Saturday, January 1, 2011

20 IHeart Organizing! Favorite Projects from 2010!

I am going to hop on the ol' blog bandwagon again, and share my top posts from each month in 2010.  It's quite incredible for me personally to see how this blog has grown and evolved through the year, and I am beyond excited to see what is in store for 2011!  I couldn't me more grateful and excited to have the readers I do, you all keep this blog afloat and motivate me on a daily basis, so many thanks to you!


I started working on transforming our sitting nook into a home office space, and created a couple of memo boards for the wall along the way:


And started working on our kitchen by tackling our spice cabinet:

And fashioning a DIY no sew clip bag for the pantry:


Revealed our pantry closet makeover:

Shared how we keep our nest clean:

Shared our tricks to getting the kiddos to help with their laundry:

Gave you a peak into the kiddo's uber organized play haven:

Made a couple of organizing projects for the boy's, like tins for their drawing supplies:

And clips to hold their masterpieces:


I organized my freezer, SO much better:

Made over some incredible nightstands in my bff's bedroom:

Revealed how we hide toys in our main living areas:

And shared the system we use to organize all of our media:


Got to work in the garage.  Revealed the whole makeover here, which included our pet station:

Getting our tools in order:

Corralling all of those outdoor kid toys:

And transforming a Kleenex box into a seed packet holder:

Inside, we updated our coat closet to contain storage for cords and batteries:


Headed to the laundry room to organize the little things:

Prettied up a drink bin with a decal:

And shared our detergent storage method:

My bff and I wrapped up her bedroom makeover, it turned out divine!


We installed a new shelf to organize perfume bottles in the bath:

Organized my pretty nail things:

Made over our main bathroom, by adding some decorative labeled towel hooks:

Along with DIY hand towel and toiletry storage:

And revealed the entire storage packed transformation:


We started switching up the sleeping quarters around in the upstairs, between the boy's rooms, and then our basement flooded...

So we moved the master bedroom to the guest room and worked some updates to make it functional for us until the basement can be refinished someday.  We painted out the closets, installed wallpaper and new storage units:

And then installed a new desk space on the other side:

And I shared some tips on making your own DIY labels on the computer:


We continued to organize our new sleeping quarters, like ensuring our nightstands were neat and tidy:

And updating a tray for our nightly water habits:

We purged and organized our clothes in our new closet space:

And concealed it by adding some curtains:


Back to the kitchen to install some wine glass storage:

Organized our utensil drawers, they sure were disastrous!

Tackled our shoe closet, and beautified it a bit!

And shared our fridge secrets:


I tackled our kiddie cabinet:

Transformed a clear mail bin into something not so "plane":

And completely transformed our oldest son's closet to give him the ultimate study zone:

 I popped some chalk labels onto some baskets which made a huge and fun impact to our shoe closet:

And took control of all those papers that come home from school!


We did it again....

Tackled the laundry room again in the aftermath of the flood:

Gave my stationery a new home:

And updated our shelving display to be more festive for the holidays:

Now breathe... ahh....

Such a busy year.  So much accomplished.... So much I can't wait to dig into next year!  This blog has been a blast, and it couldn't be what it is without YOU!  Thank you all for the questions and reader spaces that also provide oodles of daily inspiration to the readers throughout the year! 

What was your biggest organizing success in 2010?  How about favorite IHeart Organizing project?  Anyone implement any ideas in their own abodes?


  1. I love all of this! I am pretty organized, usually, however I am going to be doing some turbo organizing now that the holidays are over. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration! I look forward to reading your blog each day.

    p.s how many lace baskets do you have, lol? I think I might need another! :O)

  3. Great post. I'm going to spend some time visiting all the links - esp. as I only started reading your blog in August. Thanks so much for all you do here. I fell in love with your blog (and organising style) the moment I saw it - can't believe it took me so long to find you. You have really inspired me to look for ways to improve my home.


  4. I'm still fairly new to your blog and I love it! I am going to go back and look at some of these. I am in need of some inspiration around here as I have many things planned for our spaces.

  5. Hooray! Such a fabulous year of organizational gorgeousness! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for 2011 <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. You are one organised gal! I got a new wardrobe installed and being able to organise all my clothes and jewellery was fantastic makes getting dressed so much easier. Although I'm still to find a way to hang my necklaces, scarves and hats, put up a mirror, and the shoes are getting their haven in our hallway cupboard.

  7. I just love how clean everything looks. Love your blog. So excited to see what you have for 2011

  8. All of your ideas are inspiring. WHere did your friend get her bedding set. I love it?

  9. So wonderful! Thanks for the recap...I only found you a few months ago, so it was nice to see some highlights from the whole year!!

    So if you had to pick your favorite project of the year...what would it be? I love them all and it would be difficult to choose. But maybe you have a favorite and I'm curious!!

  10. Hi Toni!

    She found her bedding at Target, it is a Dwell Studio set. Here is the link:


  11. Hi Christine!

    My favorite is torn between my kitchen utensil drawers, the garage and any of our office/desk spaces!

    Any project, big or small, is great though, as long as it is positively impacting in how we live our daily lives!


  12. Ah. Mah. Gah! I only found your blog in the last couple of months, and am going to make a resolution for 2011 to go through your archives. There is AMAZING stuff in here. You are a genius. Wow!


  13. Sua casa é linda... adorei...



  14. Wow! I'm a FIRST TIME reader on this post and I have to say I'm so excited to find your blog! My goal is to get (and stay) organized this year. We have a new baby on the way and 3 children seems like it will be impossible unless I make some major lifestyle changes. Looking forward to "getting to know you" more this year! Have a blessed day!


  15. I just came upon your blog and LOVE your organization. I have been frustrated with this task myself and to see all your great organized areas was inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Spread the word! You were featured on Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest!

  17. wow, awesome!!! Are you afraid you are going to run out of things to organize? :-) Sometimes I feel like I'll run out, but then something else comes undone & I have to re-do it. Seems I'm not that great at maintenance! Off to look at more...

  18. You're AMAZING and worse than me! I LOVE IT!!
    Newest follower... =)


  19. This relly helped me organize my stuff thanks (:

  20. This relly helped me organize my stuff thanks (:


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