Monday, April 12, 2010

3 You Asked: Project Prime & Paint

I recently received a comment/question from Sara, which actually had me a little stumped!

I have a question maybe you or someone you know can answer from experience. I am lightly sanding my newly purchased dining table with the plan of painting the legs and chairs a dark, espresso brown. I found a color of Behr paint with the primer and paint in one. Do you think I would still need to prime it first, before applying the paint? I'm hoping the Behr paint will save me that step and do what it claims!

Fantastic question Sara!  In fact, I had the same one!  I would absolutely heart to paint all of our varnished oak trim on the main floor of our house {I know, some of you just gasped out there, but I love crisp white trim!!} and I was hoping I could get away with using the Behr Primer/Paint combo as well, to save a huge priming first then painting step.

So, I did a little digging on the Behr website, and the following grid shows what types of the Premium Plus Ultra Behr paints {primer/paint combo} to use for which projects:

You see there?  Interior Furniture and Trim!  That to me means you can use it for both!

Aside from that, I found a "How to Paint Trim" tutorial on the website as well, that also mentions that you can skip the priming step and just use the primer/paint combo!  That gets a huge jumping WAHOO from this gal!

HOWEVER, I have never tried this combo on furniture or trim, so I am still a little nervous, even after research, to absolutely say if it will work, and well.  So this edition of You Asked: IHeart Answering, is in your hands.  Any of you readers out there ever used the Behr Premium Plus Ultra Primer/Paint on furniture or trim, negative the original primer coat?  Does a quick light sanding and the paint/primer combo get the job done?  I {and I am guessing Sara too} would heart to hear from anyone who has actually tried this, and let us know how it panned out!

Thanks all!


  1. I've used the Behr Paint and Primer in One, and I had good results. I just made sure any shiny finish was sanded off before I painted. It's good quality paint. Good luck!

  2. My boyfriend and I just bought a new house with LOTS of paneling! It will all be painted. :) I was recently introduced to bonding primer. My friendly Lowe's paint expert told me that if I use bonding primer; I don't need to sand. Could this be true?! Any thoughts? I am excited...and scared.

  3. We used Behr Paint & Primer in One when we painted our kitchen, and it was terrible. The walls before were a light spring green, and we were painting them a beige with a bit of yellow in it. It took sooo many coats to cover the old color - the coverage seemed even worse than regular paint. We mentioned the paint to a contractor friend of ours, and he said it was only really appropriate for new walls, to cover plain drywall. I wouldn't recommend this stuff at all.


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