Tuesday, September 21, 2010

19 IHeart: Vases

So yesterday when I posted Items IHeart for September, I mentioned a little somethin' somethin' about these fantastic white vases....

I thought it would be fun {maybe more for me?!} to show you WHY IHeart them as much as I do!

I recently ran to Ikea with my bestest and I snagged a couple more white vases.  Yes, I think I have an addiction.  But it got me thinking.  There must be something about them.  Something that draws me to them.  Something that says, "Yes, I am a white vase and I am amazing!"

And then I realized what it was.  Not only do they have absolutely adorable designs all over them, that can easily be mixed and matched without being overwhelming in any space, but they also are insanely versatile when it comes to using them for storage around the house {AND THEY ARE CHEAP!}.

Here is what I mean....

Of course I use them for the typical flower holding... here they are corralling some of my fakes:

On a shelf in our new bathroom

But I also decided to stretch their potential!

Remember our play room?  Yep, art supply storage galore in the form of?  White vases!

And again in our new office space:

In which I use them to hide some small electronic cords, camera batteries, SD cards, ink and label maker cartridges!

And then when we squashed our two living spaces together, I decided to use one as a pretty remote control holder!

Then I moved to my busy kitchen.  I change my counters ALL the time as you probably have noticed by now.  And this time, I plopped some rolled up dish towels into a, you guessed it, vase!

Now they are right in arms reach of the sink!

And finally, these white vases are coming to my rescue and will ultimately be my secret weapon in a little kitchen drawer project I am secretly working on!

Oh yes, they hold kitchen utensils too!

I am sure that as my time goes on, I will find more and more uses for the white vases IHeart so, because when something works, you gotta stick with it!

How about you all?  Any other white vase obsessed friends out there?  What do you guys use vases for, other than flowers?  I would heart to know why you heart these as much as I!


  1. Good Morning! I have a vase from some lovely Valentine flowers (from a pretty fabulous ex boyfriend....shhhhh) that I use to hold my make up brushes and pencils.

  2. What size did you purchase of the white vases? I love all the different ways you use them

  3. I have about 6 of those Ikea white pots in different styles and sizes. I always buy more each time I go. I use them for plants and flowers of course but also hair clips, cat toys, pocket change, small office stuff, etc. I heart them as well :)

  4. That close up shot of the Crayons reminds me of the Mr. Rogers episode at the Crayola factory. Kind of random, I know.

    I haven't been to Ikea in a while...I think I might need to schedule a trip this weekend. :-)

  5. Very nice Jen!! I have a trip to Ikea planned soon and I might just have to get a few of those versatile vases!!


  6. Hi Kathy!

    I have purchased many different sizes, typically just the smaller sizes thus far but I am dreaming up some ways I could use the larger ones as well.

    Small ones used for art supplies: about 4" tall
    Medium ones for florals: about 5" tall
    Medium large one for remotes: about 5" tall
    Tall medium ones for towels/utensils:about 6.5" tall


  7. Aren't they heavy/breakable?
    I love the idea of art supplies in playroom, but I know for sure that my monkeys will find a way to climb and pull them all down. (I currently use colorful metal $1 buckets from Target for that)

  8. I have 3 of these that I have fake plants in(I have no green in my thumb!) and now I want more with the ideas you just shared! To bad IKEA is 2.5 hrs one way from me!

  9. Hi Smitha,

    The ones I used for craft supplies are very light and have been extremely durable thus far, however, I am sure they may break if dropped onto a hard surface. My little ones can not reach them where I had them located which prevents any unnecessary drops or coloring on the wall frenzies.


  10. I originally bought the white vases (just 3) for a party. I used them for plastic wear and for flowers. I'm planning on going to IKEA soon because I need a desk or two for my office area. I'll probably get some of those. I'm definately getting the small white baskets too.

  11. I heart those aswell! I have a few around the place-one with parsley growing, one upside down with a candle on top in my room, one in the kitchen holding coffee sticks, and a few more yet to be used :)

  12. hi jen! great ideas... thanks for linking up to a crafty soiree last week-- would love to see you tomorrow (-: malia

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one with obsessions - my hubby shakes his head! The vases are so crisp and clean looking, simple but elegant. Thank goodness we have IKEA in Oz otherwise I'd be jealous! We've got a few around the house...one for loose change, small lego bits, hair/make up stuff. Jamie Durie has a range at Big W - more like a pot plant (the butterflies look 3D) I'm using these for potted flowers. I figure this is cheaper than a bunch of flowers ... unfortunately for me I'm no green thumb but they last longer. I have them out on our patio and can view from kitchen each day - pretty!!

  14. I have those very same vases and have used them for a variety of things. There's just something so right about them.


  16. I too have an addiction to these gorgeous vases! I bought 12 of them for my wedding reception to use as center pieces, now I use them for everything just like you do. I swear we are so similar, I am a loyal Ikea client. :)

  17. I recently bought 3 of these little beauties and would like to buy several more. You can't beat the price & they are good for so many things! Ikea is a GREAT store!

  18. Hi! I`m glad that I found your blog. I too love those vases! I`m glad we have IKEA here in Finland too. My craft space has a lot of things from there: tables, chairs, bookshelves ....

    And one other thing I love is those white metalvases for plants and small candles with lacelike decorations on top. (I hope you understand my english :) )

  19. What are the diameter of the ones you use in your kitchen for your utensils? Is it the 4 3/4 in or the 7 in?


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