Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4 Items IHeart: Amazon Prime Day

I knew today would be special because it is our son's thirteenth birthday! Little did I know he is celebrating it on a national holiday this year because today is also Amazon Prime Day!

Ok, so I was sort of joking about the national holiday thing, but you guy know that I am a very committed Prime user, yet I have never taken advantage of this special deal day. And apparently, I have been really missing out. #alwaysthelasttoknow I do my best to take advantage of all the other Prime perks... Free shipping? At least weekly for everything from office supplies to cleaning products. Who am I kidding, it even saves me time and money on grocery goodies and bulk household items. We definitely take advantage of the music and video streaming, free movie watching for the fam is always a cherry-on-top way to spend a night in. But a whole day with bonus sales, steals, and deals? Why didn't I know?

I am currently doing quite a bit of traveling and ended up in the car for six hours yesterday. That gave me a lot of time to dig through the deals and pluck out items that I super heart, whether it be things we use frequently or have waiting on our wish list. And of course, I wanted to pass those finds on to you with this special Items IHeart post!

The deals come and go all day, so if an item isn't on sale when you click over, it may be because it was already scooped up or the timeframe for the specific sale ended/hasn't gone live yet. Sometimes you have to work for the good stuff, but hopefully, it is worth the deal pay off in the end!

Update! A sweet reader reminded me that Prime deals are not always the best deals and I also found that to be true at times. I use two different plugins to my Amazon account, WikiBuy and Honey, which both alert me of better pricing options before checkout. 

Many of my very favorite brands are included; Full Circle, Rubbermaid, mDesign, Dyson and Bostitch just to name a few. And being that this is considered the Black Friday of summer, I may have to finally splurge on one of those floor robot gadgets I have been wavering on....

I know quite a few of you are fellow Prime lovers so I would love to hear what you snagged today and if you have any additional great finds I should add to the list above. Anything from personal care to furniture, share in the comments below!

And if you caught my Instagram story last Sunday you may have seen the fun I was having with my tried-and-true drawer formula (gift wrap and cereal boxes). We made a few updates to our youngest son's bedroom and I will be working on getting that post out this week! #goodstuff  I am currently in Chicago for the next couple of days speaking at my favorite Bloom Bash Workshop, and then I am heading to Atlanta for a few days for a design event. If you are at either hot spot, please make sure to say hello!

Today is shaping up to be one amazing day! A very happy birthday to our sweet son, Peyton, happy Bloom Bash day to everyone attending the workshop, and a happy Prime day us all!

* This post is not sponsored by Amazon, I am just sharing what I learned and love today! Affiliate links used.


  1. Prime Day is fun (I've already bought some silicone baking mats) - but not all the deals are the best prices. I check camelcamelcamel.com to see a complete price history of each item before I purchase. You can also search for similar items to see if there are better deals.

    1. So glad you mentioned this! Thank you! And I agree with you, I have a few plugins that keep an eye on prices for me as well. I just updated the post and thank you for making a great point! :)

  2. You found a lot of good items. I got bleary eyed scrolling through the lists yesterday. I bought only one thing, an Amazon Echo at 50% off, $89.99.

    1. Ha, yes! My eyes were glazing over as I continued scrolling and digging. #worthit Congrats on your Echo score!


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