Wednesday, September 29, 2010

4 Reader Space: Shannon's Creative Closet Solution

I just heart when you all think outside the "box", and come up with new ways to use typical everyday items.  It's so incredible the organization that can happen, just by finding the perfect object and saying "I am not going to use you for shoes, oh no, I am going to use you to fix my hat and mitten problem!"  And that is definitely what Shannon did when figuring out how to tackle some closet chaos she had going on.

Shannon wrote:

Hi Jen!

First I wanted to say I love your blog!  You've given me so many ideas since I started following your adventures.  I don't know how you manage to keep your house so organized with your busy life - but I am very impressed!

Since this is "closet organization" month - I thought I would pass along an organizing adventure of my own: 

The front hall closet is still a work in progress, but the hanging shoe organizer has made a huge difference so far!  (And I imagine will only be more helpful once the cool weather is here to stay.)  
So keep up the great work and keep those tips coming!  They definitely help inspire me to organize areas of my home that I didn't even realize were a mess! (but ooh - it makes such a difference once I do!)



Are you all ready to see how a shoe organizer solved all of her hat and mitten problems in the most oh so fabulous organized way?  Can you hear the pitter patter of my heart from there?

Shannon blogged:

"Our hats and gloves were kept at the bottom of the closet in plastic bins, way out of reach."

This really deterred us from grabbing a pair of gloves when we probably should have.  And it meant that we defaulted to whatever {hat, glove, etc.} happened to be sitting on top.  I am sure all my other adorable hats felt very neglected last winter!

So to start this closet organization, I would tackle my hat/glove problem first.  I needed an easy way to organize all of these items so everything would be easy to grab, as well as highly visible.  That way Hubby could never say "I just forgot to grab my gloves."

So I went to Bed Bath and Beyond {it was a nice little Saturday}, and picked up this:

A canvas shoe organizer.  The canvas variety does not allow the pocket contents to be as visible as clear, plastic versions - but it does "hide messiness" better.  And it makes everything look a bit more uniform.  Plus, I think the canvas ones hold up a bit better, and can easily be spot cleaned.

So I took down the hooks that were in place when we moved in, and hung the organizer.  Better already!

Then I just began filling the pockets.  I put all of Hubby's stuff on the right, and me on the left, but saved the bottom row for Riley's accouterments.

I put mittens together, separated hats, and still had empty pockets.  Everything fit perfectly.

And the pockets help me contain Riley's leashes - with the added benefit that her tags will stop swinging around, and marking up the door each time we open or close the closet.

The plastic bins at the bottom of the closet are still in use, however.  They now contain only our snow and ski stuff.  It not every day that you need to break out snow pants or ski goggles - so I didn't mind that those were kept slightly out of the way.

Even though the organization project isn't done, and we haven't had to utilize those hats or mittens just yet, knowing that everything is ready to go for winter is enough!

Are you all swooning with me right now?!  I am SO impressed with how perfect her solution was!  I mean, totally an AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL use of space!!  Sure got my brain wheels spinning!

I just heart that she no longer will have to bend over and dig in a pesky bin each and every time she or her hubby has to head out into the cool air!  And that she can see exactly what she has, and choose accordingly!  And to have her doggy stuff right in arms reach as well!  It all makes oh so much sense!

Congratulations on your newly organized closet Shannon, I am sure you will find pleasure and comfort each time you open that door this winter!  And THANK YOU for sharing your story!

So what do you guys think!?  Impressive right?  Who else is using a shoe organizer for something other than shoes?  What other things are you all drumming up, in which you changed the original purpose of an item to create incredible storage?

Wanna link up your story?  I would heart it if you would!

P.S.  Have an awesome story to share?  How about some organizing tips and tricks?  Maybe a project completed from an inspiration found?  Please send your story and photos to and I would heart to feature them right here, on the blog!!


  1. Oh yes, that's the best solution ever!! I've done it for about a year now and LOVE it!

  2. I love these organizers. I linky'd up and showed how I used mine to hold all my cables...for the phones, camera,

  3. I've been using those shoe organizers for years for craft items and even used one on the back of a bathroom door at one time for lotions and potions, etc. They are super handy! I have a friend who uses one on the inside of her pantry door to organize little items like misc. spices or whatever.

  4. I just found your blog and love it!! I've actually been reading tons of back postings, and stumbled across this! I love it. I've been using a shoe organizer for a while for my sewing and crafting tools, and it works great. But I've been trying to find a good solution for hats/scarves/gloves/etc and didn't even think of this! I may have to go get a couple more of these organizers for various places in the house!! :)


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