Thursday, December 22, 2016

33 HGTV 2017 Dream Home Tour

A couple of weeks ago I received one of those "once in a lifetime" opportunities. As a long time fan of the HGTV Dream Homes, I have spent many hours watching the annual Dream Home tours recorded on our DVR, and clicking through the HGTV website while dissecting all of the beautiful Dream Home images. Every year they do something really different, and although not every home they design is my style, they still tend to offer up a variety of ideas. Up until recently, each year they would build a new home in some of the most desirable parts of the country, and deck it out with amazing features and jaw-dropping design around every corner. I mean really, can we all agree that Linda Woodrum can slay any room that she works on? The colors, patterns, and textures... sigh. The 2015 home in Martha's Vineyard will always be one of my absolute favorites.

Last year HGTV decided to take a new approach and opted to remodel instead of build, as they felt renovating was more inspiring and relatable to their audience. They also brought in a new designer, Brian Patrick Flynn, who has an ability to create fresh, family friendly designs full of personality and color. I admire so many spaces and elements from his portfolio, that I couldn't wait to see what he "dreamed" up for this year's home. Speaking of, this year they renovated a 3,200 square foot home in St. Simon's Island, GA. Here is a sneak peek at the original home before they worked their magic.

The kind folks at Delta Faucet have been a long time sponsor of the HGTV Dream Home, and with that, they were able to invite a few blogger's to check out the home in person. And imagine my surprise when I was one of those three lucky ladies?! I couldn't hit that reply button fast enough, and within a couple of weeks of receiving the email, I was already packed up and on a plane heading to a darling little island in Georgia.

First and foremost, the island is about as charming as they get. We took a little time in the morning to get to know the location by eating at a local cafe, exploring some shops and antique stores, driving the quaint tree covered streets lined with unique and delightful homes, and even catching a few glimpses of dolphins swimming in the ocean. I find so much peace near the water, and that alone is enough to make me want to pack up my clan and move...

Oh! And say hello to my beautiful friends! I am sure you already know these sweet gals; Mandi is the ridiculously creative talent behind Vintage Revivals, and Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chic has the ability to create a magical and cozy warmth in every room of her gorgeous home.

The first pleasant surprise about this house was that it completely blended into the neighborhood. It doesn't scream mansion or unobtainable or jump up and down begging for attention. It makes sense; it is simple yet elegant.

I instantly started snapping hundreds of photos, and most of them speak for themselves, but I will be sure to call out the things that make my heart race and what I personally found to be interesting and inspirational. Like this wooden porch ceiling! I have been wanting to do something similar to our front porch and seeing this ceiling really sparked some excitement.

I especially love it paired with the oversized wood doors. The stone driveway and simple white shakes on the exterior were also a lovely welcome to the home. Also, yes to oversized plants flanking the door (but I would probably layer some larger doormats there too).

* Interesting fact - the area under the side windows was made from crushed shells found on the island.

As you walk through the front doors, this is the very first sight, and it is breathtaking.

You can see directly through the home to the backyard (which is my absolute favorite area of the home), and the neutral decor allows all of the attention to be on both the incredible view, and that stunning pecky Cyprus wood ceiling!

The ceiling is such a lovely detail in the home, and it adds endless amounts of warmth. And can we talk about that oversized chandelier? It is the crown of the room!

Although this is a formal space, it doesn't feel too precious. I can see kids kicking their feet up on those slipcovered sofas, and many great conversations being had here.

Back to the entry; just inside the doors you have a few options. You can head straight into the living area, take a right into the guest wing, or go left to the dining room.

Above you can see the bathroom that acts as both the main bathroom, and a private bath for guests that can be closed off along with a nearby bedroom.

A single color scheme was used throughout this bathroom, yet a lot of visual interest is created through the patterns in the tile and wallpaper.

OK, so this next room shocked me. I know it is one of those spaces that you will probably either love or hate, and I have to say, I loved it!

This room is not a color palette I have used or a style that I would generally associate with my liking, so I was really surprised about how I reacted to it.

All of the pattern mixing paired with the peacock blue trim felt so rich and layered. The room truly hugs you when you walk in, and I am now wanting to add a plethora of patterns and layers to my own boys' bedrooms.

Stripes and plaids and checks, oh my!

This room also made me want to go home and paint all of our trim and doors a really amazing color (but that is not going to happen so I will just live vicariously through this house).

The dining room is probably my least favorite room in the house. No offense to the room, everyone has to have a favorite and a least favorite... And I know moody is totally in and hot right now, but I am not 100% there yet.

Maybe it was because the dining room felt more urban loft to me? And I wasn't drawn to the light fixture, but I know a lot of people really fell hard for it.

There are definitely some beautiful elements in the dining room; I really liked the art selections and all of the layered textures (especially the ceiling again). It just felt a little dark and modern in comparison to the rest of the home.

The main living area is open to the kitchen; again with a family friendly vibe and neutral color palette. The star of the show is the green backsplash, which really got me excited because I had just put in my order for a colored backsplash myself!

Greens are very prominent throughout the home, inspired by the outdoors and the island landscape. The kitchen was layered in multiple tones of green; it is used in the counters, cabinets, backsplash and even on the custom cabinet hardware. Also, a huge hooray for taking the storage all the way up to the ceiling!

Are you seeing those pulls? They are wrapped in a green leather! So unique and a detail worth the splurge. Everyone was talking about the hardware.

Well, the hardware and the faucet!

Why the faucet? Well, first, let me show you!

Delta Touch 2O Kitchen Faucet from Jen Jones on Vimeo.

Did you see that? I touched it and it turned on. I just might be easily amused, but it was addicting and fascinating! The faucet is smart enough to know when it is being touched to be turned on, and grabbed to swivel or pull down the spout. As a girl who has always been a bit of a clean freak, this feature in the kitchen really had my head spinning. Imagine never having to turn on your faucet with hands covered in chicken guts or paint. Just tap and boom, water. Oh! And the soap pump also had a smart sensor, also making it easier to wash and rinse away grime and germs. IHeart technology.

A table for five in the kitchen offers an ideal view of the backyard. I would probably plop down here with my morning cup of coffee and find it hard to get back up. I would want to eat from this spot, work from this spot, parent, play games, do puzzles, sew, read and relax from this spot. Because, the view. Let me show you the view!

The backyard was breathtaking. I would like to replicate this backyard down to the palm trees, pergola, pool, and puppy house.

Bad day? No problem! Let's just go sit by the water until the sun sets. You know, just after we do a few laps and then grill our dinner which we will eat under our pergola party lights. And once the sun says goodbye for the day, we can grab some graham crackers and chocolate and roast marshmallows around the fire with our dear friends.

I mean, totally just something I came up with. I swear I haven't been dreaming, obsessing or fantasizing about this backyard space at all... #yeahright

OK, still so much more to see, do you need to take a break? Maybe grab a glass of water? Or stretch? Or look up funny memes on the internet?

Back inside of the house, there is a "pool room" that is wide open to this glorious backyard.

The walls are covered in a blue vinyl grasscloth, making them pool and kid-friendly, while also looking beachy and chic. I loved seeing more of the pecky wood on the fireplace mantel, I also loved the navy sofa with the leather chairs.

This room also sports a minibar area which really makes this space the ultimate friends and family hangout!

And of course, a pool house with a pool room should also have a nearby pool bathroom. And this girl is not feeling blue about the gorgeous wallpaper. In fact, I have a big ol' crush on it!

I especially love the wallpaper paired with the wood mirror and all of the brass accents. I am not sure I can pull out any new descriptive words to adequately express my love for the faucet either. But it is good, so very good.

As is that peacock blue trim and door color making its way back into the hallway.

Do you like to workout? If so, how do you make the time? When is your favorite time of the day to work out? Do you like to work out at home or at a local gym? So many questions! Well, I struggle to make time to work out as much as I would like, but I suppose if I won in this dream house, I could hire someone to do my dirty work so I could work out more often. Because of course, there is a room for that too! Planked ceiling with a drop down television included.

HEY Mandi!

This area of the home also has a bedroom boasting floor to ceiling shiplap walls done in a glossy white sheen.

The room felt so open, airy and fresh, and so much of it had to do with the moldings and wall detail.

And I am pretty sure I need to organize my books by color and stack them in my office. I am kind of surprised I have never done that actually.

The bathroom has really tall ceilings, so to amp up the basic tub, floor to ceiling curtain panels took the place of a standard shower curtain. This is absolutely a trick I want to try in our home, even with our standard ceilings heights.

The master suite is on the opposite side of the home, also opening up to the patio and the pool.

Can you see yourself waking up to that view every. single. morning?! Well, one lucky HGTV viewer will be next year! #jealous #iwakeuptosnowbanks

This room is quite large and grand, making it the perfect candidate for a saturated color painted on the walls and the ceiling. Even with the ceiling painted, all of the windows paired with the white floor to ceiling window panels kept the space feeling bright and airy by day, and romantic and moody by night.

This is a dream home, of course the oversized closet complete with storage and an island causes your eyes to turn into hundreds of little hearts.

The master bathroom was another room high on my lust list. I am a bath taker. I take a bath almost every day. It is my time. It is where I read. It is how I warm up from the cold. It is how I relax... Baths are my jam. I am pretty sure I need a tub like this in my life. Merry Christmas to me?


More shiplap, only this time in a soft blue. And if you are a fan of singing in the rain, that amazing shower will have you singing every morning!

The bathroom is spacious with his and hers sinks for getting ready, and a separate room for the private business. I am a huge fan of the arm sconces over the mirrors and adding a dresser for extra decorative storage.

The final room on the tour is the mudroom/laundry room.

This space connects the garage and the kitchen, and a simple bench combined with hooks offers enough storage and seating to create an easy going drop-zone. Now that we recently added a folding counter over our washer and dryer, I do have to wonder where drying and folding clothes take place? I absolutely love having drying racks, hangers, and counter space, and am not sure I would enjoy having a laundry room without any of those key components.

So although I would add some extra functionality, I do love that there is a pattern on the wall, the appliances are pretty fancy and sleek and the faucet is another touch activated beauty that would be insanely helpful in a laundry/mudroom. And can you spot the electrical panels? #genius

Now that you have taken the grand tour with me, are you ready for another interesting fun fact about this house? Almost all of the furnishings seen throughout the entire home were purchased from Wayfair! I think HGTV was really trying to create a home that is versatile, family focussed, obtainable and relatable, all while adding in some majorly dreamy aspects in the way of location, appliances, hardware, finishes and materials.

I can't thank Delta enough for sending me on this crazy fun whirlwind trip; it was so interesting and neat to see what an HGTV Dream Home is made of. And I love that I got to share the entire tour with you!

So what do you think? Did any of the spaces catch your eye or offer up a new idea for your own home? Do you have a favorite room in this house? What do you think of all of the green? It is definitely a hot color right now! Oh, and I really have to know, what has been your favorite HGTV Dream Home to date?

* The HGTV Dream Home trip was sponsored by Delta Faucets, but the photos, heart eyes and thoughts are my own.

* affiliate links used


  1. oooohhhh!!!! you and Sarah in one pic :) my heart danced !!!
    by the way hello from the Philippines

    1. That's so sweet Kristine, Sarah is amazing! I loved getting to know her more during this trip. :D

  2. Where was this? It looks like a great vacation spot. I feel like we always go to the same places. I'd love to come up with something totally different for our family.

    1. It's saint simons island in Georgia :)

    2. We travel here every summer it's only an hour for us! I hope u enjoyed your trip!

  3. A miss for me! Not a fan of all the mismatched patterns and none of the spaces are very cohesive.... hmmmmmm.

  4. Hate it! Not a fan of this new concept of remodeling instead of new-build, the designs for the last couple of houses, the mediocre furnishings and Brian Patrick Flynn. Bring back Linda Woodrum and that beautiful Ethan Allen furniture!
    Each year I couldn't wait to see what exciting design ideas I could gather from the first glimpse of the HGTV Dream Home! I would study it intently and head to my Ethan Allen store to try to emulate some of the latest design styles displayed in the Dream Home, and of course enter daily dreaming all the time about actually having the opportunity to live in the beautiful home! It was so exciting! But now it has been cheapened to a point that these houses are honestly nobody's dream. And nowhere is it more dismal than in the kitchen of these past two. Frankly I'm not a fan of Brian Patrick Flynn, and I don't feel he's right for these projects. I'm not saying he isn't talented, but I think his concepts are wrong for the Dream Homes (and Urban Oasis as well).
    Here's to hoping for a return to the Linda Woodrum days...

    1. Im a huge HGTV fan but i have to agree with you. I miss Linda Woodrum and the classic beauty of Ethan Allen furniture. The overly plaid room was horrible not to mention some lighting fixture choices. I will be sending in my entries but if I were so fortunate to win...I'd be making a few necessary changes (for my taste) only felt like this the last 2 dream houses.

  5. I am very surprised to say this, but in my opinion "This is the WORST HGTV Dream Home ever!" To say that it is overstyled & Crazy Busy is an understatement. The picture of the main living area /kitchen completely shocked me. My eyes could not even begin to focus with all of the repetitive & uncohesive shapes. The horizontal & vertical kitchen cabinets, refrigerator with similar shapes, green subway tile, busy hardware & pattern on countertop with clutter everywhere! Still another design/texture/color on the counter stools & the art on the left wall to top it off. I noticed many pictures & art throughout the house that appeared extremely low on the walls. The pool house sunburst mirror behind the couch is a prime example. I love HGTV and I guess this is their pass, next year will be much better, I know it!

    1. I'm a Realtor. There are many elements here that are in many model homes these days. I absolutely love the exterior's simplicity, but hate the choices made from the designers on color, patterns, etc. I kept thinking of improvements and incompleteness in the entire design. I got tired of LW, but she was a 'sure thing'. I would love to win, but would sell in a heartbeat.

  6. Hmm, not quite sure what to say or think about this post. Basically, it's all content that we will all see soon enough on HGTV. But where is Jen's voice? In fact, where is many of the things you said we would see on the blog? I've been dying to see an "organized entertaining" ever since you mentioned it after your kitchen reno. What about the home office update? The boys' hangout zone update? Miss all this stuff! Don't lose your special voice and uniqueness! XO

    1. Thank you so much for the comment Nevenka. I am sorry I have let you down lately; we definitely have a few different spaces in progress with mini makeovers and updates, plus we are trying to finish the big kitchen/living/dining renovation still two years later. It's been a lot, and just as it has been hard on us at times, I know that you guys feel it too. Some things have been out of our control, and other times we just work on what we can when we can based on our schedule, budget and current family priorities. All of those posts you mentioned are coming, I apologize for the delays, I wish I could elaborate more but know your comment is appreciated and I will keep doing what I can. 2016 sort of felt like our year to step back, learn from the mistakes we made rushing decisions and content for the blog, and work on evolving our spaces instead of knocking out room reveals. In 2017 I hope to maintain that mentality but find a way to bring more consistent and fresh content. I love to blog and love my readers and hope that always remains obvious.

      In the meantime, the blog is always going to be a mix of our home improvements, featured spaces from others and general chit chat as it relates to my life or our home. I personally walked through this HGTV home and although it is not all me or even how I would have personally designed it, this is my place to share these experiences and also reflect on what caught my eye and why.

      I appreciate you sticking around and checking in, it is clear that you have been invested in our projects and story. Truly, I don't take that for granted.

      Merry Christmas,

  7. Wow, those bathrooms! Dream home inspo for sure!

  8. This home feels very confused to me; some of the rooms look Martha Vineyard's cottage, some feel like cabin, some feel like tropical, some feel urban. I guess it's a good look for some of us that are *all over the place because we can't make up our minds, lol*. Thanks for sharing and glad you enjoyed your trip. :0)

    1. I agree with that, Ann. "Confused" is a good word, I definitely picked up on that while walking through. There wasn't a lot of cohesion, but it was still really interesting and a fun to see an HGTV's Dream Home in person. There were a lot of individual elements that stood out to me, and I know that they were trying to put some variety in all of the spaces to offer a little something for everyone.


  9. Ah! Thanks for sharing these pictures! This is definitely a dream home. So many cool things, at every turn! It's also neat to see what trends are new, and what's old but here to stay. I think my favorite thing is all the fun wallpaper!

  10. Did you take those pictures? They are excellent! My favorite room was the closet... but obviously because with five clean white T's my closet would look glamourous too! Love the wallpaper in the laundry room and how it covers the electric panels.
    And btw even tho I totally stalk your blog daily and wait for new organizing posts I only love it because your posts are thought out, creative and inspiring!... you can tell that you don't just "post" to keep your blog going... Don't feel pressured- we will patiently (albeit excitedly) wait for your wonderful ideas.
    There's a reason your blog is the best online! Wishing you continued success and inspiration in the new year!
    An iheart super fan

    1. Thank you so much MomOf5! I really appreciate that you continue to pop in daily, and that you know that I try to write from my heart and base content on what is currently happening in our lives. :D Hugs to you and cheers to a happy 2017!

  11. It was great that you were able to visit the home in person and St. Simon's Island looks nice. I am not a fan of the home, though, because as others have said it has too many competing designs. The ceiling in the living room is gorgeous and fits with the island vibe. But the chandelier does not go at all in that room because it is far too dressy. In fact, I do not like most of the light fixtures in the house. The master suite is my favorite.

    A few months ago I cut back my cable to "basic" and thought that I'd miss HGTV. But I don't miss it at all and this house confirms my view. To me HGTV has lost its way with too many repeats and not much decorating for real people.

    1. I agree with you, Barbara! I wish they would bring back some of the classic decorating shows that I would binge watch on a Saturday night. I definitely miss the creative and obtainable DIY and decorating that some of their past programming would offer. My fingers are crossed that they bring in some fresh ideas and talent, or even bring back some of their seasoned designers with new shows.


  12. Are there ever any alligators or snakes appearing around the house?

    1. I'm wondering the same thing (are there alligators in the canal?)

  13. I would love to know the wall color in the living room - it's just what I'm looking for. We have stained beadboard ceilings in the bedroom and I'm trying to find the right shade of white/cream.

  14. Do you know what neighborhood the house is in? Or general location? School district? I always wonder about these houses and if the area is as good as the house!

  15. I look forward to seeing the Dream House every year and I have to say I am very disappointed. Definitely not my cup of tea with the colors used and I really disliked the lighting and multiple patterns used. It really didn't flow for me. I did like the yard and outdoor living space!

  16. Have to agree with most of the reviews here. A chandelier in the gym? Really! About the only thing I liked was the fire pit and adirondack chairs but felt their should have been a little more space their as well to walk around the chairs.

  17. I may have missed the information somewhere, but will there be public tours?

    1. Hello, the HGTV website mentions there will be no tours open to the public. I am sure it is a hard balance trying to keep the home somewhat discrete knowing a family will reside there in the near future.

  18. How far is the house from the actual beach?

  19. What color is on the dining room walls? I have to have it!!!

  20. Hope all of you that hate it didn't enter. I love it!

  21. I didn't care for any of the decorating. It was so uncoordinated, nothing flowed. Absolutely the worse season in my opinion.

  22. Hello, Thank you for posting all those lovely photos. Would you have or know where to get a floor plan showing the room dimensions and the house footprint dimensions?


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