Thursday, October 8, 2009

0 I have a Grip on this Gadget - Paintbrush Grip Clips!

So there are times when I fall into the gimmick trap.... sad but true, I really thought that the Ab-tronic would tone me up in a week without exercise ... who knew?!

And when it came to the Grip Clip, I bought into it, wondering if I was falling for another gimmick gadget, but this time that's definitely not the case!

I purchased this AMAZING little gadget at Home Depot for under $3, and it was definitely worth the investment!  One way that I keep my home fresh and organized, is by doing LOADS of painting!  That has been the case this week especially, as we are getting some fall sprucing done.  This Grip Clip has been a fabulous little helper!

Why IHeart it?
First, it's the best paint can opener I have ever used, super easy!  And then, it clips right to the rim of the can, and the magnet on the top, holds your brush over the paint when you need to set it down for a moment!  Genius thinking on someones part!  After that, I also realized that it was a wonderful tool to also clip to the side of my utility sink, so that when I am done washing out the paint brushes, they can neatly hang over the sink to dry... no mess!

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