Tuesday, April 13, 2010

16 April Featured Space: Living Room - Remote Remedy

Remote controls can easily become a problem in any family room/living space, because these days, we are addicted to so many media outlets from TV, Surround Sound, DVR, DVD, Playstation, Wii... just to name a few!  The counterparts to those media systems are their "oh so handy" remotes!

Since losing remotes can happen in the blink of an eye, especially with a large family with TONS of fingers touching them daily, I try to keep my remotes centralized in one designated space, in both of our living areas.

Now, anyone who knows me at all, knows that I absolutely heart shopping for storage solutions.  I would imagine I could compare my addiction to organizing, to one's addiction to crack or heroin, although, I really wouldn't know first hand so I am just going to assume that I am right on this one.  I NEED to organize and if things are out of control or I can't find something, I get a little jittery, just saying....

But shopping for storage solutions for every single item in our dwelling wouldn't be so friendly on the Jones pocketbook, so many times I just go shopping within my own home, which is what I did for our remote clutter.

For our main living room, we have a nice coffee table, with a tray placed center to hold any kind of decorative display.  Whatever can be done to make the space pleasing to the eye:

The tray is super fantastic for holding the two remotes that we need for this room.  And they tuck nicely behind the tray walls, so from afar, no one would really even know they were part of the space!

And in our lower level had I had to get a little more creative, since we have more remotes to tuck away and less discreet options available.  So this is where I went digging, and had remembered that I had saved a decorative Kleenex box, because I adored the pattern so much: 

It was the perfect solution to our remote situation:

It may seem a little odd to use a Kleenex box to corral remotes, but hey, in this economy, it's time to get creative and start thinking outside of the Kleenex box!

It really is a stylish, simple, free and effective solution!  Gotta especially heart the free re-usable part!

Now it's your turn!  How do you control your remotes?  A simple basket?  A vase or bowl?  A rain boot?  Hey, anything goes here!  Time to share your creative storage solutions!


  1. I love this idea! I use it in my bathroom for my headbands, brushes and stuff like that. Wish I could send a pic - Kleenex White back ground with black Pink & turquoise flower designs! My room is black & cream so I use pops of color to change it every few months or so, and am always on the look out for new containers I like! Great for the cordless phones too.

  2. Wow - what a great idea! I'm totally stumped for remote storage in our family room, too... time to start scoping out the cute kleenex boxes! :)

  3. Just stumbled on your blog over from Life in Rehab. I love the Kleenex box idea. I just bought one of those fancy oval boxes for my dd's room. I'll have to repurpose for our lower level's many remotes. I just started my own blog and I'm enjoying looking through yours!


  4. Oooh! I use the Kleenex boxes for other goods too!! They are perfect for rolling up some extra wash clothes in the bathroom, or for corralling extra cleaning rags under the sink or holding pens on top of a desk space! So versatile and cute to boot!

    Welcome to the blog Heather! I am SO excited you found it! :)

  5. Thanks Jen! Hope you can check mine out sometime too. I am loving all of your posts!! So inspiring! I became a follower! :)



  6. Okay, the Kleenex box is just too clever. Way to go on the freecycling! I really love your blog.

    I use an upright silverware caddy made of of seagrass and spray painted blue to match the room. The back compartment, which was meant for napkins, holds coasters. It was $0.50 at a yard sale, so I'm okay with the price too.

  7. One more thing: what color green is that on your walls?

  8. Hey Jen
    I have two remote baskets - one is a small garage basket, full of the Wii and PS3 remotes (i am sure you KNOW how much space the 4 thousand remotes for those gaming systems take up) and I have the cutest wooden basket for the 3 main remotes. I fill the bottom of the basket with a holiday thing like plastic eggs, and set the 3 remotes on top. right now, the basket is full of little people, and it is really cute. i'll send you a picture.

  9. Hi Life in Rehab!

    The wall color is Martha Stewart Seaweed! You can check out all of the colors used in my abode here! http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/2010/04/you-asked-paint-colors.html

    Thanks!! :)


  10. lol i keep it in a diaper caddy along with daipers ;)

  11. I couldn't bear to throw away my Kleenex box either so I turned it into a lampshade, hopefully I can find another one to use this idea as well though I am always losing my remotes

  12. I've only recently found your blog, and so I'm starting at the beginning. The best way we cleaned up the remote clutter...universal remote. Since the Hubby has so many things hooked together, I'd need 4 separate remotes just to watch TV. This not only keeps the remote clutter to a minimum, it also makes turning everything on and off as simple as pressing one button!!

    1. Agree! We switched to Dish and are now down to one remote and so happy about it!


  13. love it! I did the same thing with my remotes

  14. This is a great idea. All our remotes just end up all over the house and this would really help!

  15. I just discovered your blog today through Pinterest, and have literally spent from 5:10 (when I got home from work) until now (11:00pm) exploring it...and getting mega-inspired! I just can't get enough! I am officially your newest devoted follower and I can't wait to read through every post. I am also super obsessed with organizing, and finding fellow organizers whose hearts go pitter patter at the sight of a cute container (The Container Store's my all-time FAV) or discovering a new storage solution/labeling system makes me so giddy! haha, so I'm not the only freak? Already I have determined that we are very alike b/c in your pics I have seen multiple items/decorations etc. that I already own (like the polka dot oven mit, or the chalk label basket from Target to name a few - which btw, found the basket in the outdoor section but I use it to store blankets in my living room ~ LOVE). But I just had to comment on this specific post because it cracks me up. No joke, I saved this EXACT SAME Kleenex box (years ago) simply because it was so cute & I figured I could find a use for it. Since I'm a clean freak, I am all about simplifying and hence don't keep much around unless it has a use/function/meaning, but this is one item that has been sitting in my desk drawer for probably 3 years doing, well, nothing. My hubby has even tried to get me to toss it multiple times, to no avail. But thanks to you, I now have my new remote caddy! :) Just funny b/c here he was thinking I was crazy spending my entire night fully immersed in your blog, but after showing him this, he now understands why! Great minds think alike, right?!

    Thanks for all the ideas/inspiration!


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