Friday, April 30, 2010

10 IHeart an Organized Reader Raid!

In honor of the 100th blog post today!  I thought I would try something new!

As some of you readers may recall, I have been making some visits to my bestest's abode, to assist in a little Master Bedroom updating!  We are off to an amazing start and will be finishing up and revealing quite soon, but my last visit wasn't all focused on the Master Bedroom.  In fact, because she is like my own personal sister, I knew she wouldn't mind me raiding her entire homestead, snapping pics of some snazzy organizing she has going on in casa de Josh & Erin!  You see, when you are an organizing fanatic like myself, you start mentally organizing and placing things in ANY space you walk in to.  That's right, whether I am in a grocery store, picking strawberries in a field or chillin' up north at a friend's cabin, I am taking in my surroundings, looking for inspiration and mentally organizing anything that seems a little out of place!  It's NONstop I tell you!

And each time I go to Erin's, I get so excited to see that she is so similar to myself, giving everything it's proper home,  keeping notes of her schedules and meals and giving items new purposes for the sake of keeping her life running organized and smoothly.

For example, she used a small plastic fishing tackle box to corral all her earnings, by color type!

Ice cube trays are known to work well for this also!

From her bathroom, I wandered into her living room, {which was this months featured space right here on the blog} which is why I was extra nosy to see how she personally rolled when it comes to storing her mass media collection:

She has a binder FULL of entertainment, all in alphabetical order!  And when I asked her what she does when she needs to add a new movie, she mentioned that she actually saves some extra sleeves in between each letter for new additions {each individual movie isn't in alphabetical order, they are just generally grouped as such}.

And of course, she uses a key for extra help in locating her favorite flicks, or for her own personally inventory, which she updates every couple of months to keep it current!

From her living room, you walk into her fresh and tidy kitchen, where I noticed tucked in a little doggy nook next to her fridge, she had each pup's leash hanging and ready for their daily walk!  {Aren't those puppy tale hooks just melt your heart adorable?  Check them out here!}

Yeppers, she has THREE furry friends, all of which are incredibly adorable and are also considered her "kids"!




And of course they have their adorable little man, Nash, so you can imagine how crazy busy their household becomes!  Which again, is probably a reason for her putting some method to the madness!

So her pooches have their own little nook for their leashes and food/water dishes, and it's neatly tucked in between a wall and fridge so it's not out in the open.

Also in her kitchen, I did some cabinet digging and found that she was smart in using dish stands to maximize ALL of her cabinet space when storing her dishes!  The stands totally double her storage space!  Well done E!

And I was also very impressed that she had used my satchel tutorial to create her very own chip clip bag to hang right inside another cabinet door using a command hook!  Double points for this gal!!

It looked pretty great!  Gotta love an easy no sew project that also creates storage! 

I continued on my path through their neat and tidy living space, and found myself in their home office/playroom!  What a great idea to have a room where she can spend her time multitasking on homework and watching her mini me play at the same time!  Genius!

There were more great things to be found here, like some plain white binders that she made uber adorable with some simple stickers and scrapbook paper!

Clearly labeled, it's easy to see what can be found inside each one!  And also labeled was some media boxes she used to stash away electronic accessories.

And one of the items IHeart very much for office spaces, is a file tote!  Why IHeart them?  They are super easy to carry anywhere you want to do your bills and filing.  On the go storage rocks!

And on the other side of the room?  A fantastic little play nook, where she had taken a plain toy box and added personalized decals that she had designed herself through Upper Case Living!

Gotta heart when cute meets organized!  Wahoo!

Speaking of little ones, my last stop was up the stairs to her little man's personal nursery, where I found ALL sorts of organization going on!  Anyone with little ones know how much can come with the little tykes, therefore, keeping specific areas for all things, again, helps things run a lot more smoothly and ensures that in a diaper emergency, everything is at hand, or for a quick run out the door, nothing is forgotten.

First, let me just say I have yet to see an baby closet as organized as this one {Up to the challenge?  Send me some snapshots to!}  She used a combination of shelving, labeled clothes dividers and baskets to keep everything in it's oh-so-perfect place!


A picture is worth a thousand words, and these ones are saying loud and clear, I am a superbly organized closet!

She also used additional bins above the changing table, to corral all sorts of additional baby necessities.

And last but not least, she even keeps her little munchkin's bath toys organized, using the one and only super adorable Boon frog!  Who hasn't seen and crushed on that at one point in their lives?!

I mean really?  Look at it in action!  It packs a lot of adorable punch and really holds all a little one needs for tubby time!

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it was to raid a home and dig for organization inspiration!  But don't try it without getting permission first, because that would just be creepy!

I am hoping that this isn't the last of my organizational home raiding experiences!  Not only do I sit here daily waiting for my email chimer to go off with loads of reader spaces {hint hint people!}, but I am also hoping that more friends and family open their organized door for me to snap and share with you!

Feel free to leave a comment or two for Erin, commending her on her awesome organization abilities!  A round of applause for her {And no, she didn't even know I was going to be doing this ahead of time!  She is just that amazing!}

And one more HUGE thank you to all of you again, for helping me get to so many amazing blog milestones!  Here is hoping there are many more to come!!

P.S.  Have an awesome story to share?  How about some organizing tips and tricks?  Maybe a project completed from an inspiration found?  Please send your story and photos to and I would heart to feature them right here, on the blog!!


  1. My brain is wired the exact same way and I am always looking for ideas, inspiration and new ways to make things work better! Thanks for sharing and great job Erin!

  2. Love the organizing in the nursery! I never thought to use clothes labels, going to try that!

  3. Impressive! I am thinking about the bathtub frog, it's nice to see pictures of it with everything in it. Also, Erin's dogs are SO adorable!!

  4. Love love love your ideas!! With a tiny Cape and a little one on the way I could use your help!! How on earth can I get a pinterest invite to keep track of all these helpful ideas???
    Thanks so much!

  5. Oh, I should have left you my contact email:


  6. Hi Erin! Just sent over the invite!


  7. Any chance you could give some direction on where she found or how she made the clothes divider? The tab that hangs on the rod is what I am referring to. This is GENIUS!

    1. Hmmm... not sure but I do know they have some at the Container Store: might have some also, not sure?


  8. I Love your Ideas!! I have been back 3 times to check out more! Thanks for posting! This has been Very Helpful!!!


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