Monday, August 2, 2010

1 July Featured Space: Bathroom - Wrap Up!

I know July has come and gone, however, I wanted to do the Bathroom Featured Space some justice, with a quick wrap up post covering my list of top ten must haves for any fun and functional bathroom space!

In absolutely no particular order:

1.  Music!

Music makes everything more fun, and that includes your time in the bathroom!  We definitely heart and get mucho use out of our radio, which also doubles as our clock.  So, not only do we get to wake up with some tunes that will instantly set us up to face the day in a great mood, but we will always know how much time we have to get wherever we are going, as well!

2.  TP Storage.

It's so much nicer when your family and guests don't have to go rummaging through cupboards, drawers or even do an embarrassing call from the bathroom for some toilet paper.  Tossing some roles in a basket or vase is a fantastic solution to avoiding any awkward bathroom situations!

3.  Girly Girl Storage!

Whether for nail polish, makeup or hair bands and ties, us gals come with a lot of pretty products that require some of our bathroom space.  Using caddy's, makeup bags and leftover face wipe bins are great ways to corral all of your goodies on the cheap.

4.  Shower Caddy.

A good shower caddy is great for corralling all those shower goods and gives a ton of extra space on the shower shelves, stools and bars for what they are intended for.  Caddy's can corral as much or as little as you wish, they are extremely versatile and come in loads of different options!

5.  Medicine Storage.

Snagging a latch top bin or a basket and placing it on a high shelf out of kiddos reach, is the perfect solution to corralling all of those first aid supplies and medicines.  If a high up shelf isn't an option, a locking bin would be the safest second option if you have little ones running around.  Want to take on some extra credit?  Print off this first aid reference chart {courtesy of}, and toss it inside your medicine bin! 

6.  Towel Hooks.

Whether going to towel hook or towel bar route, either way you have it, they are better than tossing a towel over the shower curtain to dry!  Towel bars and hooks come in endless designs and forms, it's all about what works best for the individual's using the bathroom.  Either way, it offers a cleaner more organized appeal and can identify who's towel is who's. 

7.  Cleaning Supplies.

Cleaning Supplies right in reach within the bathroom is a fantastic idea, because any mom can vouch that bathroom's are one of the quickest places to get dirty.  And germs also really enjoy hanging out in bathrooms, so keeping a little caddy of cleaning items tucked out of sight, is a fantastic way to rid of germs and clean up on the spot messes in a jif. 

8.  Soap Storage.

Whether liquid or bar soap, keeping some on hand is super important.  And storing it can be done in so many ways, from attractive pumps to bowls or mugs...

9.  Toothbrush Storage.

Another no brainer here.  Bathroom's are typically the zone for keeping those pearly whites, pearly white, therefore, dental care often is stored in the bathroom zone.  I typically tend to keep my toothbrushes right at arms reach in either a cup or a vase, but there are also wall and drawer storage options as well!!

10.  Shelving!

Oh boy did I show the benefits of shelving in a bathroom this month or what?  From using adorable floating shelves to hold perfume, or cubby shelves to store toiletries and hold towels, to a tall shelf that can act as a linen closet, shelving is a fantastic option for any bathroom space.  Whether or bathroom is large or small, shelves help to corral items, keep them off of counters and keep necessities in arms reach!  And IHeart a multitasker like that!

That's what I find to be most important to keep any bathroom space functioning to it's fullest potential.  What did I miss?  Anyone have any other bathroom "must haves" that keep you smiling while brushing your pearls?  How about no fail ways to speed up your morning bathroom routine?

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  1. We are just starting a bathroom renovation (well, let's be honest, someone else is doing it for us)but I am looking forward to doing this part - the details - making the bathroom a totally usable space for us. Thanks for all the tips - can't wait to see what is up for August!


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