Friday, August 6, 2010

8 IHeart the 2011 Ikea Catalog!

If you are an Ikea stalker like I am, you may already have heard that the new 2011 Ikea catalog was released, and you may have even already gotten your hands on a copy!  I got mine a couple of days ago and haven't put it down!  So much eye candy to be found {as always!}, so I thought it would be fun to share the things that totally caught my eye!

Some things old, some things new, some things blue?

Here we go:

IHeart all things clear and acrylic, and this chair is all of that!  It would look amazing in any space from a kitchen to an office!

I am obsessed with anything storage, but this storage cart is so versatile for any storage room, laundry room, kitchen pantry or craft closet!

Seriously, does it get any cuter than this?  Plus, it's soft and safe for little ones and IHeart that the veggies come with their own storage crate!

This storage furniture is just gorgeous!  Not only would it look amazing in any living space, it would also boast boatloads of book and/or media storage.  And I totally dig the option to add doors to the fronts of the bookcases!

Blue Glassware: DIOD Glass and LEENDE Carafe
I just love a little color in the kitchen or on the dining table, to spice things up a bit.  But the best part of the blue glassware is that it also could look fantastic in a bathroom or bedroom space!

I am grooving to the idea of putting a pendant lamp like this into a little munchkin's haven.  It would be incredible eye candy to a teeny tiny tot in a nursery or add tons of whimsy in a growing gal or pal's bedroom!

Wall cubes are such a wonderful way to either display your loved and collectible items and/or add more storage options to smaller spaces such as bathrooms.

This candle holder melted my heart the moment I laid eyes on it.  The color is just too sweet and glass and shape isn't hard on the eyes either!

Not only is the price just perfect on this set, it's versatile to last through bathroom update after bathroom update.  Like, you could spend $10 now and still be using these beauties when you are 90, due to their classic look!

IHeart this option for any kiddo space, since it has casters for easy moving around.  Plus, it comes in many color options and can hold boatloads of those toys that require some corralling and then be tucked away!

Ikea really has some inexpensive decorative dinnerware, from these new wine glasses that have stems that go above and beyond the typical, and plates with trendy floral silhouettes that would look fantastic on any dinner table or on any bedroom nightstand to corral jewelry!}

This stool gets my heart racing for two extremely important reasons.  A.  It is leather, giving it a versatile and clean look along with making it a kid friendly option.  B.  It's tufted, and IHeart all things tufted!

Subtle floral graphics.  Enough said.

Again, the acrylic is enough to make me love, and then they go and add all these fantastical storage compartments!  It's pure perfection for any gal to use to hug their daily makeup goods!

We typically want to protect those we love, and things that have value to us.  And one of the most valuable pieces of furniture in a home can be the dining table.  This place mat is such a great and inexpensive solution to reducing the risk of dents and scratches from silverware being pounded on the tabletop... not that kids would ever do that... just sayin'!

Yet another clear storage option with endless options for use.  Syrup?  Sure!  Fabric Softener?  Yep!  Fancy pants cooking oils?  You got it!

I think I could keep going and going and going, as I saw so many other amazing storage and home goods that had me drooling all over the fresh new pages of the catalog. 

But now that I have exhausted my daily time limit, it's your turn!  What did I miss?  What are you totally digging in Ikea's 2011 catalog?  Or what items have they had around for awhile now, that will never grow tired or lack functionality?  Anyone else running to Ikea this weekend {like me!} just to get your fix?


  1. I'm anxiously awaiting my catalog in the mail! I can not wait to get it. Oh, the simple things in life. :)

  2. All of these finds are fabulous! I'm making my own IKEA and Container Store wishlists over at my blog (, because I am taking a trip to Portland in October and I've never been to either store! So excited!

  3. I love the products you've chosen. I love the bathroom set and my 2 1/2 year old would love the play vegetable set. I have a feeling that yet another trip to Ikea could be very expensive but then when isn't it!

  4. I have the clear chair! I love it, so comfy and cute!

    Love the different glass items you chose, the blue and yellow are great.

  5. I think you have planned my Sunday for me :)


  6. Oh my gosh I am now in love with that footstool... its gorgeous!! I love it!! And the candle holders, placemats, bathroom organization, WOW! ALL OF IT! lol

  7. Ah... I wish there was an Ikea near here - those products are just gorgeous!


  8. OMG,I totally just decorated my entire home in IKEA and it looks great. Some people say IKEA stuff is bland, but that's because they don't recognize good taste. It's practical and multi-functional. During my garden season, I turned my Billy bookcase horizontally and put it on IKEA'S desk top. Then I put all of my flowers in those gorgeous IKEA vases in the openings! Then when the season was over, it became a bookcase/showcase for my children's photos (in IKEA picture frames of course!) again. The Sportan magnetic boards are great. Loving what IKEA did in the catalog, I purchased twelve and put them together in my office so I can make photo collages, stick memos, etc. I am proud to be an American, but I must admit shopping at IKEA make you feel like a practical, intelligent, sophisticated, modern European. Tack Sverige för IKEA!


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