Wednesday, March 23, 2011

34 Reader Space: In Awe of an Office!

Happy Wednesday!  And boy is it a happy day!  I have an incredible reader space to share with you that just screams HAPPY!

Everything about this reader's space is clean, organized, fresh and just makes you want to smile big!  Anyone would be productive in such a wonderful environment!  Let's get right to it shall we?

Elsa wrote:


I've become a huge fan of your blog and after your January series on getting paper organized, I decided to FINALLY finish up our office. We moved into our new home in September and I threw together an office 48 hours before our housewarming party. While it looked pretty, I still needed to figure out how make the office work for me and get everything into it's right place. I finally finished up and thought I'd share some pictures with you. Here's the final blog post I created:

I purchased two Ikea Expedit bookcases...and I LOVE them. It's helped me keep things organized and I love how I can walk in to my office and I know exactly where everything is (this still shocks my husband)!! Someone gave me a free elfa filing system (brand new) that they were getting rid of. The rest of the boxes and baskets all came from Ikea and hold random office supplies, paper work, photography equipment, etc. I find myself making a few changes every once in a while as I'm still figuring out how the space best works for me, but I'm very proud of how far it's come.

Thanks for all of your hard work and wonderful tips!!!


Here is Elsa's office before her organization decoration take-over:

Ready to be in AWE?

Elsa now has a gorgeous and functional space!

"I added some turquoise no-sew drapes. They definitely brought in a punch of color!"

"I stained the printer stand a dark walnut and painted the drawers white." 

"The chalkboard wall moved to the back wall. Instead I hung up my DIY inspiration board. I also added some storage with an elfa filing system from the Container Store and to make it even better it was free!" 

"The chalkboard wall moved to the back wall. I write little reminders of upcoming due dates and such. J also will sneak in and write me sweet messages that are our own little inside jokes. I've filled up some of the boards with lyrics and inspirational quotes." 

"On my desk I keep a small note pad from the Michael's $1 section that I use to write down notes and use as a mouse pad. I always keep my iPhone next to me and love the new cover J surprised me with for my birthday from Dani Notes. I want everything in her store."

"The bright pillow on my desk chair is from World Market and I just love how bright and cheerful it is. Because of some lower back problems I like to keep a little extra support on my chair. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk I highly recommend purchasing a laptop stand! I love the stand I recently purchased, it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's made a huge difference in my posture and my back no longer hurts.

I'm sure over time I'll continue to make changes here and there, especially with my bookcases. I'm still figuring out what storage solutions work best for me, but for now, it's just what I need."

Totally YUMMY right?  I want to move in.  Stat.  Hear that Elsa?  Get ready for a roomate!  Can I bring my crazy kids too?  Of course I have a complete weakness for office spaces!

Seriously though, love that she refinished her printer stand!  Love the Expedits!  Love the desk setup!  Love the chalkboard wall!  Love it ALL!

And I know she wanted to share her office today, but I found more eye candy on her blog!  SURPRISE! 

Her laundry room is absolutely lovely {and organized!}

And her bedroom is totally Ooh La La lavish!

Just scrumptious!

What do you all think?!  Love?!  Swoon?  Smiles plastered?  Hearts beating wildly?  Feel free to leave adoring comments for Elsa!  She has some great spaces!

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Thanks everyone!  And THANK YOU Elsa for letting me feature your incredible office which has oodles of inspiration!

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  1. Wow...seriously gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a wonderful story thanks for sharing Elsa! I especially like the the chalkboard wall.

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You are so sweet :-) You've got no idea how flattered & honored I am.



  4. I love the pop of bright colors she uses - It's very inspiring!

  5. beautiful spaces. clean fresh and oh so fun.

  6. Elsa-when I win the lottery, I want you to come help me decorate! Your home is GORGEOUS!!!!

  7. This is amazing! I LOVE (I mean, HEART :) before-and-afters!

  8. What a beautiful room! I love the colors she used throughout her home...may be time to change mine up a bit...

    Love your blog!


  9. So fun to see Elsa's space featured on other blogs! Yay, Elsa! I love your blog, too - will add it to my RSS feed.

  10. What a great space! We're doing the exact same color scheme in our master bedroom. Love seeing all this inspiration!

  11. Wow! I heart ALL of her rooms!! I am another Expedit fanatic and addicted to them. I wish I had a room dedicated to an office/room :-( Can I ask where I can find that sign that says "Keep Calm and Carry On"? I would heart to use it in my office space as well.

  12. Elsa! Please come do my house!


  13. LOVE IT the whole house!!! My house never looks organized I think I need a total makeover!!!
    You did an awesome job on your office!!!

  14. Such a lovely office- I really love the drapes!!

  15. Ooooh this makes me want to do my office. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. holy her office is amazing! i currently have my "office" in the closet (like yours jen, i actually made your office a favorite on hgtv over a year ago, before i ever found this blog!) but recently i painted my spare bedrooms walls gray, exactly like what she used and i never thought about putting the desk in front of the window, but i love that idea. i dislike having my back to the world in my little "closet office." we have a new IKEA opening in denver this year, and i can hardly wait to buy those shelves! i'll definitely keep these ideas in mind!

  17. Oh my goodness! That office transformation is just stunning! I especially love the white desk chair. I need to look for something like that for my desk nook! So glad you shared this with us! :)

  18. Gorgeous Elsa!! I wish I had my own office space!!! I love the clock on the lap top screen. How do I get one of those?

  19. You guys are so sweet! Thanks so much for all of your kind words, I'm glad you ladies like my home :-)

    @aly You can download the screensaver of the flip clock right here:

    @Sharisse the "Keep Calm" sign came from a garage sale with the frame. But, I know there are plenty of Etsy sellers around who sell similar signs.

    @Natasha the chair came from Overstock (just emailed you about it) right here:

    And Jen, you are welcome to move in along with your adorable boys any day :-)

  20. I love it Elsa!! You did an excellent job on your office, bedroom and laundry room!! I love it all!! I've been looking for ideas on how to decorate my office, so this post is right on time!!
    Did you get the white storage bins (boxes) that are on the bookcase from IKEA to? I think I'm taking a trip there this weekend!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. love all the faboulous COLOR in her spaces!! awesome!

  22. Love, love all of the graphic curtains, both in the office and master bedroom...but, I gotta, say: was the detergent on sale that day? I have never seen soooo many bottles of Tide!!

  23. I love that office,the colors are so fun. I'm really in LOVE with the bedroom. The wall color is so bold & amazing I adore it & all the yellow that splashes it! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas Elsa!~Q

  24. ALSO.. the Keep calm & carry on sign... I just saw a red one at Target last week... For those who were interested!

  25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bedroom! The colors are so mucb fun and the accent colors she used MAKE that room perfect. I want it in my house.

  26. I ♥ Elsa's office space and the chalkboard wall! Can you tell us more about the chalkboards? Chalkboard paint? Store-bought?

    Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us, Elsa! And thanks, Jen, for your great inspiration here on your blog!

  27. Elsa - I love the space. Can you explain more how you made your drapes. I checked out your blog, but it's hard to see what you used to hang them. Thanks!

  28. I love the turquoise theme.. and the yellow drawer!

  29. As I saw this blog I found it more interesting especially when I am looking for those photos. The office is very clean and it makes more attractive. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Where is the white desk from? I've been looking for a parsons style desk, love that this one has drawers in it.


  31. Where are the curtains from in the office? LOVE those!!


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