Thursday, August 5, 2010

9 August Featured Space: Bedroom

Where has this year gone?  It's already August, which means in less than a month the summer will be over and the little ones will be heading back to school.  WOW!

With a new month, I get to switch gears again and focus on a new space around the house - the bedroom!

A lot can happen in a bedroom, from getting ready for work and school to studying to relaxing with a good book to that little thing they call sleep.  It's definitely one of those multifunctional spaces!  And with bedrooms typically comes closets as well, which I will touch on also!

We currently are fortunate enough to sport a home with 4 bedrooms, one is used as a master bedroom, one as a shared bedroom for our two oldest boys, one as a bedroom for our youngest {which has been his since it was his nursery} and the last one is for our guests.

So what do I have up my sleeves for this month?  Well, first off, all year long I have been stashing away some goodies to give our guest bedroom a little bit of a face lift!

Along with that face lift, will also come the need to make the space more friendly and organized for our visitors! 

And although I have already touched on all the ways that I keep my kiddo's lives organized, I have big plans for their personal spaces as well!

Our little ones are going to do some movin!  And I don't mean by shakin' that booty, but by literally moving their bedroom spaces around!

It's time for our oldest, who just turned 9, to have his own personal space.  Oh if I would have been able to capture his reaction when I let him know, it was totally priceless!

So what once was this.....

.... will be no more...

The big bunk bed is getting moved to our youngest one's room, so the younger two can now share!

This means looking at both spaces in a whole new perspective.  And looking at their storage situation in a new perspective as well!  From my oldest needing a new headboard and study zone to the little ones needing a space that fits their fun personalities, this is gonna be a blast!

Oh, and have I mentioned, I have to rummage through my home and re-purpose and use things that I already own... yep, my husband gave me zero budget for all this moving around stuff.  EEK!  Knowing me, that won't happen, but what I will do is keep any spending at an uber minimum this time around, and get crazy creative when it comes to finding new uses for things I already have.

I already started brainstorming the new study space for P1.  It has a little to do with a closet and these accessories I have drummed up from around our dwelling:

So that's what I will be up to this month!  How about you guys?  What organizing, moving or projects are you excited to focus on this month?  What is your biggest organizing dilemma when it comes to the bedroom space?  This gal just has to know, so spill it!


  1. I'm so excited! Can't wait to see everything!

  2. Wow! 4 bedrooms, one month, lots of moving parts -- Can't wait to read all about it - especially the headboard re-do

  3. I'm excited to see everything too!

  4. I'm excited to see what you do with those spaces! For us, storage and floorspace is a major concern, along with a wacky room layout.. but I think we've tackled those things pretty well. :)


  5. I have some bedroom ideas up my sleeve too. Can't wait to see what you do!

  6. I am so excited to see what you do! I'm sure it will be amazing, as usual.

  7. This will be so much fun to see, can't wait! Even though we've got right at a year left in our current place, I know we'll be moving June/July next year so I'm already in "moving mode". I'm already sorting, donating, selling and down sizing. I've found the more I get rid of, the more I love it! It's so much easier to clean with less junk around! LOL Our bedroom has always felt 'dorm room' to me no matter what I do so maybe I'll glean a few ideas from you.

  8. I'm very excited to see the upcoming Bedroom posts! Well I'm generally excited about any post that you do. I'm inherently disorganised and messy and admire your discipline and go gettem attitude to keeping your family healthy. happy and organised.

    For August I plan to tackle the 'extra' things in my home. The piles of junk that have grown in the corners, boxes of things hiding behind the couch.... it's all gotta go! I'm working on a whole life makover bit by bit and my messy house has really been getting me down. So August is the time to shake things up!!

  9. I am moving into a new house on MONDAY! I have two boxes packed so far! HELP. :)


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