Thursday, September 9, 2010

6 Reader Space: A Linen Closet Story

I want to give some mega high fives to Nikki and her hubs for creating some incredibly effective storage out of a once not so effective bathroom nook.  {HIGH FIVE!}  And then I want to give them some mucho hugs for taking it even further and getting it in tip top organized shape!  {HUGS!}  And then I want to jump up and down because Nikki got that organizing portion of the project done for .... FREE!!  {I am totally hopping around like a crazy Easter rabbit... and hopefully she is too!}

Seriously, I have the best hobby.  You awesome folks send me so many great and inspiring stories!

Nikki wrote:

Hi Jen,

I'm a new reader, and am really enjoying your blog. I have gone through your archives and read just about everything. I thought I would share "a linen closet story" with you.

We are renters. Our home came with a very awkward space for storing linens and such. We decided that building a linen closet would be worth the money to not have to look at all of our "stuff" anymore. 

We only have one bathroom, so once the closet was built it filled up really fast.

I didn't like how cluttered it looked every time I opened it up so I knew it was time to get with it. I went through and got rid of expired items, and things that we didn't use. I then gathered baskets from my stash that weren't being used and put everything back with like items together.

It was simple and looks so much better. It's also so much easier to find stuff. It feels so good to have this closet organized.

nikki's nacs

Totally impressive right?  To take a not small nook and make it into an entirely functional linen closet?  And then to give it a top to bottom makeover for FREE, just using items she already had?  So inspiring!

Thanks SO much Nikki for sharing your awesomeness with us!

What's your favorite part?  Anyone else have a linen closet success story to share?

Today we are going to try something a little new year at IHeart Organizing and hop on the linking up bandwagon!  If you have a linen closet story as well or any other closet organizing story to share, feel free to link up and share it that way!  I would love to be able to hop on over and see your story {link up for this week only, sharing your closet makeovers!}

This could be great, hope you all take a moment to share!

P.S.  Have an awesome story to share?  How about some organizing tips and tricks?  Maybe a project completed from an inspiration found?  Please send your story and photos to and I would heart to feature them right here, on the blog!!


  1. ohhh great job! I love the baskets. I am a huge believer in coralling thigs - and if can look cute in the process, even better!!!!

    My linen closet has not been redone recently, but I did just redo my laundry room and posted about it :)

    thanks for the easy no-cost tips!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. She did a great job! It's always amazing what you can achieve with a little time, determination, and creativity.

    I added our master bedroom closet makeover to your linky - it's a little more than an organizational story, but I hope it still counts! Hopefully soon we'll have lots of other closets to tackle (once we finish up our master bedroom remodel, that is!).


  3. I would love to know how other people store their sheets! Maybe I am just a terrible sheet folder :-), but they are never quite the same size to stack, take up a ton of room, and just generally look messy.

  4. WAVING MY HAND SCREAMING FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your blog.

  5. Hi Anonymous!

    I agree with you, mine look different each and every time I fold them! Just found this tutorial on Martha Stewart's site:

    Maybe that will help us?


  6. This is awesome!! My bathroom closet is about half the size of this if you can believe it...and I have spent the last five years changing things around and trying to figure out a way to best utilize the little space we have. I LOVE this!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


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