Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7 July Featured Space: Bathroom - A Polished Effect

As much as the title may sound like I may be polishing something up, like my gran pappy's shoes or bathroom sink faucet, that's not exactly the case.  Actually, I am going to focus on how I store my polish instead.

Once upon a time I was strolling through happy land The Container Store and something caught my eye.  It was clear acrylic and begged for me to hold it, and pet it and love it.  And I did.  And it had me at hello.

The little beauty was actually an acrylic caddy and was just perfect for storing makeup, due to it's size and compartments.

In fact, makeup is exactly what I had been storing in it for quite awhile.  And it actually was something that I totally adored on a daily basis, as it was easy on the eyes, it made finding exactly what I needed extremely easy {no digging required!} and it was wonderful for toting my makeup around the house.  What I did find though, was that any time I wanted to grab my makeup to do in the car {not while driving of course, only as a passenger}, or for a quick out of town retreat, I would pack up a makeup bag since the caddy wasn't as convenient in the auto.  And then I found I just began to leave my essential makeup tools in the makeup bag and tote that around the house instead, and the once adored caddy, sat empty.

So, since I give everything a home and definitely wasn't about to let this precious gem go unwanted, it was time to give it new life.

I actually now use it for storing all of my manicure/pedicure/nail polish goods!  And I couldn't be happier about it.  In fact, it's so much more functional for me now, since I typically would go into a drawer and snag all the things I needed and carry them somewhere in the house, hoping not to drop something on the way.  And then I would use what I needed and then lug it all back to a drawer.

That was then.  Now, it's all ready for me whenever my nails need some quick attention.  All in one easy to grab from place!

The caddy couldn't have been a better fit for the nail supplies.  It's like it was meant to be!

As you can see, their are two rows, one divided and another not.  The open row is so fantastic for holding all my shades of polish.

And the back rows are great for holding the smaller essentials, such as nail brushes, files and cuticle oil...

And cotton pads and polish remover!

And it just tucks away onto a cabinet shelf when not in use!

It always makes my day when things work out just right and I can make things run smoother down the line.  And since I know that I never do manicures or pedicures when I am traveling, this seems like a much more practical solution!

This just goes to show, things may not always work out the way you originally planned it the first time around, but never give up!  You never know what you could create with a little thinking and imagination!  And even if you don't have the same acrylic bin I do, all sorts of things could be used to recreate this concept, from a utensil caddy to an empty shoebox!

How are all you ladies storing your polish these days?  Anyone doing anything fun or "polishing" things up around the casa?  How about giving something old and retired, a brand new life?


  1. I love this idea! I do the same thing you described - store it all in the bathroom in different places and then gather it all up and take it somewhere else to actually use. I never really thought anything of it until this post. Now I must find a cute caddy like this one!

  2. I could definitely use one of these! I have my polish in one bag (which is hard to dig through to find what I want), cotton pads and remover floating around in the same cabinet and files, etc in another little bag. It's enough to make a girl crazy. lol

  3. I love this idea! However, I have a TON on nail polish and I know it wouldn't all fit in that caddy. :(
    I keep all my polishes in a cute bag and all my nail 'tools' in another.

  4. I actually use that container/caddy to keep all of my chargers (I don't have that many.) I love the idea of using it as a nail polish organizer too!

  5. I have a ton of nail polish so I keep it all in a large shoebox with a hinged lid (you know the one - that popular orange men's sneaker box). It's organized by color and it gives me enough space (laying on top of the polish bottles) to keep all my files, buffers, cotton pads, and other tools. When it's time to mani/pedi I just grab the box out of the hall closet and head to the living room, bedroom, or wherever the "spa" will be that day.

  6. I keep all of my nail polish (a LOT) in one of those clear hinged-lid buckets with the latch on it. It's great because it has a handle, a lid, a latch, and it clear. The only think I would change is that it's super noisy!

  7. I use clear plastic latching shoe boxes. Your idea is cute but I have way more than 13 bottles of polish. I know a lot of people also like the IKEA Helmer for polish storage.


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