3 Quick Tip Gallery

As much as I love taking over an entire room or closet, I also appreciate those smaller, quick solutions that keep our day-to-day routine running smoother.  Below find the little things we do that make a big difference.


  1. I love these all. I made a wall pocket and love it. Keep it up, Jen. You are an insiration to many.

  2. My #1 sock tip...I had 3 boys all pretty close in age. We had a sock basket at the top of the stairs where I put all of the sock in. No sorting or figuring out who's was who's...as they would go down the stairs after getting dressed they would just grab a pair of socks out of the sock basket. It was such a time saver for me!!

  3. The sock pocket on the side of a wash basket... Genius!! My partner has problem feet so sifting through washing to find the offending sock is irritating. This is a fabulous idea of a time saver!!


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