Friday, June 11, 2010

8 June Featured Space: Laundry Room - Decal Delight!

More often than not, something springs up that causes me to make an organizational enhancement to our happy home.  Like the day I couldn't find my keys when I was already running late for work, the following day we had key hooks located right next to the door.  Or when my two year old became uber independent and no longer wanted a sippy cup, only "big boy" cups, which were 1,000 times more likely to spill {and did}, suddenly of bin of old rags went right under the kitchen sink for quick cleanup.  Or that time when my husband grabbed a bunch of clothes from a pile and threw them in the wash without carefully sorting through them, and although I am always forever grateful when we can work together to get our home chores completed, unfortunately, my silk lace cami didn't come out of the wash quite the way it went in.  Yes, things happen, and I tend to quickly learn and make adjustments to make life easier next time around.

Which is why I gained a special "laundry basket" on top of my washer, designated specifically for my special delicate clothes, that only I get to wash.

It was a new home to all of my favorite shirts with special stitching and details that need the utmost best care!

 But the laundry bin wasn't always so cute.  In fact, it started out as a drink bin from the season isle at Target.  And was quite white and plain.

I really liked that it was a bright white, which would work in any room in my entire lower level, making it a versatile piece down the line if I ever want to change things up.  I also liked that it had handles, making it easy to tote around after the delicate clothes were squeaky clean.

So, I just did some browsing around on Etsy for a cute yellow "laundry" wall decal, and it really didn't take long to find the perfect one! 

And applying it really was as easy as 1, 2, 3....10.

First step was to figure out placement of the decal:

Next I just peeled back the backing, exposing the sticky side of the decal:

And carefully stuck it to the side of the bin:

I then rubbed my finger along the part of the decal I wanted to stick, and then pealed back the decal paper, exposing the newly stuck decal!

I had decided that I wasn't interested in leaving the "loads of fun" words on the bottom, keeping it more simplistic, and I totally Heart the end product!

The decal made the new laundry bin double as functional and room beautifier, which is a typical must for me!

And it was SO easy.  It only took 5 minutes beginning to end to completely transform the look of the bin.  And it goes to show you, wall decals can go just about anywhere!  {just like I did with my kitchen pendant lamp!}

How about you guys?  Where have you used wall decals, other than on the walls?  Share your pics for extra credit!


  1. What a great idea! Love the use of the drink bin to store stuff - I just bought the silver one not too long ago to stash shoes in that always magically accumulated inside the garage. But those drink bins are so cute, you could use them to store anything in, I think! Books, mags, extra towels, etc etc. They're fun. I LOVE how you spiced yours up, though! Too cute! I'm just curious - how much was the decal? I havn't gotten any decals yet (altho I know they're really big right now) and am curious. :)


  2. I love using decals! The drink bin makes such a cute statement in your laundry room. You are always so full of great ideas!


  3. Hi Chelsea!

    I found the decal here:

    I really heart Etsy for decals, you can typically find any kind for a reasonable price. They add so much personalization to a space!

    Hope that helps!


  4. You always have the cutest ideas that are so simple to implement! I love the laundry decal and the use of the drink bucket!! So awesome.

  5. I have the same bin for storing our paper to burn by our fireplace. I love it, especially for the price. Yours looks right at home in your laundry room, too. Nicely done-the decal is so cute.

  6. oh so cute... you reminded me that my laundry room needs a big makeover. It's currently pretty make shift since we just remodeled. I don't even have storage yet. Any ideas on where to start?

  7. Hi Me. And. B!

    Thanks for stopping by! Before starting, spend a day using the space and writing down what you love and don't love. Write down what would make the space easier for you, and what would help in wanting to spend more time in there. For me, I wanted to add a TON of storage, but make it bright and pretty since I really dread doing laundry! :) But everyone has different ideas of what a space needs to make it right for them. Once you have all of your ideas down on paper, you can start coming up with a storage plan. And when it comes to picking colors, I always just find an inspiration piece to start from and go from there and everything evolves over time.

    I hope that helps some! Best wishes in your organizing endeavors!


  8. What a great idea. I'm thinking it would make a great tub to soak all the kids random bits that need a day or so in oxyclean before washing. Then I can just dump it straight into the top loader.

    Those Target plastic drink bins are also great for storing kids toys in expedit shelving. Ours are all labeled, of course.


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