Wednesday, March 16, 2011

18 Reader Space: Ooh La La Laundry!

I am going to keep my intro on this one simple since the pictures speak for themselves, however, I am completely smittenly giddy and inspired by the oh so fabulous laundry space that Alicia popped over!

Alicia wrote:

Hi Jen

It’s always great to “meet” another organising junkie so I was excited to discover your blog a few months ago and I’m hooked. I’d love to share how I made over our laundry (yep, here in Australia we just call it a “laundry” not “laundry room” as I have learnt from American home blogs!).

Our laundry is the only thoroughfare between the inside and outside of our home, a small townhouse. Since we can’t just shut the door, it was important to make the room blend in and easy to keep tidy. After painting over the yucky walls and striped tiles, we added much-needed storage in the form of overhead cupboards and added hooks and rails to make use of the walls. The colour on the back of the shelves matches the wall colour in the adjacent living room for continuity. Removing the patchy window film and adding new stainless steel tapware really freshened up the space.  As a finishing touch, a few pieces of art make it a bit more homey.

I have attached some before and afters. You can find more info on my blog

Bye from hot hot hot Adelaide!

Here is the laundry space before the updates:

Get ready to give your fingers a workout, because you will be scrolling up and down to compare the jaw dropping before and afters... It's incredible what was done to this space!  Ready?  Set?  Go!!

WOW with a capital W O W!  I am speechless yet want to scream YAHOO in delight for this happy, clean, organized laundry!

Where do I begin?  The green accent, LOVE.  Just that tiny pop above the sink completely tied in the laundry with the living space through the door.  And brought in the fresh green from outside as well!

She kept it simple!  She knew she had a small space to work with, and kept the belongings to essentials only.  The "essentials" also double as accessories, which I ADORE!

She utilized her wall space, with those great Bygel rails and Asker cups!  Anyone who knows me, knows it was probably that concept that won me over from the start....  Plus, she added hooks to hang the items that weren't cup appropriate!  Adding shelving on the other wall was a HUGE win in this space, walls are a great place to add much needed storage, and this room absolutely proves that point!

I really am crazy in love with all the white as well.  It really makes that small space seem twice it's size.  And fresh.  And clean.  And Organized!

And last but absolutely not least, the pops of art!  Swoon.  They are the perfect prints to bring in additional color to the space!

I am taking notes on this one!  Everything about this is just right!

A special THANK YOU to Alicia for writing and sharing her fantastic space with us!

Now it's your turn!  What do you love?  What ideas can you borrow?

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And feel free to leave some extra love for Alicia, and stop by to check out her blog here

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  1. I love the pop of color behind the shelves! It looks so clean and fabulous!

  2. wow! what a great transformation! I am loooooving the green accent too!

  3. I am very jealous! My laundry is in the basement in an old 100 yr old home. Because it is not refinished, it is quite dreary, but I do have 5 clothes lines which is awesome. I've been trying to think of ways to spruce it up my have to think outside the box a little more on this! I am always jealous when I see beautiful laundry rooms.

  4. Wow! Love those rails and cups...I'm going to have to finally go pick some up.

  5. That is amazing! She did so much with so little. I'm really impressed!

  6. Love it! It actually gives me some ideas for our Laundry Room remodel. I see that they also redid the outside area with new brick work and it looks like bamboo. I love bamboo. Great choice for that area and it really brought that green into the Laundry. Thanks for sharing Jen.

  7. I'm an Aussie too and my laundry is not much bigger than Alicia's so I have picked up some great ideas from her makeover that I will be utilising when I redo our laundry over the summer.

  8. I love this post! We're building a house, and I am going to use some of these great ideas for inspiration in my new laundry room. Thanks so much!

    Jo @ Squeaky Clean!

  9. So jealous of her little haven! I wish my laundry room looked like that . . . maybe I would actually get some laundry done!

  10. OH WOW, I was thinking, wow an American with a SMALL ( normal sized) laundry lol!!! I am from Adelaide too, but moved to the desert for work. Bought a house and trying to come up with a way to make my laundry days easier!!!! ( and look better) thanks SOOOOOOOO much =)

  11. Amazing! So inspirational for our tiny beach condo with the mini laundry closet complete with water heater and angled wall. I'm going to be doing some link love for sure.

  12. Bit of credit to the man who installed all of his genius wife's ideas...! =P =)

  13. Looks great! Love all the nice-looking organization they built in. What a pleasant place to work in and look at!

    I do wish they had taken an after shot with the outside door closed. That door is FABULOUS! I'm off to check out her blog to see if there are more pix of it!

  14. Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments and of course to Jen for sharing.

    The green behind the shelves is just painted onto cardboard in case I want to switch it up.

    @Abby: Haha yes I know, sometimes my little townhouse feels inadequate compared to some of the giant homes I see on American home blogs.

    @The Man: What, you mean the old Italian carpenter who we got to install the shelves? ;) Just kidding, thank you sweetie for drilling all those hooks into the wall and replacing the taps for me!

    @JoDi: Er, I think the photo must make the door look a zillion times better than it actually is, because I promise you it's nothing special. It's a standard issue 1970s brown security door and I'd love to get rid of it!

  15. What a pretty laundry room!! I love the door, the sink all the organization!! Love it all!

  16. Does anyone else know what those green celery like things are??

  17. @Kayla Too funny, I had people say the same thing on Pinterest! They are the plastic handles of the steel cutlery set that we use outdoors. For an informal meal we can just grab the pots and put them straight on the table.


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