Tuesday, June 15, 2010

18 Shelf Switcharoo

For awhile now I have been itching to add a little extra display storage to our kitchen.  So that's just what we ended up doing this weekend.  And it took like no time at all to make a majorly great change, which is just my kind of project!

I am somewhat of a sucker for bright accents and they seem to be accumulating in our kitchen.  I find myself stashing most away and swapping things out here and there.  Now, I know that most of my accessories didn't enjoy being on a "time out", and are pretty happy they can all spend time together now, and being displayed well enough that the kitchen doesn't have a cluttered feeling {which would drive this gal just batty!}

You may remember what we sported above our buffet table previously, a photograph I had snapped at an apple orchard one year:

It was actually a super cheap art project, and wasn't all that awful in the space.  However, it lacked function and provided so much glare with the patio doors right there, that it wasn't the best place to display art.  So we picked up two lack shelves from Ikea, in a walnut finish to match our buffet.

IHeart these shelves oh so very much!  Why?  A.  They are cheap.  B.  They are easy to install.  C.  They are sleek and simple.

They changed the installation on these since the last time we had installed one, we have one in both our home office and our laundry room.  They now use a single rail with holes all across the way, making it easier to center on a wall and still snag studs! {which I was already good at, I obviously got one heck of a stud within my hubs...}

Then the shelves just slide on the rails and screw in from the bottom.

Super easy!  And then the fun part for me was accessorizing!  I have plans to use the shelves to hold some additional dinnerware, display pieces and wine glasses, but that will be updated later on.  For now, it holds all of my favorite things.  But first I knew that since I was removing art from the kitchen, I should find an easy and FREE way to introduce new art back in.

So I snagged an old 8 x 10 frame I had laying around....

And weird, I spray painted it!  Same color as my kitchen cabinets are painted.

And while I waited for the paint to dry, I found some cute scrapbook paper.

And went to the office to find a pear shaped clipart to print out.

Which I then printed on the backside of the scrapbook paper.

This gave me the perfect template to cutout and glue to another piece of scrap paper.

Which I stuck into my freshly painted frame.

And stuck up on the top floating shelf.  Adding to it a ceramic bird.  Two of my favs living together in harmony.  Pears and birds.... not sure where I find such odd fetishes, but hey, we all have them!

I also added a boat shaped serving dish lined with bright red apples {the non edible kind}.

And on the lower shelf I created a little section for our sparkling water and vino, along with my cork display.

And popped some extra color on the other side with a pear canister, some bright blooms and my new measuring cups!

To create quite a cute change to our dining area!

And a before and after side by side...

I am thinking some under cabinet lighting would be superb under the the shelves as well, along with adding some wine glass storage... more on that later hopefully!

OK, you know the drill.  It's your turn to spill any fun weekend projects you worked on.  Quick or two days worth, I would love to hear all about them!


  1. we got a new couch over the weekend so that nixed any sort of productiveness i had planned... oops!
    BUT last weekend i got spray paint happy. garage sale + a couple cans of spray paint... ohhh boy! i took no prisoners.

  2. I love it! I loved the apple print, so at the beginning of the post I was like - how is she going to make that cuter? But you did! The shelves and all of your accessories are wonderful! Plus, now it'll be easier to change stuff out seasonally or just whenever you feel like it. The pear art on the scrapbook paper is too cute and so easy!

    We have a big mirror above our buffet in the dining room, but the rest of the wall is bare. I'm trying to come up with something to put with it besides the traditional boring sconces. Maybe one of these shelves above it would do the trick?? :)

  3. Too cute! Oh, how I LOVE those floating ikea shelves! I tell ya, I'd be rich if I had a penny for how many times I wished there was an ikea here! :)

    This weekend we were busy remodeling our master bedroom... more on that later. ;)

    Love those shelves!!


  4. I love this!! It is so cute and the pear picture is adorable. What a great idea!!

  5. I love those lack shelves but haven't bought any yet. I think I want some white ones in my room even though the other shelves are fussy. I got my blog to work thanks to my computer genius cousin who gave me directions online. lol Then I realized I knew how to do it all along (kind of hard to explain).

    You can see the progress of my room's remodel.


    Plus an advertisement for one of my favorite vendors.

    Thanks, Katharine

  6. Very nice! I like those shelves a lot--so practical. The art is adorable!

  7. Like the shelves. I also have a crush on your buffet. Where did you find it?

  8. Hi Lauren!

    Thanks so much, I totally love our buffet also! I had found it at HomeDecorators.com, and then just switched out the hardware to match the rest of our hardware in our kitchen.


  9. I just discovered your blog today and can't stop looking! Your home is gorgeous and you have so many great ideas....thanks for sharing them with us all!

    As I was looking through your home tour, I gasped when I saw your buffet. It is exactly what we have been looking for! I know you mentioned that you got it at HomeDecorators.com, but do you happen to have any other details about it? Was it purchased semi-recently *fingers crossed*?


  10. Hi Jacqueline!

    I just checked out their site and I am not seeing the same piece available any longer, and unfortunately, I don't have the specifics {make model} any longer either.

    The closest one to ours I could find: http://www.homedecorators.com/P/Mission-Style_Console_with_3_Wood_Doors/210/

    Ours was a walnut color and had four doors on the bottom and drawers along the top. We changed out the hardware ourselves to match our cabinets.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful! Best wishes in your buffet search!!


  11. I love those shelves! Where are they from?

  12. @Kristin,

    We picked up two LACK shelves from Ikea, in a walnut finish to match our buffet {it doesn't look like they carry the same finish any longer}: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70193731/#/70159100/


  13. http://www.homedecorators.com/P/Harwick_42_Buffet/210/

    Found this somewhat similar buffet in black...could change out the hardware.

  14. Hi Jen,

    Where did you get those 3 lantern (with green candles in them) from? Thank you :)

    1. Hello!

      They were a Kohl's find quite a few years ago.


  15. what you keep inside the cabinet under the shelf?

    1. Hi Fizah!

      I keep serving dishes and small kitchen appliances within the sideboard.



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