Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1 Reader Space: Showcasing Collectibles Part 2

Two weeks ago I received a letter from a reader regarding showcasing her snow globe collection, and collectibles in general.  In that post, I begged for some reader collectible suggestions and pictures, and although I didn't received any love advice or eye candy from you fab friends, Brittany was pretty quick in sending me some "After" pictures of her snow globe re-arranging.  I was impressed with her updates and always think it's fun to see some before and after shots!

Here is the followup note I received from my pal Brittany:

Hi Jennifer!
I noticed that you had posted my question about snow globes today, and I realized I hadn't sent you any after pictures. Even though I am moving in August, I decided to spruce up my collection for the moment.  I took your advice about spreading out my collection. I ended up buying the large white tiered spice rack from the Container store, on which I put half of my collection on my bookshelf. I also painted a white shelf I already had an aqua color, just to add more color, and then placed more snow globes on that. I also took a few favorite pieces and spread them around as accents on an end table and a shelf.

Thanks, again, for answering my question!!


Remember the before?

And here is her updated display:

What IHeart?  I totally am digging the areas in which the snow globes are displayed with other amazing decorative accents, like monograms {one of my favorite accessories!} and those incredible candle sticks!  And that painted aqua shelf, totally gets my heart racing!  And that tiered rack really ended up being a wonderful solution to allow her collection to be seen!

Great job Brittany and THANK YOU so very much for sending followup photos!  I hope you are enjoying your updates!

What do you guys think!  It's pretty cool how just spreading things out a little bit and adding additional tiers to her bookshelf really made her collection stand out in a fun way!  And I am giving y'all a second chance to submit some more eye candy for yours truly.  I would be forever grateful!

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  1. Much better! I like the globes have almost stadium-seating, and they look super-cute amongst her other items on the table and in the bookcase.

    Great job!


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