Monday, August 29, 2016

14 The 2017 IKEA Catalog: Items iHeart!

It has become an annual tradition around here to celebrate the arrival of something very special. My page flags are ready, my coffee mug is full and my pencil is sharpened... It is time to review IKEA's annual catalog!

Although I am trying to break away from too much IKEA in our home, it is still an annual guilty pleasure to dive head first into their colorful catalog pages. IKEA is known for creating smart storage for small spaces, and the organizing loving gal I am can't get enough of their creative solutions. I have even been known to take multiple hour strolls through the store, and I enjoy sharing with y'all some of the ideas I have spotted along the way.

There are a few things that made my list this year that aren't exactly new, but still caught my eye for the second year in a row (see last year's picks here). At least I am consistent! Below you can find links to all of the fabulous items that caught my eye this year in IKEA's 2017 catalog.

Now to dive in a little deeper....

I have forever been a cheerleader for decanting food in the pantry and fridge, and finding the right storage options for this isn't always easy.

IKEA has a a few lines that help to prolong the freshness of your foods, that allow you to store food in the fridge and take it straight to the oven, and that stack away in convenient ways when not in use. Glass is my main dish in the kitchen, but those stacking bins with clear lids for the pantry (and drawers!) also have my heart.

Also in the kitchen, IKEA is bringing in some great products and wood tones!  Styling with cutting boards seems to be all of the rage, and IKEA has a slew of great options to select from, my favorite being the acacia wood pieces. I am also adding the wood handled broom to my wish list; it is so darling that I won't feel guilty if I leave it out or "hanging around" for a few hours of the day.

How about media storage?  IKEA has a slew of furniture pieces to tackle cord wrangling and component storage (and did you see their Billy line now comes in navy blue?!), but what about all of those smaller items? Chargers, headphones, video game controllers, movie and music cases... They have that covered too! Their new BESTA bins come with a little colorful surprise, while the KUGGIS bins are full of dividing and conquering options.

Their TJENA storage boxes also make my heart eyes explode, they are so inexpensive, yet perfect for concealing a variety of clutter all around the home. Offices, closets, the game room... if you can think it, most likely these boxes can store it.

And what do you sit on while playing video games and watching movies? How about two new chair options that look as fabulous as they do comfortable. Have you seen the new blush SÖDERHAMN pieces? I can't even!  And this chair comes slipcovered and is a great high/low option to a West Elm version that I also love.

Back to organization, IKEA has your storage needs considered in the bathroom again this year as well; I really adore the flexibility that comes with utilizing suction cups for hanging towel bars, hooks and storage bins!

Wardrobes consistently ring in as one of my favorite pieces of storage furniture. With the help of a few organizers, the interiors can be used to create a small home office, as a makeshift coat closet, to house media components or to organize a wardrobe down to every last belt and dress shirt. IKEA has always been my "go to" resource for wardrobes due to the variety of styles, colors and sizes they offer, and this year is no different.

But what about creating a closet in an awkward nook? Or if you have an entire wall with the freedom to go storage wild? IKEA has a new closet system that I am ridiculously stoked about; the ELVARLI.

I wasn't kidding when I said the freedom to go wild, and the freedom to use your imagination. The new system allows you to mix and match rails, drawers, shelves and organizers until you have just what you need for your specific space. I am especially smitten with the new bamboo shelving options, they add such a nice touch of warmth. And I know these are specifically intended for clothing storage, but I think they would also be a great solution in a playroom or entryway.

Once again, IKEA's basket selection caught my eye, as did a few of their new home accessories such as the brass tray and small cloche display jar. What I dig most about the IKEA catalog is that the spaces they showcase always looks so lived in, yet they also provide storage ideas and inspiration that can be used whether you shop at IKEA or not.

OK, now for my favorite part, hearing all about your IKEA selections this year. Do you also spend a few hours of quiet happy time flipping through the pages over and over again? What did you flag, circle and star? Or have you already gone right to the store to snag something new and fabulous for your home? I would love to know if there is something else I should add to my love list!

Psssst! IKEA does not sponsor or pay me for these posts. It is just annual fun for me and you!


  1. You picked two of my favorites too! Härliga and Okänd I really WantNeed! I just need to pick the perfect spot in my home for them first... And I am guilty of taking my time with the IKEA catalog as well. Now my focus is on DIODER. Autumn always triggers my need for new lights.

  2. Omg I want the blush everything!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  3. I love reading through this all, thinking "wow, she's so excited! I wonder if this is sponsored though"... and then realizing at the end that it's not at ALL. I get the realities of blogging and how sponsored posts are necessary to keep my favorite blogs running, but there's something so refreshing about this. Thanks Jen!

    1. Thanks Leanne! I agree that there is a need for sponsored posts in blogging (they are so helpful for funding new and continuous ideas / projects / content), but it is also fun to promote products and places that we really shop at just because they are useful, affordable and idea inducing. :)

  4. Billy comes in navy blue? Be still my beating heart! I was in the store a few weeks ago and did not see this or just too Ikea dazzled to see it.

    1. YES! I could barely believe my eyes! I love everything Navy!

  5. You are a girl after my own heart! I love doing this as well and am always drawn to all the great storage. I wish we lived closer to each other so we could meet up for a shopping trip!

  6. Yes, the Ikea catalog is my grown up version of the Toys R Us holiday catalog! I've had the Risatorp baskets on my list for picking and rinsing veggies from the garden. I've also been lusting after the Karpalund base since it was introduced. Now that I have a few more power tools in my arsenal I might just diy a top for that as a new kitchen table. Of course then that starts me again on the "if you give a mouse a cookie" decorating spiral. If I have a new table, I'll need new chairs. And if get new chairs... lol I need a larger budget 😉

    1. So true! It definitely is just like looking through a toy catalog as a kid! Same excitement for sure!

      And I know the exact decorating spiral you speak up, I fall in that trap far too frequently. #dontgivejenacookie

  7. Great round up! I am sure you probably have this covered in your home already, but I really loved the cord boxes they have. THey may not be new, but I hadn't noticed them before. I definitely want some!!

  8. I work for some very blessed families and IKEA's tv stands and dressers look amazing in their homes. You wouldn't even think they were affordable, put-it-together-yourself furniture!!

  9. Yes I can read the whole page again! Thank you, makes me happy to read your posts. Best regards :)

  10. Love your picks! I do have to the opening, you said you had a mug of coffee - is that pale tan-colored stuff coffee? Mine is almost black - LOL!


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