about a million of those tiny screw eyes, then cursed the day I decided to take on that project. But, I have to admit, it's worked out quite well for me, so all that hard work was worth it.

Isn't this gold-framed shadowbox lovely? I picked it up at a BOGO half off sale at the craft store.

This little ceramic egg crate is adorable and it keeps my rings and stud earrings so neatly arranged. And how about that elegant and luxe marble tray? Easiest DIY project in the history of ever. Check out the tutorial here.

The most recent additions to my jewelry display are these cuties:

Super quick and easy DIY projects too! Here are the players:

I purchased the brass and acrylic rods from Amazon because I was in my pajamas, the Walking Dead mid-season premiere was on (finally! My life is complete.), and I was not about to get up from my couch for anything. But this isn't rocket surgery. You just screw in two screw eyes into the ends of a scrap piece of wood, slide the rods in, attach some kind of hanging hardware on the back and call it a day.

I didn't end up using the acrylic rod organizer because I ran out of wall space. Oh, well.
Anyway, moving on. I measured and marked holes about an inch apart, pre-drilled them, then screwed in the cup hooks. Pretty self-explanatory, I know.

At first, I attached D-ring and sawtooth hangers to hang the organizers up, but the boards weren't sitting flush against the wall, which was driving me batty. So I decided to use velcro strips, which worked beautifully. Don't ask me if it'll ruin the wall paint. It probably will, but I expect to be spackling and repainting when we move out anyway.

Nope. Try again.

Ahhh... much better! Velcro is the stuff of magic, amiright?

Yes, yes, I know. Everyone and their mothers own this bubble necklace. So over it. I should put it to rest, along with all my black turtlenecks.

This system works soooo much better for me. I'm calling it. This clutter is now under control. Antonio (not Banderas) thinks so too.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.


Hello friends! I’m Jen Woodhouse, the author of The House of Wood blog, my creative outlet for all things DIY and design. By trade, I am a performing songwriter based in Nashville, TN - I’ve released three albums, toured the world, and licensed my music to national television shows and films - but more recently, I've added ‘DIY Blogger’ to my eclectic resume. The House of Wood is where I document my adventures in woodworking, interior design, and life as a musician, military wife, and mother of two unbearably adorable babies. When I’m not writing, recording, or touring, you’ll usually find me in the garage building furniture! I’m pretty freakin’ excited to join the iHeart Organizing team and I can’t wait to share a few organizing DIY projects with y’all!


  1. Welcome Jennifer!

    Great post (I love your writing style) and great Jewelry storage! So functional and innovative I LOVE IT! That velcro idea was ingenious I never thought about that!

    Great post

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Lo siento, pero no se nada de inglés.
    Me encanta tu blog y todas las ideas que tienes y nos muestras en él. Tienen un gusto muy delicado y todo lo que haces es muy práctico, original y precioso. Me encanta todo.
    Felicidades por el blog.
    Un beso muy fuerte

  3. SUPER cute!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  4. This is so timely. I had been looking for jewelry orginization ideas but they all in volved plywood or some other major work. This is perfect I bet I have most of the items in my house somewhere!
    Can't wait to see what you have next for us!

  5. I absolutely love the "egg carton" holder for earrings and the gorgeous frame for the statement necklaces. Jewelry truly is art, and these beautiful displays showcase that!


  6. Love the egg carton holder!!!And the blue color is so pretty!!!

  7. I desperately need to do this. My jewelry is currently tossed in a drawer in my bathroom, and my 20 month old's new favorite hobby is grabbing a handful and running through the house. I'm not enjoying that as much haha

  8. This is so awesome! I really need something to organize my jewelry, so this post is perfect for some inspiration!

  9. cute <3

  10. So clever! Can I ask where you got the little turquoise and coral coordinating dishes? They are so so cute!!

    1. Thanks Karen! The ceramic egg crate and coral/turquoise bowl are from Anthropologie and the rectangle striped jewelry dish is from J.Crew.

  11. 3M makes Velcro strips that would work perfectly! Good timing as this is the next project on my list - thanks for the ideas!

  12. Nicely done! I'm working on something similar for storage, but now see spending a little time on the idea will be much better. Drilling those eyes looks daunting. You are talented!

  13. This is adorable!!! I have that same egg crate and can't decide whether to use it doe eggs or my jewelry so it goes from the kitchen to my vanity several times a year. I like the look of the framed jewelry. Right now my piece are set up in my closet using command hooks.

  14. So cute... :3 <3

  15. I love these suggestions! I create jewelry and I am always looking for new and easy ways to display and organize my pieces! Can't wait to make some of these displays!

  16. I love the jewelry organize with the bar! Awesome idea...sleek and functional, and inexpensive. I need to make one now!

  17. Eek. This is genius. I so need to do this. I have reached the point where things are in heaps. Not pretty. Love the idea of the wood strip with hooks. I think I need to do that ASAP. Great post!

  18. So beautiful and neat! I like every single item of your jewelry storage. My jewelry is all over the house placed in a million trays, bows and cups and hanged everywhere possible.I think it's high time for me to make a change! Thanks toy you it will happen as soon as possible! Thank you for the inspiration!


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