Tuesday, March 1, 2011

17 Got 15? Nothing "Junky" about this challenge!

Last week I pushed out a little mini-challenge and you all have really been rockin' out those drawers!  Thank YOU so much to everyone who has been linking up their awesomeness to share with us this week!

Oh my, have you been back to look at all the linked up inspiration?  So much fun!  Here are a couple of the drawers you will see....

Common theme amongst all these incredibly organized and functional drawers?  I would say, containerization.  There are days when I think that a junk drawer is just a dumping ground and it shouldn't exist because everything needs a place.  But the junk drawer IS THE PLACE for misc. items that really have no where else to go!  But, junk drawers can also quickly get out of hand, unless dividers and containers are brought in.

Containerizing keeps items in categories so they will be easier to find!  Plus, it reduces them from rolling around into the drawer and meshing into a giant pile of mess!  Lastly, it makes it more challenging to just dump every random thing into the drawer when containers are in the way!  That's a good thing!

I see everyone got really creative with their containers.  Mesh baskets, leftover boxes, bowls and yogurt cups.  It shows it doesn't necessarily matter WHAT you use, anything can become a container!  Love the no moola makeovers!

So I promised to share in this excitement and tackle my own drawer as well!

I started with this, which already had a drawer divider {from Ikea}, I just wasn't using it correctly....

I pulled everything out and dumped it on the counter.

Then, I lined the drawer just like I did here for the utensil drawers.

And I sorted through all the items on the counter.... How many screwdrivers do we really need?

It's hard to tell, but there are categories going on here.....

Baggies of misc. hardware, command hooks and magnet clips galore, Scentsy scents, random useless items... you name it, that's what the drawer is for right?

Here is the important part.  I realized that the drawer was becoming a dumping ground for some items that already had real homes.... back to their homes they went.  Like screwdrivers and misc hardware, which had bins in the garage.

This paired down a lot of the items, the rest either went into the garbage or back into the drawer.

Ahhhh, much better!

Starting in the back, the Scentsy packages got snipped down a little to fit standing up and still be able to close the drawer:

All of the Command Hooks and other hooks and clips all were categorized together in another compartment:

The Mr. got his own compartment:

And so did I!

Some hardware I am planning on using soon, got to stay, along with a tape measure and one phillip screwdriver and on flat head. 

And that's it!  Final Before and After?


SO much better!  And in under 15 minutes!  Leaving lots of time for a good happy dance around the kitchen.  I always say, it's the little things!

Link up party ends today, I can't wait to dig through more and more inspiration!

What do you think?  Oodles of greatness going on right?  Who else is motivated to hop onto this 15 minute challenge?  Those that are done, how easy was it?  What items have you been finding that has surprised you?  A winning lottery ticket or a lost piece of jewelry?  Let's chat!


  1. That looks so much better!! I'm desperately needing a junk drawer revival! Hmmm I think I see a trip to Target for an organizer in my near future!

  2. I proudly refuse to own a junk drawer! I figure if it has no place, it usually doesn't belong!

  3. Great job girl! =) I'm always surprised at how many tools we own until I purge drawers and baskets and come up with handfuls from every corner of the house! yikes!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. First, of all how did I miss this challenge... I swear some days I completely miss things! And second, I have been working on my drawers too. I don't have many (I live in a small apt.) but the ones I do have have been insane. Actually tomorrow I am posting on my blog about my kitchen org. I have been doing!

  5. I just wanted to say, and I think this every time I see one of your posts, you are an organizational ninja! I can't wait to put some of your great projects into play in my own house!

  6. LOOOVE IT!! Looks so neat and clean. I'm going to attempt the "JD!" (Junk drawer) this weekend.

  7. I'm so glad that I found this blog! My goal this year is to get organized and you are totally inspiring me! Thanks :)


  8. Thanks Jen! I just organized my my craft drawer today!

    ps I love the new look!

  9. It is fun to see how people repurpose their containers.

  10. I need to do this to a few of my drawers. I'm Spring cleaning & cleaned out a box that I had old letters in today.

  11. This is great! I wish we had a junk drawer... we only have 3 drawers in our ENTIRE kitchen. Blah. So we have a junk "bin" that sits in a cabinet in our laundry room that is off the kitchen. I do need to go through and organize that though!

  12. Also, do you just lay the wallpaper in the drawer or do you use adhesive or something?

  13. Hi Sarah!

    I actually just wet the back of the paper with a sponge to activate the paste and stick it down. :)


  14. So, when I firt saw this post I was a bit overwhelmed just thinking about the state of my junk drawer. However, recent events described here on my blog:


    led me to organize my "art drawer." It feels good to go through all that stuff - so good I might just tackle that junk drawer after all. Thanks for the inspiration! I love your "Got 15?" challenges.

  15. Yay I organized my junk drawer too. Thank you for the post. Here is mine here... http://queenleilani.blogspot.com/2011/11/organization-junk-drawer.html

  16. Speaking of no-money:

    Highly-scented candles (like the Febreeze ones) work great as scentsy wax once they are burned down. Heat the wax and pour it in the scentsy warmer thing. Scentsy refills are expensive and the scent doesn't last long; old Febreeze wax is cheap when you find candles on sale and the scent lasts a LOOONG time.

  17. can u post an easy tutoriial for dummies (deff me!) w/ step-by-step photos on how to insert shelf/liner paper? Thanks!


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