Wednesday, October 7, 2009

0 Getting Comfy with Cozi!

I am totally digging a free online organizer by cozi!

Why IHeart it:
1.  It's Free!  Always a plus right!?
2.  It's Online!  Which means it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime!  Without carrying a big organizer around with you!
3.  It houses information for ALL the members in your family!  And it can send notifications to family members for important reminders!

Here are 5 ways Cozi makes your life easier:

Get things done.

Since the whole family can use Cozi and access Cozi from wherever they are, everyone stays organized. Family schedules are updated, activities are coordinated, grocery lists get tracked, and to do lists get managed—leaving you time to spend on things you really want to do.
Cozi is a free online family organizer, with a family calendar, shopping list, to do list, grocery list, family blog and more.

Get everyone on the same page.

With a color-coded online calendar, it's easy to see where everyone in the family is supposed to be. Appointment reminders make sure you get there. And, you can even sync your calendar with Microsoft Outlook, add Internet calendars, or get Cozi as a desktop gadget for your Vista or Google sidebar.
Online family calendar, family organizer, family planner. The easiest way to manage family schedules and organize busy family life.

Have your lists, when and where you need them.

Track your shopping lists and to do lists the easy way, because with Cozi they're all in one place. Now everyone can access them, add to them, and help with the grocery shopping! Call Cozi’s toll-free number from any mobile phone to have your lists read or sent by text message to you. Or, sign in to and check off items from your list as you buy or complete them. Lose the sticky notes and save a tree. Cozi has a mobile access solution for everyone.
Online shopping list, grocery list, to do list, chores list and more. Create custom lists and access them from anywhere with mobile access.

Share the moment with friends and relatives, without having shared the moment.

Cozi is built for busy parents, and the family journal is the easiest way to capture and share special memories. You can jot down a quick moment, add a family photo if you want, and quickly share with friends and relatives via email, as a family website, or on Facebook.
The Cozi family journal is the simple way to capture family life and share special moments, stories and family photos with friends and relatives via email, as a family website or on Facebook.

Get family-friendly ideas and inspiration.

What's the best way to organize clutter? Can't get kids to do their chores list? Want to save money? Live Simply is full of articles, tips, and free offerings designed to make family life easy in an often-challenging world.
Online family magazine with tips to simplify family life, plus great ideas for family fun, family activities and big savings.

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