Monday, September 20, 2010

6 Items IHeart: September

So I am back with my monthly list of items I am totally crushing on at the moment.  Some old, some new, some tired and some blue "green"?

1.  Wallpaper.

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I am so gaga over everything wallpaper lately.  I think I am still feeling inspired by the dramatic transformation I saw it take my new office closet, that I can't wait to use it again, and again... and well, again!  This stuff is so incredibly versatile also, it doesn't just look amazing on walls.  Use it as drawer liners, or to back a bookcase, or to matte a piece of art! 

2.  Ecover Stain Remover.

I recently found this stuff at a local grocery store and I was jumping up and down in the middle of the isle squealing like a dirty little piglet!  No joke.  Why?  Well, I guess I haven't been very excited with the selection of "green" stain removing products out and about at the typical shopping centers {i.e. Target, Walmart...}  So the second I found this stuff, I nabbed it up and put it right to the test on some spaghetti sauce stains on little Parker's shirt.  What impressed me was the stain was basically gone before I even put it into the washer, which left me with an amazingly happy and secure feeling!  And of course, it was gone after a quick cycle, so I was pleased as pie.

3.  White Planters.

Oh my goodness, I think I snag up a couple of these puppies every single time I head to IKEA.  I can't get enough {stay tuned for a post as to more why details soon}.  Every time I have brought one home, it instantly get's used, and not for plants {maybe once}, yet for storage.  Storage of art supplies, storage of remotes, storage of hand towels and cords..... seriously, there isn't much these attractive beauties that come in many sizes, couldn't hold!  Except for maybe your hand...

4.  Acrylic Drawer Organizers.

I guess this probably doesn't come as a shock to many, however, I am in love with all things clear and acrylic when it comes to storage, for SO many reasons.  So as I was recently working on a little drawer project {which will also be divulged in the near future}, I couldn't help but snag up some acrylic drawer organizers, and I really couldn't help with sharing a little early, just how much IHeart them.  They really lend a clutterless feeling within the drawer, that totally can't be explained until I get to show you the pics.  Just trust me on this one...

5.  Circolo Beauty Bin.

I recently stumbled upon this toiletry bin when I was searching for something else, and now I totally am going to have to add this to my personal wish list.  I currently use a canvas tote for dragging all my bathroom goodies from spot to spot around our homestead {long story, but some days I move from my bathroom to the main bathroom to get ready closer to the kiddos}.  So when I move, I use a tote that typically holds most of my beauty items.  It works, that's why I also heart totes.  But this would be even more fantastical for this organizing obsessed gal.  And it would also be uber perfect for any college guy or gal sharing bathroom spaces with others.  Love it!

So there you have it.  A quick top 5 things that have totally caught my eye this month.  What's catching yours?  Anything you have picked up recently that you just heart so much you have to share the details with me?!

P.S.  No one is giving me any extra monetary love to heart these items, and I totally can't be held responsible if you find yourself not hearting them as much as I.  I am just sharing my opinion based off of either my own personal experiences or what I find to be intriguing.


  1. I love the toiletry bin...that would've been great when I was in college!

  2. I love that toiletry bin and I also love the white planters. I haven't seen that stain remover before but I love that they made a "green" one. To be honest wallpaper scares me a little...

  3. I was wondering what size planters you used? They really are cute and can be used many places.

  4. Hi Sara!

    I have purchased many different sizes, typically just the smaller sizes thus far but I am dreaming up some ways I could use the larger ones as well.

    Small ones used for art supplies: about 4" tall
    Medium ones for florals: about 5" tall
    Medium large one for remotes: about 5" tall
    Tall medium ones for towels/utensils: about 6.5" tall

    Hope that helps!


  5. Would you please tell us where the toiletry bags came from? Thanks.

  6. Hi Anonymous!

    You can find the toiletry bag here:




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