Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8 IHeart Regent Hill Photography!

Some of you may have noticed the one and only fabulous sponsor I sport on the sidebar.  Some of you may have noticed my new uber fancy profile picture.  Some of you may be a pal of mine on Facebook and seen the link to an amazing photography session done by my extremely talented pal, Emily, from Regent Hill Photography.  Some of you may have noticed it all!

Emily and I recently met through a mutual friend, and even before that, she was a reader of this here blog!  We had been chatting via email for awhile, and I was even able to feature her kitchen organizing projects in a previous Reader Space!

I had seen some of Emily's incredible photography skills online, which made me extra super ecstatic when she took on the task of doing a session for my crazy family of 5!

Photographing my always moving threesome of boys couldn't have been done easily, but Emily sure made it look like it was, and her pictures proved that even more!

I mean seriously!  All of them smiling at the very same time?  And a nice natural totally personality fitting smile?!  Talk about melting this mama's heart!

She even captured a totally fitting loving moment between Mr. Hubs and I!

And my most favorite shot of all?  Well, it was without a doubt, one of the sweetest and most treasured pictures I have ever had of our family!

Waiting the days, hours and minutes, for the enlarged poster print of that photo to show up at my door, is like slow water torture....

Emily is an an on-location, natural light photographer that lives & works in Minneapolis, MN. She enjoys working with families, kids, couples, high school seniors, pets, babies and more! She started taking pictures in high school and recently decided to make her passion, her job!  Lucky for all of us that she did!!

If you are located in the Twin Cities or Western Wisconsin area, I would highly recommend contacting Emily for photo-shoot information!

Thank you Emily for everything!  Capturing our family so well was an incredible gift!


  1. Thanks Jen! Your boys were so well behaved, they really made my job easy! :)

  2. Aww these pictures are absolutely adorable! You have a beautiful family!

  3. I just found you through another DIY blog and had to comment, b/c I am a MN blogger, too!

  4. Such a beautiful family, Jen! Y'all are so adorable.

  5. Oooh do you live in Minnesota? Me too :)


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