Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2 IHeart Blog Updates!

IHeart Organizing got some new tabs!  Anyone notice??

All sorts of love is going on, feel free to check it out!

  • A brand new Before & After Page, showing all of the projects I have chatted about on the blog!
  • My Online Project Sideshow which showcases all my favorite organizing "After" pictures in the form of a sideshow!
  • More information on how you can Contact Me, and for all sorts of fun reasons!

And as some of you know, I totally dig making spreadsheet checklists to keep me organized, and IHeart to share with you!  However, my Excel broke awhile back and I have been MIA in the labels and spreadsheets department for awhile.  I am back though, with it all fixed, and I am gearing up to update all of my spreadsheets and share them with you via a link on the sidebar!

I already have my Cleaning Checklist updated and posted on the sidebar {as chatted about in this post}, so feel free to check it out and print yourself a copy!  If you are ever looking for a personalized and customized checklist, please contact me for pricing options!

And now with Excel all fixed, I will finally be able to get around to that "How to use Excel for Labels" tutorial post I have been so excited to do!

Thank you all again and again for your continuous support and love!  I am lucky to have such joyous readers who make me smile multiple times a day!  I hope to continue to make updates that are helpful for you, and I am always looking for your suggestions!


  1. I ♥ the before and afters tab!! :) And of course the spreadsheets b/c I'm an Excel geek!

  2. Awesome new layout, so user friendly!!! I however can not access your checklist, it comes up with an error:( Keep up the amazing work your such and inspiration!!!


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