Monday, January 3, 2011

22 A Happy and Organized 2011 {and a freebie!}

To ramp up for 2011, I spent some time over the holidays, reading through all of your comments shared with me here, when I asked for advice and ideas surrounding IHeart Organizing.

It was incredibly exactly what I needed to brew up a couple of new ideas for the blog this year!  However, I also got a lot of, "Just keep doing what you are doing!" and that made me blush with happiness!  Thank you!!

Here are a couple of thoughts I have for the blog this year:
  • Showing more mess!  We are human, we have messes.  Which is why we do most of the projects we do... I will try do do a better job capturing the messy process that we go through to get to an organized end.  I always say, "It get's worse before it gets better."  This year, I hope to visually prove that!
  • Organizing for small spaces.  This was a HUGE request.  I will be honest, many of the items we do, are because we in fact, have a very small space for a family of five plus pooch.  We are currently residing on one floor of a ranch home that is approximately 1200 square feet.  Although we have a lower level, it's definitely not functional at the moment, and was short lived when we did have one.  So I can absolutely relate to small space living... We run into one another, trip over our poor pup, constantly feel the need to simplify and downsize so we don't feel taken over by things and clutter.... This year I am going to break out the flip cam and share a house tour.  And then really focus on small space living and things we do and plan to do to maximize every inch that we have.
  • Challenge you!  Each week, for fun and to see what you crazy kids have been up to, I have been offering linky parties to share your projects.  I absolutely LOVE to visit your blog homes and see your awesomeness!  In fact, it's one of my favorite parts of running this blog!  And as you may know, last year I typically focused on one space per month, and called it my "Featured Space".  So this year I would like to take it to a new level and smoosh the two, by offering one monthly challenge at the beginning of the month, and showcasing all of the results at the end of the month.   I haven't quite figured out all the logistics, but this is something I really want to host this year!  So stay tuned for more!
  • Blog roll!  Many asked for a list of blogs that inspire me.  Check this off of my "To Do" list, it's on the sidebar my friends!
  • You!  We all want more of you!  Keep on sending in those reader spaces!  And I am hoping to do some more reader raids this year and actually venture away from my own abode to help fellow friends and clients!  Eeek, that's right!  I am taking the plunge this year.  This is the year that I leave my comfort zone and head out to help others.  And if they are willing to let me, I will share their success stories with you here on the blog!  I CAN'T WAIT!
  • More Q&A posts.  I get oodles of questions a day.  Talk about flattering right?  I try to do what I can to answer them as timely as possible {forgive me if you have one still waiting for reply, my son popped into my smart-phone awhile back and lost a boatload and I am trying to recover them}, but I haven't been the best about sharing the questions and answers with you.  I have always had the philosophy, if you have a question, most likely, someone else does too.  I love to share back the questions you ask in the form of a post, I just haven't been great about doing so.  2011 is the year!
  • More simple solutions.  It's funny because as a writer and a DIY'er, I get most excited about sharing big reveals or giant projects, but in actuality, it's the little things that really get the most love from you {like the Got 15? posts and quick cleaning tips}.  And it totally makes sense, who has two weeks, the space and extra moola floating around to build a whole new workspace?  Sure, inspiration is great and I am such a sucker for trying to create big projects and impacts on a low budget, but this year I am going to find more balance in sharing all the quick and easy little hits, that still can make a giant impact! 
Last year I couldn't believe where the blog went.  I started out just sharing some tips and tricks with my friends and family and over the course of the year, my new blog family grew.  So much fun!  I couldn't imagine life without the blog and it's funny because I think that I say the word, "blog" more times in a day than anyone should... {My husband and I are going to place a bet to see if I can make it through one full day without spouting out that word... I will let you know how that goes!}  So THANK YOU over and over for your daily support, comments and love.  I adore you.  And it's amazing how much can happen in a year, so as much as I have some plans, who really knows what might be waiting around the corner...

Along with trying to revamp things a little and updating some content... here is a quick list of items I have on my blog post idea list:
  • 2011 Blog Ideas
  • Organizing Paperwork.  Budget.  Bills.  Filing.  
  • Updating our Shelf Display
  • Painting Trim White
  • Digital Photo Organization
  • Coupon Organizing
  • Winter Gear Storage
  • Lego Organizing
  • Secret Storage Room
Most of these ideas are there because they are either on my "To Do" list {like organizing boatloads of digital photos and figuring out a good coupon system} or because I have been secretly working on these things behind the scenes and don't want to forget to share the goods... {Oh my goodness I painted the rest of the trim in the house white!}

And what is this "Blog Idea List" I speak of?  

I figured that a person that runs an organizing blog, should have an organized list to keep ideas on!

Here is one you can download and use also {just click the link below the picture to download}!

{click here to download your FREE copy of the Blog Ideas printable}

What's on your blog idea list this year?  Did I miss anything that you would just love to see happen here?  What types of challenges would you like to see?

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Hi!

    I am a new reader, and I am so excited to follow along and participate in the challenges this year. I heart organizing, too!

    :) Laura

  2. Jen - I'm on your sidebar?!! Thanks! It is truly an honor! I have "boatloads of digital photos" that need organizing too! Can't wait to see what you come up with there!

  3. My bloggy to-do list is over a mile long! Yikes! Luckily I follow this great organizational blog.... =) haha thanks for the inspiration chica!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. I am looking forward to what you have in store this year!!!

  5. i'm looking for crafty ideas, like, if a group of a dozen mom's are together, a quick fun cheap useful activity. like a scrapbooking party, but an organizing party.

  6. Oh, oh, oh! I am so excited to see lego organising on your blog list. I am going spare trying to work out how best to store my sons' lego in a way that makes sense to them, isn't too much work for me, is inaccessible to their little sisters, and allows for both creative play and building from instructions...
    Can't wait to see what solutions you might have!

    Also, just wanted to say that I had you bookmarked for a long time then deleted you in September or so (I was feeling guilty about too much blog-reading time). However, I kept thinking of how pretty and inspirational yet USEFUL your site was so I hunted you down again and have worked my way through the ones I missed. That's how much I like your site! :-)

  7. I can't wait to hear how you organize your "boatloads" of digital files, and your coupons! I have so many of each and look to you for inspiration every day!!

  8. My mom NEEDS the lego organizing post! I will need it in a few years (my two sons are 2 yrs old and 2 months old). I'm already e-mailing her your label system, because if your 5 yr. old can fold and put away laundry, my 8 yr. old brother sure as heck better hop onto that train! I also linked to your magic eraser post for fridge handles on my blog and got my own kitchen sparkling just last week!

    But back to legos... he wants a system that can store complete ships/shuttles/boats/aircraft/etc for playing with them after building them, for storing instructions, and for keeping little hands out. I wonder if those are things that your little guys want/need too, or if they just keep their complete creations out for a while before they deconstruct, store, and later reconstruct... keep on keepin' on and enjoy the fresh start (or continuation?) this new year!

  9. Just found your blog, and am already so excited to follow this year! The first project on my list for the year is to whip my house in organized shape. I can already tell I'll learn a lot from you :)

  10. Jen, I'm so excited for all the things to come this year! You have inspired me to organize my home in small ways....Got 15 Nightstand drawer post simplified my before bed routine.....and in big ways, and I am currently in the midst of organizing our junky messy home office (it definitely has gotten worse). You keep us all going in the process of organizing our lives, simplifying our homes, and adding a ton of beauty! we love you!!

  11. I just bought a Momagenda planner, yay! I had steered clear of them in the past, because I'm not a mom, but after looking at the site, I found out they have Myagenda planners! Now I can have one and avoid the "are you pregnant" questions! Yay! Thanks Jen for all the ideas!

  12. I just spent a week working on my digital photo archives!

    I would absolutely love to know some coupon organizing ideas. I want to start couponing but don't feel I have figured out a good system. Help!

  13. I am so excited how this year is going to turn out! I've been reading your blog a months now and I love it! Thanks for the ideas and one day I can share with you my projects!

  14. Totally loving your blog so far! :) And what sweet and adorable boys. I have two- can't believe it! :)

  15. Thanks for the "Blog ideas" PDF. I'll be looking for your post about organizing your digital files.

  16. Thanks for the link in your blog roll :) and the "blog ideas" download, I love it! Looking forward to another year of inspiring posts from you!

  17. Your blog gave me googly eyes :). Thank you for the awesome ideas!

  18. I am a new reader as of today!

    My goal for 2011 is to go room by room in my house, clear it out and completely organize it. I am SO happy to have found your blog!

    I cannot wait to delve into your previous posts as well as to see what you have coming in the new year.

    I JUST got my son's legos organized after he got a whole bunch of new sets for Christmas. So far it is working for him and it has kept things contained.

  19. I love the Got 15? I do a 10 minute project every Tuesday. I set my timer and everything! Tomorrow I am tackling kids cups. Sippy cups beware!

    Also thanks for the great download!

  20. Jen, This is perfect for my 21 day organizing challenge. Thanks so much!


  21. Bring it on, Sista! Get my mess in order!

  22. Thanks so much for creating all the printables you do! I just LOVE all the bright colors you use! I just featured this printable here:

    Go check it out! And keep up the great work! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!


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