Tuesday, July 17, 2018

17 Items IHeart: Favorite Amazon Finds!

It is safe to say that July is our busiest month of the year. Our middle P turned 14 last week, we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary this past Sunday, and our oldest turns 17 next week! Toss in baseball tournaments, graduation parties, summer activities, birthdays for parents and friends...We are lovin' all of the summer fun! And to top it all off, Amazon had to go ahead and toss in their biggest sale of the year; PRIME DAY! I am guessing many of you marked it on your calendar as a celebratory holiday too! *wink wink

I originally considered sharing my favorite Prime Day deals like I did last year, but then when the sale is over, the post is only partially relevant. Instead, it inspired me to finally get a post out that I have had on my list for a very long time.


I am pretty sure they are taking over the world.

I want to start out by saying that I prefer to shop on Etsy and with small businesses as often as I can, especially when looking for unique and special gifts, home goods, textiles and even clothing. But did you know that a lot of small businesses are also turning to Amazon to launch and sell their product? Love that! And because we are a busy crew, my Amazon app is always running so that we can use the benefits of our Prime membership to the fullest. Free shipping on everyday items saves me so much time on running errands, which I truly appreciate. Not only that, the product selection on Amazon is generally pretty extensive, and their prices are also generally pretty competitive.

I dislike that this sounds salesy and like an #ad, even though it is not, but the matter of the fact is that I source 60-70% of my cleaning and organizing products from Amazon for both myself and the clients that I work with. And I have always thought that I should create a space on my blog specifically for my favorite Amazon products because of how universally accessible Amazon is compared to many alternative retailers. So hopefully this list is not only a great resource for myself and my clients, but for you all as well!

I also added all of these items to a specific Amazon page on my blog that will continuously be updated with my favorite finds and even additional categories down the road. Please let me know if there are specific items that you would like to see included in the future.

Are you shopped out yet? This week is buzzing with even more sales around the web. Of course, Nordstrom is going strong with their mega Anniversary Sale, Target announced a super-sale for today only, Lowes is rocking 10% off for MyLowes members, and a few other retailers decided to join the mix too.

Now that I got a little shopping and sharing out of the way, I am diving back into a few more organizing and DIY projects. And then I am literally diving into the pool. #summer

* This post is not sponsored by Amazon, however, it does contain affiliate links. *


  1. Thank you! This was one of the best "Amazon" posts I read this week from the various bloggers.

  2. I think I need to see a therapist! You are speaking my love language. LOL I don't know how I came across this post but I feel as though I hit the mother lode!

  3. Love this post. Glad to see your blog up and running. Have been a loyal fan for years! Was concerned about you and your family.

  4. Hi Jen - Oh the mind meld! I love everything you put out here...as usual. :) Quick blog question for you. How do you get your shopping pages set up so beautifully. I am doing a lot of trial-and-error with more error than success and your shop pages always look gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, Michelle!

      If you are using RewardStyle at all, they have widgets to help put together great source and shopping grids.

      However, for something like this (I didn't RewardStyle), I took the super long tedious route. I saved the images, sized them, and then coded them into a table using HTML.


    2. You are a goddess among women Jen! Not only do you share amazing posts, you go the extra mile to make it beautiful for us. :)

  5. Great roundup, so many good products! I tried to shop Prime Day but just didn’t seem to find any discounts on the items I was shopping. Maybe I did not how to properly search for items?? I was going to purchase those bookplates but thought the price was high. I checked Staples and the exact same brand/quantity was only $5.99 (Amazon price was 15.89).

  6. Hi Jen! Thank you so much for this round up. These are all the organizing items I see you use all the time and always look at where you buy them. Now you created an awesome cheatsheet for an entire home. Best day ever!

  7. Holy smokes, this is the best Amazon roundup yet!!!! I Love all your picks and just added about half your post to my cart!

  8. Loved this post- thank you for sharing so many ideas!

  9. This is FANTASTIC! Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed post.

  10. Umm... I would like one of each please :) Amazon in canada isn't QUITE as fantastic but I'm still always amazed at what you can find on there!

  11. Hi, loved your post, so much inspiration. Thought you might like to know what is happening in Australia with Amazon; as of July 1 our government wants internet businesses to collect GST (sales tax) on overseas purchases, and Amazon has refused to do so. Instead they have banned deliveries to Australia from all foreign Amazon websites (we do have Amazon.com.au, but it is fairly new and the product range is sadly extremely under-developed and I am quite disappointed with it). So we can no longer buy from the US site, the German site, the French site, the Canadian site, unless we use a forwarder. There are of course other companies we can buy from (such as the Container Store). Hope this helps some of your Australian readers.

  12. What an amazing list of organizational items! Thank you for taking the time to put it together. You are truly making the world a more beautiful and organized place.

  13. These are all such great finds. Seeing your organization really motivates me to get more organized!

    Lisa @ Mom Wife Design Life Blog

  14. Always good to be inspired. I love how many organizational items there are out there. There is always a solution for everyone. :)
    I simply love our Dyson. We got it about a year ago because my husband got excited about the gadget feel of it (men). And I have never looked back! :)
    A couple of days ago I had to clean up after a party (not at home) and I can't say how many times I thought about how grateful I was for my cordless vacuum at home. Haha

    Kristine the Dane

  15. Hi Jen,
    What a wonderful post. I always love your writing skills and the way you manage your posts. This is my first time commenting on this blog while I have been one of your follower since 2010 and always love to check out your blog posts.I am so happy to see your success. I felt like I have been with you, Courtney, Megan, and couple of other girls for so long that I know you guys now...lol. I have recently started my wordpress blog. Come, check out my blog please and would love to have any advice you have for me as a new blogger.



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