Wednesday, August 18, 2010

0 Reader Space: Kelli's Organizing Overhaul!

IHeart Wednesday's so much, because I have declared Wednesday with Reader Space day. You peeps have been amazing me by the boatloads lately! I mean, seriously it feels like Christmas EVERY SINGLE DAY thanks to you talented readers! I have a small stockpile of great spaces to feature so be prepared to snag a potato peeler, because your gonna need something to peel your eyes away from the awesomeness that is.... well... YOU!

Today I am featuring a couple of photos I snagged off of a readers blog, after she shared her organizing story with me!

Kelli wrote:

Hi. I have been a loyal follower of your blog since early spring. My friend Kristine, who you recently featured on your blog, is credited for introducing me to your site. I love your ideas and have really enjoyed seeing how you transform spaces to ensure optimal organization and function. You have set me into an organizational tail spin - which I have love. I have spent the summer organizing my home in preparation to head back to the classroom (I'm a teacher). I have a blog of my own and recently posted about you and the things I have done around my house. Thank you for all of your ideas. Keep them coming so I can keep copying them.


And here is some of Kelli's awesomeness at work and some of her details from her blog:

"After seeing my most recent organization project the hubs said there is medicine that can help with this. I replied that maybe if he was on some there would be no need for organization. Lol."

"The boys nursery was missing something between the door and the closet for some time. This space lived bare for a while. I took some inspiration from her little boys room and found this shelf at target and added bins that match ones from the boys closet. I heart this space.

"This was a direct copy from her blog. The cabinet with baby stuff already existed but the now hanging bibs were kind of just thrown in there where they would fit before."

"I spent a little time browsing Rate My Space's office room pictures. I kept seeing cute office organizers and wanted to add them in our office. I searched high and low to find not only ones I liked but inexpensive ones as well since I would be buying quite a few of them. I randomly found them at this ubber chic boutique down the street called Walmart. That's right folks Walmart. I am kind of digging that place right now."

"More storage bins. I finished up the pantry today. I sighed as I headed out to the store as I told the hub I'd be back once I tracked down some bins. He just laughed at my fake sigh and said that is was okay for me to be excited about organizing and there was no need hiding it. I think I am done organizing for a little bit or until IHeart Organizing comes up with something new that I need to copy."

So I am totally crushing on everything she has shared, especially the mega organizing happening in her kitchen spaces, all of her new bins, the vases used for her office supplies and her monograms!  But more importantly, I love knowing how much function was gained and time that will be saved down the line for her to spend with her adorable little munchkins!  And I have to say, I was definitely awe struck knowing how much inspiration was found via this here blog, it's definitely what keeps me coming back each day to share my passion.  I am grateful some of my ideas are being put to use out there, and I am even more grateful when you all share your organizing stories back with me!!

Congratulations Kelli on your newly organized spaces!

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