Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1 Reader Space: Smiles for Sandhya's Storage

I am smiling.  Like beaming.  Can you feel it?

I received another fantastic email from another motivated reader!  Oh how IHeart when these enter the ol' Inbox.  I get giddy!  Partially because it's a great feeling knowing that people are checking in here and able to find some inspiration.  Mostly because I know that their lives should be more enjoyable and simplified because of their time investment and updates.  And Sandhya sure didn't disappoint.  In fact, I was overcome with flattery when I saw a couple of familiar updates.  She sported some new ideas for me as well, and for that I am also so grateful!!

Sandhya wrote:

Hi Jennifer,

I just thought I would share a few pics of how you have inspired me to revamp a few of my spaces: pantry and laundry room. After discovering your delightful blog on your pantry...I completely did a 360 in my kitchen and switched up what cupboards i use for pantry and storage..all because of you great pantry ideas...hoping soon to steal your idea for the spices on the door... have to talk hubby into such a permanent idea...

The laundry serves as a mudroom wanna be as well since we have no main closets for shoes or houses the water heater and litter box... 


took the idea of the laundry decal of yours and cabinet door idea from kristen on my uncommon slice of surburbia to make a laundry sign..since i could not find one I liked..Love this one now..

I wanted my 2yr old to have a place to put her magnetic letters on..since our fridge doors are free-cycled an old mirror frame and old magnetic board we had with the help of my hubby and love how it turned out as well...

Thanks..and keep the ideas coming!! You rock,girl!
Sandhya..organizing junkie too!!!

So much eye candy, hard to know where to begin with my excitement!

*  Her Pantry area looks so streamlined!  Labels labels labels!  Key to helping the whole family keep the hub of the home in tip top shape!  Plus, her food is sure to last WAY longer in all those amazing fresh saving storage containers!  Double thumbs up!  And I see what looks to be some planning on the inside of the doors goin' on!  A girl after my heart!  Oh and don't even get me started on the fantastic use of all that cabinet space!  IHeart all the baskets used to corral tupperware.

 *  Onto the Laundry Room.  The sign is an easy and whimsical DIY addition to the space, adding a ton of character!  And noticed some other familiar time savers, like jars with initials and labeled baskets.  And a beverage tub with a decal label!  As you probably guessed, I am diggin' it! 

*  At last but definitely not least, I am gushing over the magnet board idea!  Definitely one that I will be borrowing for my little fellas.  I just love that she took something that could be somewhat unsightly in a pretty kitchen space, and gave it a whole new beautified and unique look!  Seriously, I can't get enough of function meets style, and Sandhya totally hit a home run with that one! 

Thank you so much Sandhya for taking a moment of your time to share all of your success with me!  I couldn't be happier for you and your family.  I am sure that all of the time you have invested on this project with give you boatloads more time with your three lovely little ladies, which is priceless!

What do you guys think?  Totally inspirational right?  Didn't she do a wonderful job?  I may be a little bias since I spied a couple of similarities to my own home, but at the end of the day I know in my heart that the changes will bring nothing but streamlined success to Sandhya's daily routine, which is something to feel really great about!

P.S.  Have an awesome story to share?  How about some organizing tips and tricks?  Maybe a project completed from an inspiration found?  Please send your story and photos to and I would heart to feature them right here, on the blog!!

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  1. I'm motivated, now I just need the time. I must do my pantry soon - and these make me want to do it even sooner!!


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