Friday, July 2, 2010

10 June Featured Space: Laundry Room - Super-Decal-Afragalisticexpialadoshus

In honor of this month's featured space, I wanted to give little bit of extra love to our laundry room, in the form of art.  I am a huge believer that every room should have something in it that really personalizes the space and gives it that extra pop or wow factor.  And when it came to my laundry room, it was in the form of some flower photos that I had dug out of a calendar, and tossed in some cheapo clip frames.

And although I adored the flower photos so, they were really dwarfed on the wall.  Like totally laughable.  And, with all the time I am required to spend in that space washing a wardrobe for my family of five, and have been spending in there daily to blog about it this month, I really couldn't take the silliness any longer...

So, I went to my favorite wall decal shop, otherwise known as, and snagged up some super cute clothespin decals to replace the once teeny tiny artwork.  The clothespins were much more size appropriate, which all us girls know is important! {wink wink}

Without making you wait any longer for my new eye candy, check out the updated focal wall!

You know IHeart some good side by side action:

Why I chose decals?  Well, first of all, they are SO easy to put up anywhere... this project took like 15 minutes and I was the only DIYer in the room.  And second, I can peel them off someday, without any damage to the wall.  And lastly, I am not all that talented with a paint brush, as much as I totally wish I was!

I am going to quick blabbing now though, and just show a couple more photos of the after math!

Yep, pretty adorable from any angle!

And no worries folks, those cute flower photos will be put back into the room somewhere, they were initially the color inspiration for the space after all.

Anyone else out there a huge decal addict like myself?  What is the rest of the world doing to bring creative artwork into their laundry spaces?  Anyone have any "off the laundry room subject" fun projects to tackle this long holiday weekend?!

Speaking of, I wish you all a very safe and incredible Independence Day! 


  1. Totally adorable!!! What etsy seller did you find this at??? LOVE your super fab laundry room :~)

  2. I loved what you had before but these are great too!!! Really add a lot of punch to the room. I love decals and have used them in my daughter's room and the kids' bath.

    I use one of my daugher's paintings over the sink in the laundry room to hide the cut out in the wall for the plumbing in the bathroom that backs up to the laundry room.

  3. Great work with the decals. One thing I did was to make curtains that Velcro over the utility shelving in my laundry room with a fun paisley pattern (no boy zone, and he doesn't want to be down there doing laundry anyhow!)So.. it was my chance to use girly fabric to spiffy it up.

  4. Too cute! Those really fit the room to a T! Love em!


  5. Hi Nicole!

    I found the decals here:



  6. I love your laundry room, it totally is inspiring me to spruce up our boring laundry area at home. Do you have any good ideas on how to store laundry baskets? They seem bulky and I haven't found a good storage system for them. Also, can you give us information on the white shelf you have? It is stylish yet sturdy enough to hold a little bit of weight. Would love some insight! Thx for your awesome blog, I'm totally addicted.

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    Storing laundry baskets can definitely take up a ton of room in a laundry room. We have a couple plastic ones stacked and tucked under our utility sink out of site.

    What types of baskets are you trying to store? One way would be to use pretty lined wicker baskets, that way they can be left on top of the washer, dryer or counter and look attractive in the space as well. Even on the floor...

    However, if you are using the typical plastic ones, peek around your space and look for a place they can be stacked and tucked away. Do you have an area under a sink or table that some fabric could be added to, to create a pretty hiding place?

    Here is the white shelf we installed above the washer/dryer: LOVE IT!

    Thanks so much!


  8. Love what you did with the decals!


    1. where did you get the laundry room rug?


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